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10 Lingerie Sets You Can Get For Less Than $100

By Chantel Delulio

With the fourteenth just a little more than a week away you're running out of time to put together a steamy set of undergarments--and yet it seems like a single piece of any lingerie set costs more than a month's rent. Never fear! We've collected 10 complete lingerie sets that (as a bundle) cost less than a $100!

Time to upgrade the boudoir:

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Every Breakfast is Glam Breakfast if You Want It Enough

If you're still mourning the death of David Bowie (a sentence it pains me to type, because acknowledging that it happened is bizarre and uncomfortable), Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant has you covered with this Glam Breakfast Mug, featuring Ziggy Stardust and his sultry alien gaze. You can drink your coffee from this mug every morning, but be careful not to spill any on the fifteen layers of pancake makeup that David would have wanted you to wear.

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Channel Your Inner Katharine Hepburn In The Pike Pant

While wearing the Pike Pant from The Reformation you may find that your voice takes on a distinctly Mid-Atlantic quality. Perhaps you'll be overwhelmed with a need to engage in witty tête-à-tête with unsuspecting passersby. You may be compelled to adopt a pet leopard to hang out with while you carouse around in a luxe dressing gown. All side effects of donning these Golden Age of Hollywood-worthy trousers.

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9 Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

By Samantha Arroyo

You've been doing your own makeup for as long as you can remember--so why pay to outsource the task just because it's your wedding? But before you take on the job of doing your own bridal makeup make sure you've taken a few essential steps.

Here's the game plan:

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Get Adventurous with The Experimenter from Lush

Grab The Experimenter, a technicolor bath bomb from Lush that will turn your bath into a mosaic of colors and delicious fragrances. It uses fair trade vanilla absolute, vetivert oil, and tonka absolute to wrap you in a cartoonish blanket that you'll have a hard time getting out of again.

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fortune-cookie-necklace-lg (1).jpg

Spread the Galentine's Day Love with A Fortune Cookie Lariat

Looking for an awesome Galantine's Day gift for your bestie? You can't get much more perfect that handing over a Fortune Cookie Lariat by Christina Kober Designs (over a shared plate of Belgian waffles, of course!). You can choose from four different inspirational messages or, for an extra ten bucks, personalize the necklace with a message of your own. Brides-to-be take note, too, because we bet your bridesmaids will love a thoughtful gift like this almost as much as they'll love sharing your special day with you.

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Accessorizing For Your Disability

By Angela Germano

Now that you have your swanky new wardrobe of comfortable, made for your needs clothes replacing all of your awkward "these make me feel like I'm not even human" clothes (ask me what it's like to fit a proper shoulder brace over the standard t-shirt or unpadded, wirefree bra, answer: it's impossible and you feel like you're in danger of losing body bits), it's time to think about accessories.

I tend to go full-blown, I jingle more than a Salvation Army Santa in Christmas time when it comes to them, which is the exact opposite of what I should probably be doing. I shouldn't be wearing bracelets that bang against my cane or wheelchair, or enough necklaces that, between putting them on and taking them off, the entire thing hurts worse than eating after I got my wisdom teeth out.

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The Nail Art From Nailed It Really -- Well -- You Know

By Chantel Delulio


On the about section of Nailed It self taught nail-technician Katy Parsons notes that she owns over 800 bottles of nail polish. And, given the plethora of whimsical, delicately detailed, and beautiful nail art on her blog, she's clearly put all 800 bottles to good use.


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Lovely Lace Crochet Cardigan

Barely have time in the morning to pull on pants and get out the door, let alone put together a killer outfit? This Lovely Lace Crochet Cardigan from A'Gaci will instantly make any outfit the best one you've worn all week. It has a lace crochet body with pom-pom trimming and 3/4 kimono sleeves, and pairs perfectly with a lace-up shirt and some boots.

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4 Ways Cardigans will Fool People Into Think You're a Responsible Adult

By Ryan Boyd

Of all the stand-bys to have in your closet, possibly nothing is as versatile or effortlessly cool as a cardigan. They go with everything, they look amazing, and they're so comfy that you feel like you're getting away with something by wearing them -- all the soft warmth of a Slanket without the accompanying public mockery. And as you move into your adult life and certain articles of clothing (lookin' at you, ratty studded jacket with prominent Motörhead patch) fall by the wayside to become weekend staples for when you don't have to be in a professional setting, a vacuum opens up for weekday wardrobes. And that's where cardigans come in: Throw one on, and suddenly the guy at reception in your office building doesn't eyeball you like you might be a ragtag moppet from a musical. It's not just for Morrissey fans and grad students.

Embrace the cardigan and level up your adulthood.
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You'll Go Bananas For The Banana Greyson Tote

If you're a pattern kind of gal, you can't go wrong with the genius of Mokuyobi Threads. Their great collection of bags all emphasize bright, bold, and obnoxiously awesome prints and patterns. I mean, seriously, this Banana Greyson Tote most definitely stands out from the crowd; it won't get lost in a sea of similar bags when you use it as a carry on while traveling, or a gym bag when you head to the locker room pre-workout. If you find you love your tote (and why wouldn't you?), then consider snatching up a matching fanny pack for the days when you only need to cart around your keys and phone.

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This $16 Tool Will Help You Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner Every Time

By Meagan Morris

BeautyBlender, the brains behind some of the most useful makeup blending sponges out there, is branching out to your eyes with the Liner Designer, a tiny tool that'll help you achieve the perfect eyeliner.

Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look seems so easy, but in reality it's anything but. First off, it's difficult enough to get liner on straight, but when you extend it past your eyelids it's so easy for it to go from sexy to shaky in a matter of seconds.

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Marc Jacobs "Does America" In This Spring 2016 Campaign

By Chantel Delulio

The inspiration for Marc Jacobs' 2016 spring campaign came on the heels of the Supreme Court's June 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage. After the ruling was announced Marc Jacobs scrolled through his Instagram and noticed the proud and distinctly American reactiosn of his friends. "I thought 'Wouldn't it be fun to do 'America' this season?'" Jacobs told Business Of Fashion.

But what started off a cheeky thought turned into an exuberant campaign that celebrates, as Jacobs writes at, his America.

Turns out, Marc Jacobs' America is decidedly star-studded.

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A Killer Bomber Jacket from Soho Girl

Bomber jackets have always been cool, and since the weather is (ideally) going to relent its frozen onslaught as Spring approaches, you're going to want something lighter than a peacoat but warmer than a hoodie. Get this Classic Flight Bomber Jacket in Olive Green -- it's smooth, silky, and crammed full of pockets and zippers, so this oughta hold you over until summertime and keep you looking amazing.

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Put A Little (Early!) Spring In Your Step With The Cadence Flat

It may be only February, but the days are already starting to lengthen and I can see the sunshiny light at the end of the winter tunnel. It has me daydreaming about cute fashions that aren't lined with flannel, faux fur, or wool. At the top of the wish list is this pair of Cadence Flats from Kristin Cavallari. They're the epitome of a great spring shoe; the bright floral pattern and cut out sides are only practical to wear in dry, warm weather. Buy a pair now and put them on top of your dresser to serve as a reminder that spring isn't that far off after all.

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