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File Folders with Attitude

Work is horrible most of the time. Petty politics, stuffy clothes, meaningless tasks - sometimes it's easy to feel like you're one spreadsheet away from going full on Milton Waddams. Much like the solace movies like Office Space can provide us worker bees, humor and... [More]

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Vintage Tie Passport Holder 100.jpg

Vintage Tie Passport Cover

The outdated tie pattern - it happens to the best of men, even though they like to pretend that ties are immune to style changes. Thankfully we're around to teach the fellows a lesson or two. But why let perfectly good fabric go to waste?... [More]

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Score Storage Net

Designed to hold balls, equipment, or as one reviewer suggests, your son's Nerf gun for easy access to shooting his sister, the Score Storage Net ($29), tacks to the wall for the ultimate in storage. Great for a bedroom or garage, this unique net stretches... [More]

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modern magazine rack 100.jpg

Modern Magazine Rack

Who says print is dying? Even though we'd perish without the internet, there are few pleasures that can measure up to the joy of receiving a crisp, glossy magazine in the mail. Some of our favorites are those from years ago - Courtney Love and... [More]

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Giddy Giddy Cameo Balloon Hairclip Holder

Sometimes function and cuteness get together, throw a party, and you get an invite. Today you're invited to hang the adorable Giddy Giddy - Cameo Balloon Hairclip Holder ($30) in your room your little ladies' room for organizing all her hair baubles. Long ribbons allow... [More]

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Good To Go Bags

Our handbag collection is shall we say, extensive. Sorry, but different days and moods call for a bag change. While we love switching it up, we don't love having to transfer our massive amount of crap essentials from one bag to another. Good To Go... [More]

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Paper Wallet

If you prefer to keep things simple when it comes to wallets, we've got the ultimate for you in pared-down functionality: the Paper Wallet ($15). This lil guy is made of a durable, waterproof, tear-resistant 'fabric' called Tyvek. It's got a total of 6 compartments... [More]

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Keychain Holder

Organization - not something you'd call a strength of ours. Between a purse that swallows items whole and a junk drawer that does the same, we can never find our keys. The Keychain Holder ($35) is a wall hanging system that organizes keys on specific... [More]

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Action Pad Mini

Is there a method to your notepad? If you own the Action Pad Mini ($8), there is! Behance's Action Notepads are basic tools to help you transition your ideas from thinking to doing via the Action Method (read about it here). How does this little... [More]

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FluffyCo Mini Wallet

If you're going to ditch you wallet for a night out on the town, keep yourself at least a little organized with this simple but stylish Hummingbird Mini Wallet ($20) from FluffyCo. It'll keep you from being that girl fishing through every pocket to find... [More]

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Infinity Bottle Holder

The Infinity Bottle Holder ($81) melds form and function into a kick ass showcase for your wine or beer collection. It's time to let go of that old metal rack and those dusty bottles - class up your boozing and your home with a system... [More]

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Kangaroom Bamboo Pod

Something about charging stations makes us giddy. Maybe it's that we know where our phone/ipod/camera is at all times, and that when we need it, it's ready to go. Or maybe it's that they just look so happy cozied up in their electric nest. Either... [More]

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Graduation File Folders

Manila is great and all... but a tad boring for us Outblush ladies. Graduation File Folders ($4) conjure thoughts of that hunky captain of the football team, the girl that beat us out for prom queen, and the terrible hair-styles of days gone by. Anything... [More]

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Menu Wall Mounted Jewelry Tree

It's not often that we could call a piece that holds our jewelry elegant, but that's just what the Menu Wall Mounted Jewelry Tree ($100) is. With three hangers in high-glossed polished aluminum, these sculptural pieces hold on to your rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.... [More]

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Paper Collector

It's hard to remember to put those unsightly stacks of magazines, unread emails, and bills in the recycle bin. Trust us, we know. But the task will be made simpler with the sweet looking Paper Collector ($55) sitting next to your desk. This sturdy chromed... [More]

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Literal Bookends ($29) for your literature.... [More]

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Wire Blooms Cable Clips

We wish the world was wireless, but sometimes, visible cords are inevitable. However, if they're going to be seen, we might as well show 'em off with style, which is exactly what Wire Blooms Cable Clips ($10) allow us to do. We think they'd be... [More]

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Simplicity Sachet Keychain

Sweet and lovely, Simplicity Sachet Keychain ($12) will make it easier for you to find your keys in that monstrosity of mess you call a purse. The lavender in each sachet will also help kill the smell of whatever that thing is growing next to... [More]

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Marvelous Key Rack

Hooks? Psshhhh, hooks are so outdated. All the cool kids are keeping their keys in place with this Marvelous Key Rack ($40). Simply slide one of your keys into the slot on the front of the rack and let gravity do the rest. Beyond keeping... [More]

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Tonkin File Folders

A home office space that's both organized and pretty is a thing to behold. Both are made simple with Tonkin File Folders ($11.75). With six file folders and coordinating items available in an accordion file, report folder, address book and boxed notes, you'll have a... [More]

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