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You Tell Us: Red Thong Rose Bouquet

We're dying to know who Hanky Panky, the makers of this Red Thong Rose Bouquet ($300), thinks is going to purchase this pricey set of barely there lacy underwear. It's intended for a lady on the occasion of Valentine's Day, of course, but this thing is even more expensive than a bouquet of roses (at least if you do any planning more than an hour before dinner, at least). And although we're pretty impressed by their undies origami, we're not sure how we'd feel if our main squeezes showed up at the door with this bouquet of "flowers" for us.

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Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller

Especially in this season of guerrilla snowball attacks, we're betting you generally try to keep ice away from your face. But under the right circumstances - which probably don't include a handful of slush being lobbed at you by hooligans while you walk to work - a little chill can do wonders for your complexion. The Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller ($29) lets you apply icy cool when and where you want it. Use it after peels or laser treatments to decrease redness and inflammation. Treat burns, bites, or sore muscles. Numb up before you wax, or try it on your face as part of your morning and evening routine to prevent wrinkles, heal blemishes, and improve circulation.

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Night Ice Multi-Color Flashing LED Earrings

Your jewelry isn't cool enough. How do we know this? Because it's not glowing. Stick those diamonds back in the safe and pick yourself up a pair of Night Ice Multi-Color Flashing LED Earrings ($40), deceptively simple studs that turn into tiny ear discos with a twist of the battery. Great for raves and night jogging. Not recommended for air travel or American Epilepsy Society conventions.

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The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse

You've sat around the coffee table, tossing back brews and bragging about how you're going to stockpile chainsaws and fortify your split-level for that inevitable moment when the ravenous undead descend. But what happens when you run out of rice and dried pasta? The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse ($16) is both cookbook and survival guide. Learn to forage and ferment, scavenge and steal. Wonder what post-apocalyptic gardening might look like? Find out now, before you're left shivering in a gas station basement, stuffing your face with Twinkies.

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Mouline Boot Socks

If you haven't already invested in a pair of liner socks for your Hunters, then there's no time like the present. The weather isn't going to start warming up for another few months, and even when it does, it'll probably be joined by that slushy, damp snow and rain mix. Your rubber Hunters keep your feet dry, but it's these Mouline Boot Socks ($45) that keep your feet warm. The basket weave topper adds a pretty little somethin' to your look while the fleece does its job keeping the cold at bay.

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Sierra-Rocky Bracelet

Half bangle, half beads, this Sierra-Rocky Bracelet ($46) by Maslo Jewelry is 100% awesome. A gold bangle can make an outfit by itself, but your outfit's going to be more than made - it's going to be a downright standout. The bracelet's namesakes, the Sierra and Rocky Mountain ranges, are referenced with the rock-like green and white beads, which pair beautifully with the more traditional looking brass discs next to them.

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The Seven Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today

When it comes to tackling life's big decisions, who do you turn to for advice? Some big shot in a suit with a wall full of degrees and qualifications, or five of the most awful human beings ever dreamed up? In The Seven Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today ($15), the gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia weigh in with their tips and advice on everything from fashion to financial success. Learn how to make cheese with orange juice and half-and-half, kill rats with glue fumes, or stalk the one you love.

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InStyler Tulip

We live in a modern age, damn it. Why should we have to wear out our wrists just to get ourselves a big, bouncy head of curls? The InStyler Tulip ($100) is here to save your joints. Just clip in a lock, press the button, and it automatically winds up your hair, releasing when you've achieved that perfect wave or corkscrew. Because lazy people deserve big hair, too.

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Butter Elixir Lip

Before you keep scrolling, the Butter Elixir Lip ($12) is named for the texture, not the taste. You're not going to be smearing something that tastes like butter right onto your lips (though for some of you, that could be a plus). This balm's flavor is inspired by chai tea, with notes of vanilla and cardamom, but it's made out of a whole bouquet of essential oils, vitamin E, and beeswax goodness to keep your lips plenty moist.

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General Store Wire Bins

There's a fine line between shabby chic (which is totally out) and tastefully rustic (always in). This General Store Wire Bin ($59) walks that line with confidence. Hang the three basket bin in your pantry or on your kitchen wall to store all of your lovely farmers market fruits and veggies. Just be careful where you stash everything. Nectarines should not be placed on top of a bag of onions, and your daikon radishes will probably make your potatoes go mushy if they hang out in close proximity.

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Premium Metallic Lace Prom Dress

January isn't too early to be thinking about prom and wedding season, is it? Spring lines are starting to emerge, and we're suckers for a pretty dress, like this lacy one ($127) from Chi Chi London. The style is straight out of old Hollywood with glamour oozing from every stitch. Wear it with a scarlet lip and a side part with a wave to complete the magic.

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Reclining Nude Nail Wraps

Everything's more fun when you're naked... except maybe skiing or break dancing. But the rule definitely applies to these Reclining Nude Nail Wraps ($13). With artsy geometric patterns in soft nude hues, they'll give your nails a sexy, subtle finish.

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Mimi Bra

The pretty and unique Mimi Bra ($57) is good for everybody involved - you who will be wearing it (and saving money; it's on sale!), and the lucky special someone who might get to see it. The romantic botanical print is contrasted with peekaboo cutouts at the chest and above the cups, which hint at something a little edgier and sexier.

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Cream Soda Smoothing Cream

You don't want regular soda in your hair. That's a sticky, knotted mess, and nobody's pretending that it's a cheap beauty hack to get healthier, shinier hair. But you do want Drybar's Cream Soda Smoothing Cream ($27) in your hair. This cream hydrates your tresses, while also urging them to stay in place while you style, all without the stiffness and flakiness of low grade hairspray. Keep it handy for everyday use and you'll always be able to effectively fix those stubborn hairs that might have been smooshed into the pillow overnight!

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Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jar

We've been working on managing our clutter lately, and while it would seem counterproductive to bring more knickknacks into the home, that's exactly what we did with these Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jars ($2 for 20). It's a totally justifiable move, though, because they hold all of our small, clutter-y stuff, like cotton balls and makeup brushes in the bathroom and pens and paperclips in the office.

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