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Personal Shopper: Chic Rain Gear for Daphne

Daphne writes: "My hubby recently got a great promotion within his company, which has involved us having to move to Seattle. So far, I'm loving the city, but as a California native, I'm having difficulty adjusting to the constant rain. I'm in desperate need of a good pair of boots and a stylish coat! A new umbrella wouldn't hurt either. Any ideas on what that I can wear around the city and to work as well?"

Wellies are all the rage for a reason: rain gear is hotter than Nathan Fillion splashing out of a pool. That constant drizzle means you've got a perfect reason to indulge in a range of water-resistant styles. I've put together two looks for you to start with: sophisticated and playful. Look fabulous and stay dry.

1. Totes Compact Houndstooth Umbrella ($15)
2. Right as Rain Jacket ($78)
3. Sperry Top-Sider Starling Rubber Rain Boot ($75)
4. Mango Polka-Dot Umbrella ($20)
5. ASOS Rain Anorak In Umbrella Print ($33)
6. Hunter Original Short Boots ($138)

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crazy-jane-profile-1.jpgCrazy Jane here: I'm a New England girl with couture tastes and a Salvation Army budget who usually ends up wearing flannel. My shopping forte: finding the impossible dream. Throw your tough stuff at me and let me go bloodhound on it. When not playing on Outblush, I'm probably yelling at my cats, getting a backrub from my hot teacher husband, or playing kissy-face with my adorably chubby offspring.


Waves in Orchid Fabric Basket

We don't have anything against wicker, per se... but why is every storage solution ever made from the stuff? It's definitely more folksy than modern, and we're way more drawn to this Waves in Orchid Fabric Basket ($24). It still stashes a ton of our miscellaneous stuff, but has the added bonus of being colorful, malleable, and versatile. If purple doesn't match your aesthetic, check out Casey D. Sibley's other basket design options.

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Plunge V Sequin Bodycon Dress

We'd like to give special recognition to Topshop for truly advancing the field of decorative sequins. From far away, we thought this Plunge V Sequin Bodycon Dress ($120) was simply made of awesome, shiny patterned fabric, but then we zoomed in and saw that the gorgeous "print" was actually made out of sequins. Amazing! Congrats to Topshop, winner of Outblush's Most Innovative Use of Sequins by a British Multinational Retailer award.

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Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Dry Shampoo

Does your dry shampoo make your hair smell like chemicals? Throw it out stat and replace it with this rose-scented formula ($6) - you won't be sorry. We haven't been this excited about Herbal Essences since we first saw an ad for it in BOP magazine across from the photo of Hanson that we cut out and taped above our beds. (Don't you judge us. Taylor was hot.)

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Feather Yarn Crewneck

We do suggest you wear pants with the Feather Yarn Crewneck ($164) but we understand if you don't want to wear a shirt underneath. This sweater is made from the softest of knits, and it'll feel as if you're wrapped in your down comforter.

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Leather Feather Earrings

Pffft! Precious gems, who needs 'em? Especially when you've got a pair of Leather Feather Earrings ($38) by Love at First Blush. These pretties are sure to appeal to your flights of fancy and need for shiny baubles - and the best part? You don't need to spend three month's worth of rent in order to own a pair.

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Aerin Weekend Lip Gloss

What's the secret to looking pulled together when you're running errands in boyfriend jeans and a slouchy tee on a Saturday afternoon? Lip gloss. A swipe of this shimmery, peachy-nude gloss ($30) on your lips adds the right amount of polish to your casual duds and distracts from the fact that you didn't bother to wash your hair.

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The Working Dead Travel Mug

Halloween, shmalloween. You're excited for October because The Walking Dead season 5 premiere finally airs on AMC (snuggle in with popcorn on the 12th). Until then - and probably after, too - you're just wandering around feeling like one of the zombies on this travel mug ($20): a mindless being trudging to and from work searching for brains easy take-home dinners to get you through to another day.

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Bring Your Lunch: Quick and Tasty Wallet-Friendly Lunches for Grown-Ups

You always mean to pack a lunch before you head out the door in the morning, but it takes a lot longer to chop up veggies for a healthy salad than you think - especially after you get distracted by the internet for twenty extra minutes in the morning. You end up eating mediocre lunches out a lot more often than you'd like. Change your habits with Califia Suntree's Bring Your Own Lunch ($5), a handy e-book with easy-to-make salads, sandwiches, freezable entrees, and snacks that will ensure that you use that cute little lunch bag you bought earlier in the year closer to five times a week than five times a month.

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Hugo Guinness for J.Crew Epic Sweatshirt

Is there a better word than "epic" to find splashed across a fleece sweatshirt ($70)? We mean, sweatshirts themselves aren't specifically epic. But you know what is? Looking good, feeling comfy, and preparing for a totally awesome weekend!

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Color Cutout Hexagon Coasters

We suppose condensation can still leak through these Color Cutout Hexagon Coasters ($42) and onto your table, but meh - it was a thrift store find anyway, right? The coasters go a long way toward dressing up the yellow oak monstrosity, and by drink number three, you no longer really care about water rings!

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Hair Food Thickening Hair Treatment

Quench your locks with something they truly crave. Give the Hair Food Hair Thickening Treatment ($10) a try and you'll be so pleased with the results. This fabulous product is paraben- and mineral oil-free with no preservatives. Plus the amazing kiwi and citrus scent leaves you feeling tropical.

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Solar Quartz Necklace

So we know the main difference between stalagmites and stalactites are that the 'mites are the formations that come from the bottom of the cave and the 'tites are the ones that hang from the top, but there's something else different about them too: it's stalactite slices that are used in these Solar Quartz Necklaces ($50 each), not stalagmites. Be sure to get that fact right when people gush about the how gorgeous your necklace minerals are.

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Herschel Supply Network Pouch

This fall season it's all about accessories, and we're loving the Herschel Supply Network Pouch ($15). The adorable equestrian print is fabulous and will look amazing paired with those rich cognac riding boots we just splurged on.

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Lila Nika Striped Silk-Satin Pajama Set

You may think that splurge items include designer handbags and to-die-for heels, but we're of the mindset that a luxurious pair of pajamas also deserves your hard-earned cash. This set ($495) may be a leetle bit unreasonable, but you get the idea: soft silk, classic design, comfortable fit... a well-made pair of pj's will help you nod off to Neverland before you can even think about counting sheep. And good shut-eye? That's priceless.

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