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Stylist Windowpane

YOU Be The Stylist: How To Rock A Windowpane Handbag

Certain patterns always make a comeback for the fall season - plaids, stripes, checks, and more. One of our favorites is the windowpane. The Kate Spade Seaside Nylon Bag featured here is certainly a favorite. You tell us... which ensemble would you wear with this coveted bag?

Reese Witherspoon
Alloy Off The Shoulder Tunic ($6, on sale)
Leith Windowpane Scarf ($10, on sale)
Velvet Ella Leggings ($137, on sale)
Sperry Top-Sider Hayden Bracelet Watch ($150)
TOMS Grey Light Wool Classics ($50)

Sarah Jessica Parker
Boohoo Julia Box Pleat Dress ($24)
Alyssa Blue Statement Necklace ($30)
Betty Carre' Sapphire Stud Earrings ($60)
DVF 100MM Pumps ($325)

Eva Mendes
Miss Iny Blue Leather Jacket ($268)
Emporio Armani Underwear Tank ($29)
Frame Denim Le Garcon Destroy Jean ($300)
Miss A. Lime Pumps ($20, on sale)

luxury-shopping-bags.jpgCarlota here: I'm a true girly-girl. I love strapless dresses, skinny jeans, basic ribbed tanks, lace intimates, patent peep-toes, jeweled sandals, buttery-soft leather satchels, sparkly get the point! I also love to save cash when I can, so consider me your personal concierge when you're looking for luxury-for-less. I also have a crazy husband, two little munchkins (Carlo and Milly) and a furry yellow Lab. All of them are sweet and lovable, but they certainly do occupy a good portion of my day. However, I do L-O-V-E shopping with a passion and finding amazing deals for myself as well as for others.

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Baby Dragon Onesie

Some days, caring for your one human child feels akin to the Khaleesi's momentous task of rearing three baby dragons. The basic similarities are there: all are capable of great destruction, especially when they're hungry, and their affectionate moments, while sweet, are just a small part of a larger pattern involving a bit of down time before taking flight to reign terror down on villages (LEGO or George RR Martin-imagined). Quick! Wrestle your little one into the Baby Dragon Onesie ($13) by Bread and Butter Thread while you can!

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Vintage Map Garland

We like decor that reminds us of how far we've come and, simultaneously, how far we've yet to go. Accent your wanderlust with the Vintage Map Garland ($7) from Montclair Made. Commemorating/anticipating your globetrotting ways has never been so charming!

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Wood Ballpoint Pens

Anything of importance must be written in ink these days, which is a shame since we prefer the look and feel of a classic pencil. At least we'll be able to trick ourselves a bit with these Wood Ballpoint Pens ($6, set of 3). Replacing pencil graphite with blue ink, the pens-in-disguise allow you to write checks and sign tax forms. Unfortunately, the eraser has no effect on the ink, but that just gives you extra permission to chew on the eraser instead just like you did as a child.

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Suffolk Two-Sided Chalkboard

Unless you own a sandwich shop or a bakery, you probably don't have much need for this Suffolk Two-Sided Chalkboard ($159), but... don't you want one anyway? We kinda do. We want to buy a big bucket of chalk and go to town, decorating each side of this board with designs and the soup du jour. In fact, we'd probably spend more time expressing our artistic talents in writing out "Cream of Broccoli" than we would actually working in the kitchen to make dinner.

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Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain

Finally, a magic marker you can use to add color to your lips and cheeks that, when you come down the stairs sure that you look like a million bucks, you don't have people screaming and picking you up and bringing you to the bathroom where they start running water over your face.

Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain ($19)

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Sterling Silver and Blue Sapphires Cuff

Get a good look at this drool-worthy Sterling Silver and Blue Sapphires Cuff ($1,150) by Marla Aaron because, if you're like us, a look is all you're gonna get. While the dramatic bracelet is certainly worthy of its large price tag, it's also well outside our budgets. *Insert reluctant resignation here.*

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Large Polka Dot Notebook

Talking notes on Molecular Biology or Advanced Statistics is hardly what we'd qualify as a "fun" time. Of course, your opinion may differ if you're into those sorts of things. If you're not, but stuck studying them anyway, scribble frantically into a Large Polka Dot Notebook ($26) from Sugar Paper. Sure, you could just type everything into your laptop, but Facebook is always so distracting. Write everything in shorthand while you're in class and then transcribe it to an Evernote file later. You'll get double the exposure to your notes, making studying for your first big test all the easier!

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Monogrammed Scented Soap

Because there's no better way to say, "I like you, but you kind of smell."

Handmade Monogrammed Scented Soap ($14)

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Shea Classic Harness

Saying "harness" in the context of wearing one will automatically skew a little... uh, kinky, but this Shea Classic Harness ($795) from Azeeza is for black tie occasions, not black leather ones. It's meant to add interest to a simple strapless tube dress, in case you have a closet full of those sitting around. And the price tag may boggle your mind, but that's because the silk contraption is hand beaded with antique gold wire, beads, and crystals.

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Komono Wizard Print Flemish Baroque Watch

Komono's Wizard Print Flemish Baroque Watch ($75) is rich in color and pattern, but fairly affordable in price. That's a winning combo if we ever saw one! Nab a watch to wear this fall, or take your chances that it'll go on sale in a few weeks and score it for an even lower price point (you bargain shopper, you!).

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Personalized Photo Memory Game

Playing Memory is a great way to build kids' minds. Finding pairs of corresponding animals is fine, but why not give young children a way to familiarize themselves with family members? With the Personalized Photo Memory Game ($20), you can submit 12 photos of loved ones that get made into the classic game. It's surprisingly even more fun when you play with pictures of people you know!

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Emily + Meritt Bunny Ears Hand

And now, a conversation between freshmen college roommates Hannah and Jenny:

Hannah: "Did you see this new peace sign stand I bought? It's the perfect place to store my hippie jewelry."
Jenny: "I like it, I think I'll get one, too."
Hannah: "What? You've never been to an anti-war protest!"
Jenny: "But I was voted class clown in high school and love to photo bomb people. You realize that this called the Emily + Meritt Bunny Ears Hand ($49), right? It's more antagonistic than peaceful."
Hannah: "It's open to interpretation, Jenny!"
Jenny: "I don't understand how the school's housing department ever thought we'd make good roommates."

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Carolina Margarita Salt

A good bar is stocked with not only booze, but also all the extras. Make sure you've got a good brand of bitters on hand, a few simple syrups, and don't forget a tin of Carolina Margarita Salt ($9) by Bulls Bay Saltworks. When you whip up a batch of 'ritas for your friends, you're going to want a professional-looking salt rim (seriously, table salt won't do... trust us on this one). Of course, you don't have to save this Southern state-mined salt for just your tequila-based drinks. Use it in a Bloody Mary, or to rim one of our favorite drinks, a Salty Dog (vodka and grapefruit juice)!

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KIKO Loafer Lo

The KIKO Loafer Lo ($219) ain't your mama's, papa's, or boyfriend's loafer. These disco-ready flats aren't for the faint of heart either, as they're divided up into fluorescent pink and metallic silver quadrants, complete with a bold graphic black band over the toe. If you click your heels together three times in these babies, well, we have news for you: you're not going home; you're going out to the club. Surrender to the beat, Dorothy!

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