lulujo Reversible Muslin Swaddling Blanket

What is this tingling sensation we're feeling in our ovaries?! Looking at this sweet snoozing babe all swaddled in a super soft lulujo muslin blanket ($20) is crumbling our resolves to resist baby fever. Must. Look. Away!... [More]

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The Ollie Swaddle

It's hard not to look at The Ollie Swaddle ($48) and think that it's kind of a cute-looking baby straitjacket. We guess the two are similar in a way, except that babies love the feeling they get from having their arms pinned close to their... [More]

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Sheep Organic Baby Shoes

It seems that the interpretation of the 2015 Lunar New Year's animal varies from sheep to goat to ram, so we suggest just picking one furry animal and sticking with it. Sheep are the cutest, and look darling on new baby items, like these Sheep... [More]

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Homecoming Gift Box

As a baby shower attendee, we usually come bearing gifts for the unborn babe. But by the end of the party, those babies usually have a bigger wardrobe than mom, and most of the onesies will probably be only worn a handful of times before... [More]

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Stunt Marble Maze

For the love of all that is good in the world (and most of all, for your own sanity), you're willing to spend any amount of cashola on an item or two that'll keep your kids occupied for more than thirty seconds at a time.... [More]

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Pinky the Piglet Towel

Gah! Even if you think one of your super powers is being immune to the cuteness of children, you have to admit that a little in this Pinky the Piglet Towel ($26) from Zoocchini is pretty stinkin' adorable. We won't tell anyone about the crack... [More]

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Bentgo Kids Lunch Box

While you're shocked that your kiddo made it this far into the school year before breaking/losing his lunch box, you knew you'd have to replace it eventually. This Bentgo Kids Lunch Box ($28) is a good second investment. Like a traditional bento box, it's got... [More]

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Good Sir Onesie

Why is it so darn funny to pretend that babies think and speak like accented British gentleman? (We're going to go ahead and assume it's because of Stewie Griffin.) Toss in a poop joke and this Good Sir Onesie ($17) hits all the right childish... [More]

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7 A.M. Enfant Nido Quilted Wrap

Hello, cozy! This 7 A.M. Enfant Nido Quilted Wrap ($60) looks like something you'd bring to an Antarctic expedition. A car seat-friendly design means you don't have to unwrap your baby to get them in or out of the car. Plus, watching those little quilted... [More]

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Spherovelo Rider

Anybody else kind of want someone to make a version of this Spherovelo Rider ($99) for grown-ups? This funky toddler cruiser gives us the kind of toy envy we haven't had since Power Wheels debuted the pink Barbie Jeep. With spheres instead of wheels, this... [More]

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Baby Bjorn Baby Cradle

There's no escaping a newborn. Babies that constantly need to either eat or sleep have to stick close to mom, and that means either living in the nursery, strapping the little monsters on, or enjoying some remaining shred of personal liberty by way of this... [More]

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Voice Book Storyteller

Won't it be great when we can completely outsource parenting to an android? Just imagine: every time you just want to sit uninterrupted in the bathroom for five minutes, you could just activate the Mombot and let it take care of the incessant requests for... [More]

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Peanut Diaper Changer

Safe, sturdy, soft, and non-toxic, the Peanut Diaper Changer ($99) by Keekaroo looks quite different from your standard changing pad, but it's loads better for changing loaded diapers. It features a slip resistant base, mold resistant material, and a water (or other bodily fluids!) resistant... [More]

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organicKidz Baby Grows Up Set

Being a mom is a recipe for becoming a paranoid wreck. The latest cause for staring sleeplessly at your ceiling? BPA-free plastics might be harmful to kids. Give yourself a fraction more peace of mind by switching your precious little dumpling over to this organicKidz... [More]

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Mariana the Anglerfish Plush Toy

Say goodbye to stuffed teddy bears and kittens and penguins. Those docile animals are so boring. Lauren Venell's plush Mariana the Anglerfish ($40) will teach your kiddos about the mysterious (and ruthless) creatures of the deep sea. The anglerfish, one of the most well-known, famously... [More]

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Spy X Recon Kit

Looking for more ways for your offspring to invade your privacy? Pick them up this Spy X Recon Kit ($50). With a voice scrambler, motion alarm, recon watch, and pint-sized night vision binoculars, it's sure to have your little people blowing off bedtime to engage... [More]

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Hangry Snapsuit

You think you get grumpy and mad when you haven't eaten in a few hours? Try being a baby. They're always screaming for food. Warn innocent bystanders of a potential hangry meltdown by putting junior in this Hangry Snapsuit ($20) from Wrybaby. He's pretty much... [More]

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Pre-Packed Labor Bag

By the time you make it to late pregnancy, you're ready to evict that kiddo who is taking up way more than his or her fair share of your real estate. You've got a million and one things left to do before labor starts, including... [More]

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Lemon Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Kit

The munchkins were bored with their Christmas gifts by January 2nd (grrr!) and the endless winter still stretches out ahead of you. Short of kicking them out of the house daily to populate the yard with snow people, you've got to distract them with indoor... [More]

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So-Ro Contemporary Baby Cradle

Why should spawning mean giving up on your chic standards of home decor? Just because you've chosen to reproduce doesn't mean you want your house filled with things shaped like rabbits or awful jungle print fabric. This So-Ro Contemporary Baby Cradle ($399) is as sophisticated... [More]

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