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Does This Make Us Look Cheap? August 1, 2014

Tomorrow is National Mustard Day and whether it's on hot dogs or haute couture, we're big fans. Snag these items on sale; mustard is a great color to stock up on for fall.

CB2 Hedgehog Candleholder ($3 on sale)
Nine West Show Stopper Satchel ($55 on sale)
Shoe Republic Maple ($40 with code LEO)
Stonewall Kitchen Cheddar Ale Mustard ($4 on sale)
Race Around Tank ($14 on sale)

Our mothers told us to avoid looking cheap, but we can't help but think frugality is flattering. Does This Make Us Look Cheap? is your Friday dose of sale items to snag over the weekend - because being a tightwad doesn't mean you don't have taste.


Solly Baby Wrap

Keep your bay bay close by with the feat of engineering that is the Solly Baby Wrap ($65). Okay, it's just a really long, stretchy rectangle of a micro-bamboo blend fabric. We don't know about you, but we'd rather drop some cash on a tried and tested product than head to the fabric store and hope we pick something that's strong enough to keep our bundle of love from falling to the floor. Using an intricate system of wraps and ties (that you can watch in this extensive tutorial), the baby wrap offers full support for the little one and a (relatively) free range of movement, all with the minimum of extra weight to carry.

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Hodge Podge Alarm Clock Table Lamp

If the amount of money you spend on this Hodge Podge Alarm Clock Table Lamp ($787) directly affects the amount of days you wake up on time - resisting the urge to hit snooze, and walking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to work an hour later - then we think you'll be the recipient of the perfect attendance award for the next two-plus years.

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Zen Cosmetics Makeup Organizer

At first glance, it looks like the silicon flowers in the base of this makeup organizer ($15) are just there to look pretty, but then we realized they're strategic - the petals hold your small tools, while your larger brushes fit easily in the spaces in-between each bloom. Bonus: The flexible material allows you to store non-circular items, like square gloss containers and tweezers.

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Take Out Serve Bowl

You're trying to save money by eating in, but your homemade Kung Pao chicken just doesn't measure up to the 24-hour Chinese buffet down the street. Try serving it in this porcelain takeout container ($7) - you just might be able to trick yourself into thinking it's the MSG-loaded mystery meat that your taste buds are craving.

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Trashed Sticky Notes

Post-it notes inevitably wind up crumpled and in a trash can, but few actually start out that way. Trashed Sticky Notes ($10) save you the trouble of having to crush a small paper in your hands by arriving pre-wrinkled. Just think of how much aggravation you will save not having to scrunch up your tiny reminder yourself! Unless, of course, crumpling paper is cathartic for you and helps to relieve aggravation, in which case, just buy a normal pad of sticky notes.

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Multistripe Merino Wool Shawl

It's not a good idea to wear stripes on stripes on stripes, especially if they're all the same blue-and-white or black-and-white Breton type. But you just keep on buying them! Give your closet a break with the Multistripe Merino Wool Shawl ($98), which is currently a generous 50% off. Technically they're still stripes, so they fit your strict wardrobe criteria, but they're more of an abstract kind of stripe, printed from a vibrant watercolor by artist Virginia Johnson. And the best thing about that? It means you can totally wear this scarf with your favorite striped top.

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Starfish SoYoung Small Cooler Bag

Want to pack some cold beverages for your beach trip? The Starfish SoYoung Small Cooler Bag ($30) is just the right size - and style - to bring with you for a day in the sun. By noon, your body will be as tan as the bag itself and you'll be checking to see whether your head can fit inside the cooler as well for some relief from the heat.

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4040 Locust 9-Drawer Console

A trip to Target yesterday revealed that, mid-summer or not, we should be buying ALL THE THINGS for the new school year... and we haven't been haunting those halls for years! If you're headed back to your college town in few weeks to start another semester, however, make sure you're prepared. This 4040 Locust 9-Drawer Console ($279) is compact enough to fit along the wall in your dorm room or tiny rental place, but holds a ton of your stuff. Put your school books in a few of the distressed drawers, and fill the others with your favorite pairs of shoes. Happy (almost) fall!

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Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen

We like to keep our manicures looking nice even though we're chronically short on time, so when we paint our nails we're usually also doing at least three other things. Mistakes are bound to happen, is what we're saying. Thanks to the Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen ($10) we can easily hide the evidence of our hastily applied polish (while simultaneously heating up dinner, checking email, and finishing the budget report that's due tomorrow, of course).

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Rotating Love Stamp

Do you enjoy the cheesy romantic phrases on those Valentine's Day conversation hearts but can't stand the chalky flavor? The Rotating Love Stamp ($12) allows you to skip right to the lazy pickup lines and pound them all over notes to your friend. With phrases like "I WANT YOU," "SECRET CRUSH," "CALL ME," and "LET'S MAKE OUT," you're bound to land a boyfriend before the red ink pad dries out.

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Eight Sixty Geo Print Boxy Tee

Bam! We know they call it a "boxy" tee because it has a looser fit, but in this case, we're inclined to believe it's a reference to boxing given the knockout print. Seriously, put the best print in your closet against this Eight Sixty Geo Print Boxy Tee ($79), and we guarantee it still won't be as strong as this shirt.

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Collapsible Salad Spinner

For something that serves only one real purpose, a salad spinner sure takes up a lot of space on your kitchen shelf. It sure would be nice if you could find one that was just a little bit more compac... wait! What's that? A Collapsible Salad Spinner ($30)! Oh, terrific! Now you can dry your salad and store the spinner within a much smaller space! Here, have a few more exclamation points (!!!!!); this is an exciting find!

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28 Neutral Eye Palette

Rare is the eye palette that doesn't contain at least one shade we'd never touch in a million years, which is why we love this one ($11). It's chock full of colors that are universally flattering, and can be used to create both subtle daytime and sexy nighttime looks. Tip: Dip an angled brush in the darker shades and use them as eyeliners.

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Cat Lady Handheld Mirror

Who's the fairest cat lady of them all? You're looking at her! We can think of so many uses for this kitty-shaped mirror ($20) - use it to check your shirt for stray cat hair before going out in public, give it as a gift to your equally cat-obsessed friend, or just freak your kitty out by showing him his reflection.

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