Nicole Lee Cosmetic Luggage

Nicole Lee Cosmetic Luggage

Your luggage will surely stand out when you're at the airport and we're pretty sure it will be a conversation starter between you and hopefully a really cute guy. The Nicole Lee Cosmetic Luggage ($80 on sale) has a hard body trunk with an extended... [More]

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Vonny Casserole Carrier in Mardis Gras

How many times have you agreed to bring your famous Cinnamon Roll Casserole to brunch, baked it, and said to yourself, "How in the world will I get it there without burning my hands off?" How many times have you packed casseroles for travel by... [More]

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NapForm Eye Mask

Anything that can get us just a few more minutes sleep before morning rays of sunshine work their way through our blinds is endorsed by us. This uber padded NapForm Eye Mask ($35) makes catching some shuteye a plausible reality while you're traveling, being a... [More]

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Travel Pill Case

We hear about a Travel Pill Case ($13) all we can think about is Meg Ryan freaking out about her bags and vitamins being stolen in French Kiss. We couldn't care less if someone took our once-a-days but don't nobody be stealing our prescriptions. Keep... [More]

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Skwoosh Pro Traveler Seat Cushion

We love to travel, but man if sitting in a plane seat isn't the most uncomfortable thing on the planet. The Skwoosh Pro Traveler Seat Cushion ($40) keeps your bum from going numb on those flights to exotic locals you hop on at the last... [More]

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Ame & Lulu Wet Bathing Suit Bag

You may not be beach bound anytime soon, but if you're heading anywhere with a pool this season (be it indoor at the Super 8, or a on the deck of a fancy cruise ship), come prepared with your Ame & Lulu Wet Bathing Suit... [More]

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Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences

Anything that helps us from spending yet another boring weekend re-organizing our creative corner in the home office is welcome in our house. With tons of suggestions for amazing places to visit and experience, Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences ($16) will keep us exploring new... [More]

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Sleek Flat Bronze Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

Keep those family jewels (or costume jewels) protected in this Sleek Flat Bronze Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box ($55). Made to hold 8 necklaces, multiple rings, bracelets a plenty, earrings galore, and a partridge in a pear tree (almost), you'll be plenty happy with this... [More]

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Travel Bag

Let's just pretend we have enough money to buy ourselves a travel bag for around 300 bucks. We'd most definitely wrap our little hands around this vintage-inspired Travel Bag ($290). Made from durable 100% wool, we love the tartan print, leather handles, and overall classic... [More]

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Proper Pup Laptop Case

Just because you carry a laptop back and forth to work does not mean you have to fully succumb to grown-up status. Especially not with your accessories. If you loved your Scottie Dog cardigan in 4th grade, then you should have this Proper Pup Laptop... [More]

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Jetlag Alarm Clock

Frequent travelers know all too well the terrible nuisance that is the hotel alarm clock. A bright display keeps us up, a 3am alarm we didn't realize was set wakes us up, or worst of all, the time is incorrect and our entire day starts... [More]

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Restoration Hardware Roll Up Travel Charger

Though it's clearly designed as an item for those regularly on the move, we think that this Roll Up Travel Charger ($49) is so effing brilliant that anyone who has more than one item to charge (so... everyone you know) needs to have one. Think... [More]

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F1 Will Return Eye Mask

As soon as we get on the plane we're slipping on this F1 Will Return Eye Mask ($22). Do not disturb, do not ask us to move so you can go to the bathroom, do not let your kid kick the back of our seat,... [More]

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F1 Safety Luggage Tag Set

In a state of baggage claim emergency remain calm. Remove your bag off the conveyor belt first before assisting small children and helpless husbands. F1 Safety Luggage Tag Set ($22).... [More]

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Perry Travel Pillow

We were guilty of laughing at the people who wear these travel pillows around their necks on the plane, but sweet merciful if they aren't comfortable. We're thinking about packing the Perry Travel Pillow ($18) with us for that international flight we've been dreading. Sure,... [More]

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The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry-on Traveler

Even though we consider ourselves to be experts in the area of travel, we can also be humble enough to brush up on some packing tips. The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry-on Traveler ($10) by Judith Gilford is worth its weight in overhead space.... [More]

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Heys Luggage Ecase Exotic Bag

We're amused by the crocodile leather photo finish on the Heys Luggage Ecase Exotic Bag ($117). Yeah, the print is funny, but that's not why we like it. First off, we could lift this lightweight polycarbonate body with our friggin' pinky. There's a built in... [More]

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Rick Steves Italy 2012

If you could bring just one book for your Italian travel adventures we'd suggest packing Rick Steves' Italy 2012 ($18) in your knapsack. We've used him for insider tips on how to get around waiting in the giant lines at museums, hotels to stay at... [More]

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Gold Bottom Neon Case

Neon! Gold! Bright! Shiny! That's four good reasons to grab this Gold Bottom Neon Case ($35) right there. Also, we can use it for makeup, as a clutch or simply as a way to keep all of our tampons from exploding out of our purse... [More]

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Clos-ette Too Travel Jewelry Case

It's not often that we travel with a lot of jewelry, but the occasional wedding weekend, conference or impromptu Caribbean cruise (hint hint, honey) has us tossing all of our favorite pieces in little bags, hoping to high heaven we can untangle them when we... [More]

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