Personal Shopper: A black bridesmaid's dress to fit Heather M.'s tall, athletic frame

Heather writes: "My friend is getting married and I need a cute black cocktail dress suitable for bridesmaid attire. I am really tall and have a larger athletic frame so it's hard to find stores that can accommodate that. I am a size 16. I... [More]


YOU Be the Stylist: What jewelry should Dixie wear with her wedding gown?

Sometimes, we get a Personal Shopper request that gets us so intrigued, we find it impossible to narrow down our options. We decided, therefore, that our beloved readers should help, since you're all as fashion-obsessed as we are. Introducing.... YOU Be the Stylist: We're faced... [More]


Personal Shopper: Dresses for Sophia's grad school piano auditions

Sophia V. wrote, "Hi Outblush, I adore your blog! And I have a shopping conundrum that has been plaguing me for weeks! Pick me pick me! Here's the scoop... I'm a musician auditioning for graduate programs this month through March. And I've been so hard-pressed... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Dress for Danica to Wear to her Boyfriend's Graduation

Danica writes: "I am an avid visitor to Outblush, and I find myself coming back searching for the cutest things out there. I know it's early in the year, but I though I'd start looking now rather than later. I am looking for a super... [More]


Personal Shopper: Stylish Dresses for Rebecca in Germany

Rebecca writes: I recently moved to Europe and the women here dress up more than the women in the States. I have been able to update my jeans-shirts combos, and have made my outerwear more chic. But I am having problems finding dresses that don't... [More]



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Personal Shopper: Cute Rompers for Petite Chelsea

Chelsea H. writes, "Hello! I read your blog and your staff list to make sure my request would be appropriate. Maybe this would be best for Layla? I'm 5'1'' and I'm looking for a cute and petite romper for $50 or less. I love the... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gifts for Katie's Wonderful Boss

Says Katie: "I need to find a great thank-you gift for my boss for writing me a stellar recommendation for graduate school. My boss is an accomplished, poised, confident woman who is fluent in Italian and Spanish and just celebrated her 40th birthday, but looks... [More]


Personal Shopper: A To Catch A Thief wedding gown for Ashley B

Ashley B. wrote, "Hello Outblush! First, gush ... y'all are so fun! I read through your posts daily and have done most of my holiday shopping simply by browsing your blog. Thank you! Second, I'm engaged, hurray! I'm sure you get that a lot. I... [More]

Personal Shopper Linda

Personal Shopper: Knockoff Christian Dior Lace Pumps for Linda's Wedding Day

Linda writes: "I am in love with these. If you come across anything similar for 200 or less let me know please. I would love them for my wedding day. With love, Linda" Dearest Linda, congrats on your upcoming nuptials! And we love the fact... [More]

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Personal Shopper - Sunny

Personal Shopper: Slim Boyish Sweater for Sunny

Sunny writes: "Hi, my friend said you might be able to help me. I'm looking for a sweater like the pic i've attached. This is what I'm looking for: sweatery, long, kind of slim, crew neck, boyish, to the thigh, slim arms (not tight, but... [More]


Personal Shopper: Natalie Portman's Golden Globe's dress for Caity's prom and Jennifer's wedding

First, Jennifer wrote: "I am in love with Natalie Portman's Golden Globes dress. Is there an affordable version of it out there somewhere. I think it would make a great bridesmaid dress for my red and pink wedding." Then, Caity M. wrote: "Dear Staff, I'm... [More]


Personal Shopper: A dramatic leather jacket for Caitlin D.

Caitlin D. wrote, "Hey outblush, I've been looking for a cheaper version of this jacket for months now. There's no way I can spend $400 on a jacket. Could you find me a jacket that gives off the same vibe this one does but for... [More]


Personal Shopper: Gumboots for Julie

Julie wrote, "While on a daily stroll through the mall, I notice a pair of boot. From afar the looked glorious. Close up I was in wow. Finally, I said to myself, a pair of gumboots that dont look absolutely hideous! Gumboots with a small... [More]


Personal Shopper: Fun Scrubs For Mandy

Mandy wrote, "Hello Outblush, First off, like everyone, I'm a HUGE fan! I was hoping you guys could use your amazing skills to help me find some scrubs. I am a dental hygienist and I have an extremely difficult time find scrubs that are cute... [More]


Personal Shopper: Black bridesmaids dresses for Elizabeth V.'s June wedding

Elizabeth V. writes, "First, let me say that I am addicted to your website! I am getting married in June and have not found any bridesmaid I would like to request your help and expertise. We did decide on the color black for the... [More]

wedge rainboots-s.jpg

Personal Shopper: Wedge Rain Boots for Julie

Julie writes, "First of all, you all rock. While on a daily stroll through the mall, I noticed a pair of [rain]boots [...] Gumboots with a small heel. I wear a size nine. Finding things to ship to Canada is hard, you'll be my heroes... [More]


Personal Shopper: A backless grey sweater for Claiborne

Claiborne P. wrote, "My roommate has this great Ralph Lauren backless cashmere sweater that I am super envious of. Since i do not have a picture for you, it basically is a soft heather grey, the length comes to the top of the hips and... [More]


Personal Shopper: A dress for Lisa to wear to her son's first birthday banquet

Lisa wrote, "Hi outblush, Please help me find a dress for my sons first birthday! Im a size 6 and id like to spend $300 or less. His birthday is a teddy bear themed birthday, which will be held at a beautiful italian restaurant for... [More]


Personal Shopper: A long-sleeved non-frumpy evening gown under $150 for Laura

Laura P. wrote, "Hey Outblush - Love your site! I'm on the hunt for a long evening gown that has long sleeves. Having a hard time finding something that's not so "mother of the bride". I see famous stylish girls in the magazines wearing super... [More]


Personal Shopper: A Non-Boring One-Piece Swimsuit for Kristi

Kristi wrote: "I am over-the-moon excited about a trip to Hawaii that my family and I are taking later this year. We took the kids last year and they are still talking about it, so we figured we better take them again! Rough life, I... [More]

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