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Does This Make Us Look Cheap? October 31, 2014

Winter white? Why not? That Labor Day rule is old news; pair white accents with warm tones for a crisp, fashionable, and affordable look this upcoming season.

Betsey Johnson Vintage Flower Button Earring ($26, on sale)
Kimchi Blue Snow Angel Cardigan Sweater ($100, on sale)
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Quilted Affair Shoulder Bag ($130, on sale)
ASOS Traffic Jam Shoe Boots ($47, on sale)
Modified Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses ($14 with code FALL)

Our mothers told us to avoid looking cheap, but we can't help but think frugality is flattering. Does This Make Us Look Cheap? is your Friday dose of sale items to snag over the weekend - because being a tightwad doesn't mean you don't have taste.


Puma Trinomic R698 Hyper Zinfandel Sneakers

The Puma Trinomic R698 Hyper Zinfandel Sneakers ($123) are fashion sneakers. They probably won't make you run faster, do a few extra pull-ups, or jump higher during Zumba. But they'll certainly keep your feet feeling supported as you spend Saturday afternoon completing errands. Plus, you'll look great, too!

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Large Sticky Monthly Planner

We're way over the novelty of 3" x 3" sticky notes, and even tiny sticky notes, but we haven't encountered many giant sticky notes in our lives and therefore love the premise of the Large Sticky Monthly Planner ($22). This desktop calendar is as minimal as can be - undated and with plenty of room to jot down your major events and appointments for the week. If you prefer to work in advance and hang up your months on a wall near your workspace, that's where that handy sticky back comes in! Go crazy!

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The Peelables Super Natural Mineral Nail Polish

Remember the peel-off polish you loved so much as a kid? Well, it's back and available in a variety of grown-up colors. Just try not to pick at it during boring conference calls - nails that resemble grody old wallpaper definitely won't impress your boss.

The Peelables Super Natural Mineral Nail Polish ($9)

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Nova Statement Earrings in Silver

Baby, you're a star, and it's time you start dressing like one. Sparkle and shine wherever you go with these Nova Statement Earrings ($120), and be sure to brush your shoulders off from time to time to take care of that lingering stardust.

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Fried Rice iPhone Case

The fake food displayed outside of Japanese restaurants never looks particularly tasty (or tasty at all), but there's a certain pleasure in seeing the PVC replicas of plates of tempura and sushi rolls lined up in the window. Fake Food Japan will happily make you your own personal bowl of fake ramen, but what would you do with it? Order a Fried Rice iPhone Case ($31) to show off your food instead! (Sure, it's not the most aesthetically pleasing case, but it's less gag-inducing than the "kelp with matsutake mushrooms" option.)

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PEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker

We already have a French press, a Keurig, and an AeroPress, but we like, totally need this Vacuum Coffee Maker ($80) as well. The vacuum method keeps all of the delicious aroma trapped inside, making our morning coffee fix even more flavorful. Plus, we kind of like the mad scientist vibe the glass bulbs give off.

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Childhood obesity is on the rise, and we all know the right diet is key to keeping your youngsters happy. But if your offspring are among the 56% of children who refuse to eat anything but pizza, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese sandwiches, there's always exercise. The iBitz ($35) is a pedometer designed especially for kids, with fun apps that turn getting moving into a game and help parents create rewards for getting those lazy little bottoms off the couch.

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Alchimie Forever Tightening Eye Contour Gel

You know how sometimes you pull the corners of your eyes back and marvel at how awesome you'd look with a face lift? Good news: this Tightening Eye Contour Gel ($45) can make your face look smoother and younger - no scalpels required. In addition to increasing the elasticity of the skin around your eyes, it also minimizes fine lines and gets rid of under eye puffiness and dark circles, thanks to a special blend of apple extract and vitamin K.

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Olympias Raisin Leather Brogue Boot

The earliest form of the brogue shoe incorporated the perforated holes along the seams in order to let out water from walking through bogs (these shoes originated in Scotland, you see). But don't let that make you think it's a good idea to splash through puddles in these Olympias Raisin Leather Brogue Boots ($200), oh no - those holes are purely decorative now, and you should keep that hand burnished leather upper as far away from water as you can.

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Cocktail Garden Kit

No, tequila doesn't grow on trees. But this Cocktail Garden Kit ($23) makes it possible for you to plant just about everything else you'd need for a killer boozy refreshment. The six included seed packs range from traditional offerings like mint and lime basil to off-the-wall surprises like borage and licorice-flavored agastache. You'll even have a chance to grow your own cucamelons: a diminutive breed of watermelon with a tart crunch perfect for gin martinis. Comes with everything you need to start gardening. Just add sun, water, and some quality booze.

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The Age of Wonder

Fiction may be your jam, but nonfiction can sometimes be every bit as fascinating as the made-up stuff. Richard Holmes proves that science's Romantic Age is full of extraordinary discoveries and adventures in his book The Age of Wonder ($13). He details the biographies of several British scientists, but these are no cut-and-dry timelines of events. Instead, you're transported into their tales and reading with anticipation as they make breakthroughs, push to have their work recognized, and prepare for life-changing voyages.

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Dazed and Infused Canadian Sea Salt

Forget chili and smoke. Well, don't forget them - we're fans of both. But these Dazed and Infused Canadian Sea Salts ($8) add a whole new array of salty flavors to our repertoire. With options like Balsamic Vinegar or Mandarin Orange and Lime, they're a great way to take everything from salads to cocktails up a welcome notch.

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Tocca Holiday Candela in Meribel

This winter, back away from the predictable pine-scented candles and reach for Tocca's Holiday Candela in Meribel ($45) instead. The fig and sweet vanilla scent is super festive without making your house smell like a Christmas tree lot, and the pretty glass container will look amazing nestled among pinecones on your mantle.

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Cheap Thrill: The Shine Brush

We've already used and loved the Wet Brush, and now we're pumped to give the Shine Brush ($15) a try. Its distinct bristles are able to amp up the shine on your hair by distributing your scalp's natural oils. (And you thought greasy hair was a bad thing!) Pro tip: the Shine Brush is also a great tool to spread dry shampoo throughout your roots.

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