Bald & Bang Great Balls of Wire

Goodness, gracious, Great Balls of Wire ($18 each)! These cheery little orbs can "eat" up to five feet of cord apiece, keeping it out of your way and untangled while adding a pop of color to that dark, dusty space underneath your desk. You know,... [More]

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Umbra Casa

We realize that there are people out there who feel the need to cover tissue boxes. Heaven forbid that innocuous floral print on the outside of the Kleenex box be seen by your guests! So, if you fall into that camp, we beg of you,... [More]

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Vera Bradley Shower Caddy

There's nothing cute about a communal shower. Until you show up on the scene with your Vera Bradley Shower Caddy ($34), that is. And then it's all sunshine and ponies. Except for when the slutty girl from down the hall brings last night hookup into... [More]

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Laura Thoughts Genius DIY Organizer (oh, and Stila Kitten Eyeshadow)

You've got a million pots of eye shadow, now including Stila Kitten ($18), and you're running out of room in your vanity stand. Blogger Laura of Laura Thoughts came up with a simple, why-didn't-I-think-of-that solution to your exploding beauty kit: Make-up Magnet Board. Empty those... [More]

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The Land of Nod Robot Reusa-bag

Even though this Robot Reusa-bag ($9) was probably with little boys in mind, we're not so sure we won't snatch one up for ourselves. Forget fancy floral shopping bags, we want to take robots to the market with us!... [More]

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F Bomb Paperweight

"F" Bomb Paperweight

This is definitely one F bomb that you wouldn't want to drop (especially on your foot)! "F" Bomb Paperweight ($50)... [More]

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Amber Business Card Holder

We sure you're already a master of handing your business card to people in an impressive way, so we'd like to offer you the icing on the cake, if not the gilding on the lily: this business card case made from a mosaic of amber... [More]

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Sushi Erasers

Sushi Erasers

For the sushi lover in you, the Sushi Erasers are a great way to erase those mistakes (on paper only). Not the one night stand mistake after a drunken night of sushi and sake.... [More]

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Karton Barnyard Method Ram

Storing your yarn and knitting notions anywhere other than this Karton Barnyard Method Ram ($72) is a baa-a-a-a-d idea. Of course, you can fill this sheepish shelf with anything you'd like - the super high grade corrugated paper board is strong stuff.... [More]

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Love Bunnies Ring Holder

It's convenient that this Love Bunnies Ring Holder ($12) actually has some functionality, because we'd be buying it one way or another given its high adorableness factor. Now we can say we have a reason for purchasing it. Just like we also now have a... [More]

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See Jane Work Fabric Thumbtacks

We're sure there's a way to make these Fabric Thumbtacks ($8) on our own for cheaper, but our DIY-fu is not that strong. We see pricked fingers and lots of swearing in our future if we attempt to make 'em, so we'll just open our... [More]

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Drop Coat Rack

In another life, we have artistic talent and are fabulous painters. It's the same life where we live in an open, well lit studio in a major city and survive on coffee and cigarettes. That life calls for the Drop Coat Rack ($88) in one... [More]

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Button Magnets

These porcelain Button Magnets ($25) are so chic and sophisticated! They've made us realize that it might be time to get rid of the rubber Vegas magnet and the brightly colored alphabet letters that are holding takeout menus to our fridge. Does this mean we're... [More]

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Drawer Decor

Oh, oh OH! We are having an organization orgasm. Would you LOOK at these kitchen drawers?! Never have we seen such beauty, such functionality, such pretty colors in our funky kitchen drawers! Drawer Decor ($25) is set up so simply - you cut a mat... [More]

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Grid It Wrap

Ever since we got our Grid It, we've found unlimited uses when we're on the road. It's great for organizing everything from makeup to the unreasonable number of charges we always carry and anything in between. Now we're adding the Grid It Wrap ($50) to... [More]

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Urban City Bike Shelves

Nice rack! Or...maybe we mean nice shelf! But that just doesn't have the same ring to it. And since it's both, we're just gonna stick with the vaguely sexual one. That's how we roll. Urban City Bike Shelves ($149)... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Affordable Leather Pen Case for Stephanie

Stephanie writes:I saw this on the partner site Uncrate and I love it! Structured, luxurious leather, just the right size...But it's a bit expensive... Can you help me find some cheaper alternatives? Thanks very much for your help! Magzilla on your case. HA! Get it?... [More]


PIIIIG Modular Piggy Bank

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home... this big ol' PIIIIG Modular Piggy Bank ($16) ate so many coins that it needed a secondary bank section put in. It's like the opposite of Lap-Band Surgery. When your piggy gets too full,... [More]

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Jonathan Adler Pop Piggy Bank

Even though we fancy ourselves grown ups who do grown up things like maintain a secure savings account, we still long for the tangibility of money-saving through more childish venues. We'll delegate our savings account to hold our bucks for the super important things, like... [More]

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Knock Knock Takeout Menu Organizer

It's time for us to face the sad truth. The Takeout Menu Organizer ($15) from Knock Knock is a complete necessity in our lives. We try--oh, we try--but we seem to have more takeout menus floating around our kitchen than we do cookbooks. There's only... [More]

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