Personal Shopper: Extra-extra-extra high stilettos for Elizabeth to kiss her extra-extra-extra tall boyfriend in

Elizabeth T. wrote, "I am a daily Outblush reader and absolutely LOVE your site, this is my first time requesting, hopefully you guys can help me out on this one! My sweetheart is 6' 8.5" tall, I love him dearly and I wear 4"+ stilettos EVERY day for him. I even own 6" stripper heels and wear them when we go out. He loves when I'm in them because he doesn't have to bend to kiss me. I've been hunting everywhere for 8"+ heels, preferably 10" and have had no luck. Could you please help me?? This is a surprise for Valentines day and I'm running out of time!!"

Aw, Elizabeth, you are a sweetie pie - risking a sprained ankle every day for the man you love! (And 6 foot 8.5 inches tall? Whoooeee, how does he find pants long enough?!) We focused on finding you heels in solid colors with ankle straps, for a little extra security. Hope you like 'em, and happy Valentine's Day to you and your honey!

1. Wild Free 8" Spike Patent Platform Heels ($61, in 2 colors)
2. Xtreme 872 8" High Platform Shoes ($54)
3. Pleaser 8" High Heels Ankle Strap Platform Sandals ($55)
4. Xtreme809 8 1/2" Spike Heels ($53 on sale, in 4 colors)

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Posted on 02.02.11 at 1:27 PM

4 inch stilettos every day? No guy is worth courting a disability. A gentleman would deal with bending down a bit more every now and then. What a selfish jerk!


Posted on 02.02.11 at 2:15 PM

wow. totally judging that relationship right now. ditto to jessica

One Ring to Rule Them All

Posted on 02.02.11 at 3:38 PM

She's trying to do something nice, people! She didn't say that he forces her to wear them! Stop being so judgey. Maybe we'll do a how-to on how to make those stripper shoes classay for her romantic Valentine's Day date.

Besides, Love Conquers All, right?!


Posted on 02.02.11 at 3:40 PM

Agreed! Wow, y'all get mean sometimes - she's trying to be NICE TO HIM!

Elizabeth T.

Posted on 02.02.11 at 5:11 PM

This is Elizabeth, and I love this man enough to wear heels every day and I intend to do so for the rest of my life. Being that tall makes it difficult for him, he always gets stared at and so it's nice for him to not be the only tall one around. He never asks me to wear heels. I wear them because I want to and because I love being able to look right into his big beautiful eyes without standing on my tiptoes or letting him hurt his back by leaning down. I love wearing heels for him and I always will.
Loving her giant,

Elizabeth T.

Posted on 02.02.11 at 5:19 PM

And Jessica, I guess you haven't met the right man yet, but when you meet Mr. Right you just know and this one is my Romeo. You may say no man is worth a little ache in the ankles but you haven't met this one and he's worth the world

One Ring to Rule Them All

Posted on 02.02.11 at 6:09 PM

Stop it, Elizabeth! You'll make me cry and then my drippy snot will make my lipstick smear!


Posted on 02.02.11 at 6:49 PM

Honey, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re relatively young since you’re only worried about pain in your ankles. Keep this up for a few more years and your body will send you a bill, payable to your feet, ankles, knees, and back. He may be the love of your life, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to level the playing field every now and then, but you’re sacrificing your physical health every day. My point is that a worthy man would be just as concerned for your health and comfort as you are for his, and that doesn’t seem to be the case from what you described. P.S. My rather fantastic love life has nothing to do with my comment.

Elizabeth T.

Posted on 02.02.11 at 7:15 PM

I'm well aware that I'll pay for it later, in fact, I do special stretches because my tendons have already begun to shorten. But, despite the fact that it will affect me later, I'm still willing to wear the heels every day. He holds my arm so I don't ever trip or fall and I've learned well how to walk in even the highest heels. I know I'm in for some aches and pains and probably a little pt down the road, but it's still worth it to me. He is an amazing man and constantly worries for my health, but I'm stubborn. He takes wonderful care of me and he loves me just as much in flats as he does in platforms; so lets not go judging my relationship on a ridiculous romantic gesture that I'm glad to put on my feet every day.


Posted on 02.02.11 at 7:46 PM

I don't know, I think you should treat yourself as well as you treat other people, I don't think anybody is worth risking your health in that way for, not friends, not family, not your husband, not your children. There are ways to help your loved ones without compromising yourself. I am sure your guy is a wonderful, amazing person, but it isn't YOUR fault that he's tall. You don't need to hurt your body for him, even if he's not forcing you too.

Ps. Honestly, if he's even a little bit considerate, I would think that he would insist you don't hurt your feet for him.

Elizabeth T.

Posted on 02.02.11 at 8:10 PM

I love how tall he is, I love every inch of his big, beautiful body. He's far more than considerate and constantly tells me that I don't need to wear the heels but I love being his height and he loves having me at his height. I love it, and I really would not be hunting down 8" heels if it was any trouble =)


Posted on 02.03.11 at 6:34 AM

You should consider that surgery where they break your legs and stretch them out. It might help make up for that extra .5 inch he has...


Posted on 02.03.11 at 5:51 PM

Aww Elizabeth, I'm so happy you found someone who makes you so happy! I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid you're going to break an ankle someday!

That being said, my best friend is almost a foot taller than I am, and I totally understand where you're coming from!

I think what you're doing is totally sweet, and screw the haters.

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