The Bottle Cap Tripod

Not that we don't like the way our arms look HUGE or the creepy expressions of concentration on our face while we wait for the camera to click, but trying to take a picture of ourselves can result in some blackmail worthy material. We're going... [More]

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The Handy Dandy Hand Strap

Good governor! The last time we tried to capture our adventures on film we caught the tail end of everything. The back of the celebrity we saw in Hollywood, the flash mob blending back into the crowd, and the melt down that followed a cute... [More]

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The Union Street Camera and Laptop Bag

We at Outblush tend to think that camera bags get the short end of the stick when it comes to design. They're usually black, made of boring nylon, and look like a rushed boxy diaper bag. The Union Street Camera and Laptop Bag ($279) looks... [More]

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Pop-Up Flash Bounce

We know how much you enjoy all those awesome pictures of you looking extra shiny and bright with eyes like white mice, but sometimes there's too much of a good thing. Photojojo's Pop-Up Flash Bounce ($30) takes care of shadows and reflections, while giving natural,... [More]

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Photojojo Chalkboard Speech Bubble

Ever wonder what someone was really thinking when the photo was being taken? Grab a caption for just about every thought. Or, write a caption and have people act them out. We see a night of hilarity in your future... Chalkboard Speech Bubble ($29)... [More]

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Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs

Photoshop's about to get user friendly. Finally! Photojojo brings us Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs ($30) to help you become a Photoshop pro. No more bad lighting, enormous zits that make us feel 16 again (in a bad I-forgot-it-was-school-photo-day way), random pieces of flyaway hair... [More]

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The Juice Box Camera

The Juice Box Camera ($25) would have been soo handy for stealth pictures of Jimmy Vaughn in eighth grade (after all, that yearbook photo was so small)! Or slip the camera in your mini's lunch box for a surprise and a chance to see things... [More]

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Thermal Blanket Piece

End of an era . . . we can't help but be a little sad that the space shuttle program is over. We were never gonna ride in one ourselves, but . . . you know. Those of you who are NASA buffs (or who... [More]

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Lucky Us Copper Keychain

We're getting all sappy over the sentimental idea behind the Lucky Us Copper Keychain ($18) by Pats Design. Pick two important years (the year you met your significant other, graduated from med school, got married, gave birth, etc.) and have them polished up with a... [More]

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Roberu Border Stripe Canvas Camera Strap

Maybe it seems like a bit much to pay, but the Roberu Border Stripe Canvas Camera Strap ($138) is almost too darling to not impulse buy! Besides, you'd do anything for your camera, right? Just think of it this way: it's about a quarter of... [More]

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Picturebook Frame

It's sentimental to have pictures of your friends on display. It's cool to have records hung on your wall. It's incredibly nerdy to have books framed and on your wall, but that's what this Picturebook Frame ($14) allows you to do and we are so... [More]

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Assouline x Goyard Trunk

Assouline x Goyard Trunk

Two mega fashion houses have come together to collaborate on a really cool item! The Assouline x Goyard Trunk ($9,800 on sale) is the ultimate in luxury for the fashion lover. Goyard custom-made this white leather trunk, which is filled with 100 of Assouline's signature... [More]

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The SLR Sloop Camera Bag by TRKFLD

Whether you realized from the start or not, there's no doubt now that you know your photography hobby is expensive, and by expensive, we mean you coulda bought a small house by now... Protect your camera and lenses and look fab while doing so with... [More]

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Mom + Dad = Me Frame

Mom + Dad = Me Frame

Not sure if your wee one looks more like Mom or Dad? Compare the similarities side by side in the Mom + Dad = Me Frame ($18). This is also a great gift for those doting grandparents of yours.... [More]

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One Line A Day Journal

When we saw the One Line A Day Journal ($17) at PaperSource, we thought, "Hey, we can do this!" Record a line or two about your day and watch this little journal fill with up to 5 years worth of small thoughts and memories. It's... [More]

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12 Things I Love About You Mini Book

Wouldn't this 12 Things I Love About You Mini Book ($14) from Cori Kindred Etsy Shop make the sweetest and most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift? How lovely to lift someone's spirits by giving them a book filled with all the little things you love about... [More]

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Gold Lambskin Leather Journal

It's a new year and with new resolutions to uphold, we're feeling the need to keep things written down. And even though we're a pretty plugged in bunch, there are times when even we need to sit down with a pen and a notebook. We... [More]

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BFF Text Photo Album

Even though you may be too grown up to get your bestie her own half of a "Best Friends" necklace, you can still give her a rockin Christmas gift. We like the BFF Text Photo Album ($14) at Urban Outfitters. Fill it with memorable photos... [More]

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Special Guest Post by Keyhole Photo: Fotoclips

Hey, hey, hey Outblushers, it's time once again for a word from our resident photo-know-it-all, Meggan Haller. Meggan and her husband Jeff, the owners of Keyhole Photo, serve up gorgeous wedding and documentary photography, and recently won the 2010 Bride's Choice Awards from Want... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: MCS Mini Picture Frames

Stuck in the world's tiniest cubicle? Have one of those weird tiny shelves that seems to have no actual purpose? Want to keep a picture of your pet at your desk without getting branded as the Insane Cat/Dog Lady? Here you go. These teeny, tiny,... [More]

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