Weird Old Snail iPad Organizer

If you don't have a purse large enough for your iPad, why not turn your iPad case into a purse? Okay, it's not a purse exactly, but this iPad Organizer ($38) will hold your tablet safe and snug in its felt folds, and the additional... [More]

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Augustus iPhone Case

Given that this Augustus iPhone Case ($25) looks like an unwrapped chocolate bar, we totally want it (and a chocolate bar, for that matter - but there's nothing unusual about that). The fact that it's named after the chocolate-loving Willy Wonka character is what makes... [More]

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2me style Headphones

These Italian-designed 2me style Headphones ($36) may not improve your phone's sound quality any more than your current earbuds do, but they sure look nicer! Besides, when you're wearing buds at the gym, you're half listening to your playlist, and half eavesdropping on the conversation... [More]

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KidSafe Smart Phone Cover

Hundreds of dollars on age-appropriate toys guaranteed to occupy and educate, and what do they always find to play with? Your phone, of course. At this point, you've resigned yourself to it, downloaded a buncha kid-friendly apps, and handed over the iPhone. Now keep it... [More]

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eyn iPhone Case with Storage

While it won't be helpful to all of you cutting-edge techies who got the new iPhone when it was released, this eyn iPhone Case with Storage ($40) is pretty much just what we've been looking for when it comes to our iPhone 4s. It's got... [More]

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Mr. Spock Ear iPhone Case

What are you really looking for in a phone case? Durability? Impact resistance? Or sheer, unadulterated nerdiness? You'll get that last one, at least, when you pick up this Mr. Spock Ear iPhone Case ($37). Stroll around town chatting to your mates and enjoy the... [More]

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Button iPhone Case

Even though there aren't technically any buttons in sight, we're going to give a pass to the Button iPhone Case ($22). It's cute as a button, and that's what counts. Well, that, and functionality. It opens up to reveal an easy pocket for your phone... [More]

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Growler on Board BTU

Transporting precious cargo? No, we're not talking about infants. We're talking about that growler full of microbrewed gold you just got filled up. Do you really want that nectar getting tossed around in your trunk or backseat, taking the chance that it might smash against... [More]

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Reusable Wood Six Pack Carrier

The homebrewers among us are admitted snobs. After all the work that goes into a batch of finely crafted ale, the last thing we want to do is show up to a party carrying it in the cardboard holder of a six pack of Coors.... [More]

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Portable Magnetic Speaker

Need to rock out with big sound? The Portable Magnetic Speaker ($24) clips easily to fabric and brings the tunes with you where ever you need to go. No need to jury-rig your stereo system to play in the backyard. Attach it to your outdoor... [More]

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Evernote Smart Notebook

We swear, our minds were read this weekend while we lamented the fact that half of our shopping list was written on the back of a junk mail envelope and the other half was in a nice, orderly list in our Evernote app. The Evernote... [More]

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Blunt Umbrella

Sometimes it seems like umbrellas are a cruel joke. Sure, they might keep you dry if you step outside in a light summer shower, but add any sort of truly inclement weather, and that piece of crap turns inside out on you faster you can... [More]

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Type n Walk App

We just drastically reduced our chances of taking a humiliating faceplant on the sidewalk on our way to work. The Type n Walk App ($1) uses your iPhone's camera to project what's before you onto our screen while you text incessantly. Bonus? You could totally... [More]

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Leaf Peepr App

It's inevitable. Fall is almost here. We know because the tree by our front door has started turning a bright shade of orange. While we'll mourn the long summer days, we're psyched to once again witness the brilliance of fall colors. With our newly downloaded... [More]

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Nasty Clamp

The name is questionable, and the object itself looks just a smidge phallic, but all in all, we see how useful the Nasty Clamp ($44) could be. This tripod will clamp onto just about anything, and if the angle isn't 100% right, you can tweak... [More]

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Mini Boombox MP3 Speaker

Thank goodness for technological advances. Attaching this Mini Boombox MP3 Speaker ($34) to an iPhone is so much easier than carrying our tunes around in a heavy boombox. We're amazed we don't see forty-year-olds walking around with one shoulder lower than the other.... [More]

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Xshot Camera Extender

Don't think that you're fooling anyone - when you snap a picture of yourself, we all know. It doesn't matter if you're looking away casually into the distance. The foreshortened arm is a dead giveaway. That is, unless you're making use of this Xshot Camera... [More]

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mophie Juice Pack Pro

Sure, the mophie Juice Pack Pro ($130) isn't the cutest case we've ever brought you, but it's probably the toughest. It protects your iPhone against rain, dust, sand, and falls. Plus, the case contains an auxiliary battery pack. If you've got wilderness adventures planned, we're... [More]

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Wine Sack

We're calling this our "weekend purse". It won't hold our phones, wallets, makeup or other generally necessary goodies, but it does accommodate three liters of wine perfectly. Just yank the bag out of the box of your choice and fit the tap through the airtight... [More]

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The Clutch for iPad

Instead of seeking out a purse that fits your iPad, why not find an iPad case that fits the things you usually carry in your purse? The Clutch for iPad ($90) has a separate zippered compartment that features secure pockets and slots for cash, cards,... [More]

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