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Be Worry Free When You're Bra Free With Nippies

It's wedding season--for better or for worse--but when you've got a pair of Nippies Skin Adhesive Covers, I'm confident that it'll be for the better. And I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me, especially when you're three signature cocktails into the open bar and the first few notes of Justin Timberlake's new song sees you rushing to the dance floor in the fabulous sheer chiffon halter dress you snatched up at a super stellar price during recent sample sale. Shimmy and shake with confidence--you're covered--literally.

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Floral Print Chiffon High/Low Dress

There's so much going on with this Floral Print Chiffon Dress that I hardly know where to start. The goldtone chain keeping the chiffon floaty and light? The coral-colored sash? The effortlessly beautiful floral print? You can decide on a focal point once this beauty is hanging up in your closet, waiting to be admired (and also worn, I guess, but take care not to stare at yourself while walking around in public. It's very unsafe.)

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This Blouse Proves Ruffles Make Everything Better

Loose and casual, the Cassandre Blouse by Sezane would be easy to pass over if it wasn't for the addition of its ultra-feminine ruffle detail. The draping ruffle runs down the back of the top and around front in a barely there, breezy peplum-style. Available in an unassuming chambray--or a stripe or check if you're looking for patterns to help you to gussy up your wardrobe--it's a versatile shirt and perfectly complements a colored denim ankle pant and white tennis shoes on a sunshine-y summer day.

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5 Sets Of Siblings Taking The Fashion World By Storm

By Cailyn Cox

From musicians to reality TV stars, these five super stylish celebrities are making a name for themselves in the fashion world.

When it comes to celebrity style there are definitely
a few celebrity siblings that stand out from the crowd.

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Skincare Frenemies: Beauty Treatments You Shouldn't Get At the Same Time

By Meagan Morris

We all have our own rituals we use to keep our bodies looking beautiful and healthy. Most of these treatments are fine on their own, but combining them can have negative impacts on your body--some only cause minor inconveniences, but others can even threaten your health.

Dr. Brenda Palm, a San Diego-based dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, gives us the lowdown on which treatments should be kept far, far away from each other.

Resist the urge to combine these treatments.



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Oversize Packable Straw Hat

Summer is well and truly underway, and that means that the sun is going to try its hardest to sizzle your skin clean off. Sunscreen's a good start, but you need some extra coverage, and that's where this Oversize Packable Straw Hat from Nordstrom comes in. It'll keep your face in the shade, and it's squishable enough to put in your luggage and take with you to unkinder climes. And that pattern! So cute.

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The Pouch That Reminds You What A Beautiful Cupcake You Are

I don't think there's anything wrong with a decent breakfast muffin, but when it comes down to it, a cupcake is always the more delightful option. Toss your makeup staples in this Be A Beautiful Cupcake Zip Pouch to remind yourself that you can look as enticing as a perfectly-frosted cupcake sitting among the poppyseed and blueberry muffins at your favorite bakery. All you need is a great lipgloss to help you play up your fantastic smile.

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Want To Dress Like Royalty? How To Emulate Kate Middleton's Classic Chic Style

By Cailyn Cox

Kate Middleton has a wardrobe that many women would be tempted to do anything for. And while we aren't able to raid her closet, we can learn a few key tips from her style to achieve the perfect classic-yet-chic looks.

The Duchess of Cambridge doesn't wear statement pieces and she's not at the forefront of the fashion trends.

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How To Break The Fashion Rules--Beyoncé Style

By Rebecca Howard

I have a feeling that pairing a leather kimono with patches, a rainbow-striped skirt, a clashing printed bag and fringed suede platforms would land a lot of people on the worst-dressed list. But, hey, she's Beyoncé, so I guess she makes her own rules. And to be honest, it looks pretty great. I applaud her daredevil sense of fashion. "Let's just throw all this on and see if it works."

And it does. Because she's Beyoncé.

I just hope she's not sporting this look in So Cal right now, because the thought of anything leather, real or faux, in this heat, just makes me itchy.

For all you fashion risk-takers out there, here are some similar looks.

Just maybe wait till fall for the pleather:

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Free to Live Women's Lightweight Open Front Cardigan Sweater

It's unseasonably cool in Los Angeles, and I keep leaving the house without remembering to wear something warmer -- it's June in LA and I'm not roasting to death? The world has GONE MAD. This Open Front Cardigan Sweater from Overstock comes in a bunch of amazing colors, and it's easy to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe so that you're never caught flat-footed in stupid-cold weather.

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Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day, No Matter How Humid It Gets!

Phew, the summer's heat and humidity is pure torture! When you're in survival mode--pinning up your hair to tame the frizz and donning your breeziest sundress--don't forget to fortify your face against sweaty slippage, too. Coola Suncare's Makeup Setting Spray will set your look, keeping your foundation in place and protecting your eye shadow from caking in your lid creases. As an added bonus, the spray contains an SPF of 30. You'll be free from melty makeup and the embarrassment of sporting a blistering sunburn on your nose!

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How To Tell If Your Makeup Is Expired, Even If It Looks Fine

By Meagan Morris

Confession time.

There was a period of my life when I reused the same tube of mascara for over two years. Completely gross, but I figured since it didn't look or smell bad it was fine. I was wrong.

Makeup--like food--has a shelf life, and it's often shorter than you think. It may difficult to throw away your expensive makeup every few months, but it's worth it to keep you healthy.

Don't sacrifice your skin to save a few bucks.

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14 Out Of This World Accessories For Everyone Who's Obsessed With Space

By Chantel Delulio

You know the constellations like the back of your hand. You've watched and rewatched Cosmos more times than there are stars in the sky. And you've developed a Fox Mulder like obsession with the truth and whether or not it's out there. Space is the best. And what better way to profess your intergalactic love than by accessorizing yourself out in some these stellar pieces.

See you, space cowboy!

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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

If you're not excited about the lipstick you're putting on in the morning, what's the point of anything? You need something that'll look incredible and lost all day -- specifically, you need Urban Decay Vice lipstick. It's full of moisturizers, like jojoba and babassu oil, and it comes in dozens of shades and finishes (I'm partial to Hex). Just pick your poison, get it on with one swipe, and go.

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You'll Be The Talk Of Every Summer Get-Together In This Adorable Flamingo Skirt

With an on-trend midi length, a blushingly sweet salmon shade, and a smattering of summer's most iconic water bird, the Pink Flamingo Skirt deserves the top slot on your #wardrobegoals list. The only snafu is that pesky price tag. If you can swing it, I suggest snagging your summer accessories--like sunglasses and basic tanks--from the bargain bin and splurging on this scene stealing skirt.

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