SpareOne Emergency Phone

Add another item to your emergency kit: a spare phone! The SpareOne Emergency Phone ($100) runs on an AA battery for up to ten hours of talk time, has room for a SIM card (for important numbers), and features a one-touch emergency button (with the... [More]

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10-Gruppen Computer Cover

While there are a gazillion laptop sleeves to choose from, there are few that raise the bar quite like the 10-Gruppen Computer Cover ($54, on sale). The design is simple, the pattern is bold, and the fabric is magic. Okay, not magic. But oilcloth comes... [More]

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Cord Tacos

Well, color us impressed! These simply-designed Cord Tacos ($26 for two large and three small) serve a big purpose. Okay, tucking in our headphones and charger cords isn't high on the list of priorities when you consider things like world peace, but it is necessary... [More]

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We've seen a lot of gloves on the market with specially designed finger pads that make it possible to use your touch-screen devices without risking frostbite. But what if you like the ones you've already got, gosh darn it? Then we suggest hitting those index... [More]

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Gummy Bears Earbud Headphones

No, these Gummy Bears Earbud Headphones ($12) aren't edible... just adorable! Available in blue, red, and green.... [More]

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Gizmon iCa iPhone 5 Case

Sure, there are lots of phone cases that look like cameras for that old-school vibe, and there are lots of phone accessories that might make your iPhone more like a camera, but the Gizmon iCa Case ($60) is really the only thing out there that... [More]

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The iPhone Shutter Remote

We use our iPhone cameras for about 99.7 percent of our photography, so it's time to invest in some upgrades. First up, we totally need the iPhone Shutter Remote ($40) from Belkin. It makes taking group shots and selfies a breeze. Just prop your phone... [More]

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Grey Wool Felt MacBook Pro Sleeve

We get it. After paying a BUTTLOAD for your MacBook Pro, the last thing you want to do is shell out a ton of money for a case. But AppleCare or not, you're going to want to keep your new baby protected. The Grey Wool... [More]

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Danish Bicycle Bell

It's almost time to dust off the ol' bike for spring riding. But before you get going, check the chains and wheels and update your bell! The Danish Bicycle Bell ($65) is as simple and sturdy as they come. What's more, each one is made... [More]

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Leopard Print iPhone 4 Case

A raccoon's tail... a leopard's coat... and a mouse's ears... The Leopard Print iPhone 4 Case ($13) turns your phone into a Frankenstein's monster of the cutest animals in the fashion world! Furry, trendy, and able to protect your phone from disastrous falls!... [More]

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Mona Leia iPhone Case

Long ago, one particular woman captured the hearts of all who saw her, intriguing and mystifying the world. And then there was the Mona Lisa. This iPhone case ($35) combines both those leading ladies in one format.... [More]

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Kitty Hepburn iPhone Case

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most revered actresses in American cinema, but can she do a standing jump to the top of the refrigerator? Kitty Hepburn can! The Kitty Hepburn iPhone Case ($26) for iPhone 5 improves on an icon. Though can we just... [More]

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Motel Multiple Roses iPad Case

The Motel Multiple Roses iPad Case ($19) is what grandma puts her iPad in when she's not FaceTiming with her boyfriend. With cushioned embroidery and a silk lining, this old-fashioned holder can also double as an oven mitt! (No, it can't.)... [More]

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Needlepoint Kindle Case

Have you given up actual ink and paper for the push-button convenience of the e-reader world? At least recapture a touch of that old-school spirit by wrapping your tech in this Needlepoint Kindle Case ($40). It looks just like something Grandma might have embroidered to... [More]

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Teavana Tea Voyager Travel Kit

Make suffering through mediocre tea a thing of the past. With this Tea Voyager Travel Kit ($25), you can bring your favorite infusions with you on the road. Skip the Lipton in the Best Western breakfast line and make yourself a cup of your own... [More]

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Stash iPad Sleeve

Sure, it was cool to whip out an iPad back in 2010 when about eight people actually had the things. But these days, you're not going to strike tech envy into the hearts of many with your fancy brushed-aluminum toy. You might, however, get them... [More]

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Grey Wool Cat iPhone Case

We're pretty sure that, short of training a puppy to carry it around for you, there is no cuter way to sport your smartphone than with this Grey Wool Cat iPhone Case ($19). And the combination of soft wool and a nylon zipper means your... [More]

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SurfacePad for iPhone

It's highly unlikely that you're walking around without a case on your iPhone, since there are enough options out there that you could use a different fig leaf for your gadget every day of the year. However, if you're still searching for the right one,... [More]

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Chair Cell Phone Holders

These Chair Cell Phone Holders ($5 for three) are shown in an office context, but we think you should take phone stacking to the next level and make you and your friends' phones all get a meal or a couple of drinks together at the... [More]

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Charity Miles App

It's February, which means our New Year's resolution motivation has almost completely fizzled out. If you're in need of a little push, too, download the Charity Miles App (FREE). The more you walk, bike, or run, the more a corporate sponsor will donate to the... [More]

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