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Personal Shopper: Budget-Friendly Clone of Emma's Ear Cuff

Audrey writes: "I am in love with Emma Watson's earring style and am dying to mimic her beautiful and delicate diamond ear cuff that she wore to the NY Noah premiere. She also wore a great simple bar ear cuff to the Duke of Cambridge's Charity Dinner. At either event, her ear game is top notch and I'd love to emulate her classic, but edgy look. I've searched for ear cuffs but found only huge statement pieces or frightfully expensive items that I couldn't hope to afford. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated!"

Hey Audrey! I'm not sure where you've been looking, but the ear cuff trend is hotter than a skillet full of bacon at the moment, which means that wallet-friendly takes on Watson's look abound. I've picked out a range of super affordable styles below, with some spot-on imitations of the cuff that snagged your heart as well as a few more funky alternatives.

1. Total Eclipse Rhinestone Ear Cuff Set ($20)
2. Jules Smith Crystal Eave Ear Cuff ($45)
3. Delicate Pave Bar Ear Cuff ($12)
4. Forever 21 Rhinestoned Earcuff Set ($5)
5. The Gold Bar Pave Crystal Ear Cuff ($18)
6. Madelyn Crystal Ear Cuff in Gold ($30)

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crazy-jane-profile-1.jpgCrazy Jane here: I'm a New England girl with couture tastes and a Salvation Army budget who usually ends up wearing flannel. My shopping forte: finding the impossible dream. Throw your tough stuff at me and let me go bloodhound on it. When not playing on Outblush, I'm probably yelling at my cats, getting a backrub from my hot teacher husband, or playing kissy-face with my adorably chubby offspring.


Mette Gold Earrings

Who needs Christmas crackers or sparklers when you're wearing these Mette Gold Earrings ($65)? The big stud is for the front of your lobe, while the crystal stars and petite pearls peak out from underneath the curve of your ear. They're festive, gorgeous, and look super luxe for the price.

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Organic Lavender Body Balm

You've been bemoaning your dry skin for a few weeks now, and despite your attempts to soften it up, it insists on staying red and cracked. Go all natural and throw the power of lavender at it. Amor Natural's Organic Lavender Body Balm ($9) is made with calendula, which, along with its buddies vitamin E, rosemary extract, almond oil, beeswax, and lavender essential oil, will help heal your rough spots and finally give you the soft skin you're pining after.

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Chest Stripe Box Top

ALL Knitwear's delightful sweaters are always fun to look at, but we just don't know if we have it in us to wear a black and white checkered cardigan with neon green trim and pink and orange accents. However, this Chest Stripe Box Top ($300) is relatively restrained! The hand-linked pullover has the same '80s-inspired colors and patterns that we've come to expect from ALL, but we can totally see wearing this all throughout winter to add a pop of color to the gray, dreary landscape (and our boring black overcoats).

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Game Bandages

Don't you wish that all you needed to get over a debilitating injury was to leap on top of a super mushroom? Sadly, we don't recover from our real life bumps and bruises nearly as easily. At least we can make the process more fun with these Game Bandages ($7), which put a bit of that 8-bit spirit into the healing process.

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Open Cuff Necklace

We've been seeing open collar necklaces on the red carpet a lot lately, so you better get on this Open Cuff Necklace ($118) from Alexis Russell, pronto, before the trend is over. (Though nude pumps and see-through skirts still aren't over... so you may have some time after all.) It's essentially just a incomplete choker, but something about the opening onto the collarbone transforms the piece from '90s throwback to something exciting, contemporary, and chic.

From Friday, November 28 through Monday, December 1, get a free 14 karat gold-filled Column Ear Cuff with every purchase from Alexis Russell Jewelry with code earcuff.

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Daycee Heels

There's a lot to love about these Daycee Heels ($54, on sale), and we think you can spot the most obvious things: the silver metallic striped material, maybe the unique straps across the top, or, perhaps, that clearance price. What we love, however, is the fact these party shoes have zippers, so if your favorite song starts playing, you'll only miss a couple beats while whipping these off and booking it to the dance floor. Those with buckles will sadly miss most of the first verse.

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Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Want to start trading those bogeys for birdies? Stop blaming the weather and start fixing your technique. The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer ($150) works with your smartphone to identify just where you're going wrong. Take a whack or two (or seven) at that ball, and the Zepp will measure your club's head speed, swing plane, and more, as well as noting your hip rotation and hand path. View your swing from any angle, check out personalized coaching tips, set goals, and track your progress. Just make sure not to get so good that you start beating your boss.

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Dusk Patchouli Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

We'll admit it: half the fun of this Dusk Patchouli Activated Charcoal Bar Soap ($13) is the notion of washing ourselves with something labeled "scum." But don't be fooled by the down and dirty branding. This darkly intriguing bar combines a rich cocoa butter and coconut oil base with purifying charcoal to create a rich lather that moisturizes while it cleans and detoxifies.

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Farmer's Market Paper Placemats

You'd love to have a funky, homegrown Thanksgiving this year. The problem? You didn't want to have to choose between shelling out $100 for that heritage free-range turkey and paying your phone bill this month. Solution: Set your table with these rustic Farmer's Market Paper Placemats ($25). They'll make a plate of Butterball look like something straight out of the pesticide-free pasture.

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Paris Pastry Club

We'd like to have had a childhood like Franny Zanotti. Instead of playing endless rounds of Duck Hunt and scarfing Twinkies, Zanotti spent her formative years in France, mixing up nougat with her grandma and nibbling on her mother's signature orange and yogurt cake. While we can't go back and transport our younger selves to a scenic French countryside full of butter and baguettes, we can at least enjoy the flavors today by way of the precise but easy-to-follow recipes in Paris Pastry Club ($19).

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Besties Temporary Tattoo

Face it: when it comes to choosing a best friend, you're about as fickle as a five year old in a cupcake shop. That's why choosing who to treat to one of those ever-so permanent necklaces can be tricky. You'll have no such problem with these Besties Temporary Tattoos ($5). Slap them on and enjoy that warm, special, best friend feeling, secure in the knowledge that they'll wear off completely after two to four days.

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re:named Button Down Dress

We find ourselves totally charmed by the re:named Button Down Dress ($43). It's a dress that can be worn so many ways - buttoned up or unbuttoned, structured with a belt and blazer, or worn in the summer with nothing but sandals. But also undergarments. Because that top part is sheer, and the lining of the skirt is short. So... definitely undergarments.

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Grocery List Pad

When you're in line to check out at the grocery store, do you find yourself looking at the spread on the conveyor belt, wishing you'd bought a few more vegetables just so the cashier wouldn't judge you? Then this Grocery List Pad ($9) is probably for you. It strips away the pretension, encouraging you to make an honest reckoning of just how much of your diet consists of Cheetos and beef jerky.

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Sticky Be Socks Holiday Pack

Nothing ruins a Downward Dog like slowly slipping across the hardwood floor. Sticky Be Socks help keep your feet warm and stationary with organic bamboo cotton handily covered in grippy white dots. They also boost your mood, as every pair comes with a cheerful, inspiring message. This Holiday Pack ($45) includes four pairs designed to help you celebrate the seasons.

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