Lifeline Power Wheel

Pow-pow-power wheel, pow-pow-power wheel... Sadly, the Lifeline Power Wheel ($50) is not a battery-operated children's vehicle, but it is pretty exciting in its own right. This one special wheel comes with a variety of suggested exercises that target various body parts like abs, hips, arms,... [More]

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Bodyism's Clean and Lean Beauty Food Supplement

You're careful to get your beauty sleep, but are you getting your beauty food? Yeah, we aren't either - turns out we can only stomach so much kale before we start craving cheeseburgers. This Beauty Food Supplement ($70) makes it a little easier to reach... [More]

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Yoga Wipes

Every time you roll up your mat after Bikram class, you're essentially creating a giant sweat-filled yoga burrito. (Is your zen totally harshed now? Sorry.) Solution? Throw a canister of these Yoga Wipes ($26) into your bag and give your mat a quick wipe down... [More]

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Mayron's Goods Ouch Stuff

We're not entirely sure that Mayron's Goods Ouch Stuff ($16) isn't just a placebo, but as far as placebos go, it's an amazing one. Cuts, scrapes, and other boo boos are no bother with this minty ointment. Rub it on your injuries and you'll be... [More]

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Shrink Session Workout

So often we work out our bodies without giving any consideration to our minds. For legitimate wellness, your mental and physical health must be interconnected. Shrink Session ($99) - pun almost certainly intended - is a downloadable workout plan that provides you ample cardio, as... [More]

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Stamina Elliptical Trainer

Sitting all day is a recipe for getting unhealthy, yet that's exactly what you have to do five days a week at the office. Why not sneak in some exercise while sitting at your desk? Hide the Stamina Elliptical Trainer ($119) in your workspace and... [More]

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Powerline Glute Max Trainer

You'll never get a date with Sir Mix-A-Lot with that sorry ass. Add some definition to your posterior by training with the Powerline Glute Max Trainer ($410). Short daily workouts of your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings on this machine will have your behind looking toned... [More]

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Keep Calm and Carry On Bandages

Keep calm?! How do you expect her to keep calm when she has blood dripping out of her knee right now?! Oh, we see, you're making a joke about these Keep Calm and Carry On Bandages ($8). That phrase is still all the rage on... [More]

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.54.13 AM.png

Spa Body Massager

What is this bulbous freak of nature? Have no fear, it's not a mutated cow udder, it's a Spa Body Massager ($10). Rub this odd device over your aching and tired body and enjoy the relief. The less you think about it looking like a... [More]

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Coughing and Screaming Lung Ashtray

What's worse: being a smoker or an asshole? If you hate the former and don't mind being the latter, the Coughing and Screaming Lung Ashtray ($7) might just be the thing you need when chain-smoking guests come for a visit. When friends tap their cigarettes... [More]

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Rattan Meditation Chair

Just because the goal of meditating is to lose yourself in your thoughts doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable while you do it. Reach a higher consciousness in luxury on the Rattan Meditation Chair ($329). With a thick, supportive cushion shaped precisely for cross-legged... [More]

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Verilux Rise + Shine Natural Wake-Up Light

Instead of an obnoxious alarm clock, we'd like to have trained birds slowly sing us awake. Since we're neither rich nor a Disney princess, however, we've sought out a different alternative: the Verilux Rise + Shine Natural Wake-Up Light ($100). Gradually, the no-alarm alarm device... [More]

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You didn't believe that you snored when your first boyfriend mentioned it to you. You didn't believe it again coming from your second boyfriend either. But now that you've had a long string of bedmates*, it's hard to ignore the frequent complaint: you snore. It's... [More]

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Sunscreen Bands

You're super strict about making sure everyone slathers on the sunscreen before heading outside for the day, but once you're out there having fun, it's easy to forget to reapply every two to three hours. Invest in some Sunscreen Bands ($12 per 10 pack) -... [More]

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Purple Yantra Mat

As if you aren't already feeling sore enough after doing yoga, here's a mat that will give you an extra kick of pain. The Purple Yantra Mat ($49) allows exercisers to get an acupuncture-like treatment while they stretch. Featuring over 200 "spiked flowers," the mat's... [More]

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Polar FT1

If your cardio workouts aren't yielding the results you were hoping for, perhaps it's because you're not being tough enough on yourself. There's only one way to know whether your exercise is actually getting the job done: monitoring your heart rate. The Polar FT1 ($70)... [More]

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Stereo Bluetooth Sports Neck-Band Headphone with Microphone

We have enough trouble trying to pull off having a conversation from the toilet without having the person on the other end of the phone figuring it out. Therefore, we're extra impressed when someone can continue full on exercising while making a phone call. With... [More]

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7 Minute Workout Challenge App

This past New Year's, you promised yourself you'd start working out at least half an hour a day. Alas, that went out the window before the calendar turned to February. Who has a free 30 minutes? But seven minutes... yeah, you could find seven minutes... [More]

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Monbento Positive Green Bottle

Optimism doesn't come in a can, but the Monbento Positive Green Bottle ($19) does its best to give you a cheerful viewpoint. Playing on the old "glass half full" idiom, the design blocks out the top half so you literally can't see the portion that's... [More]

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Apothecary Sleep Sniff Box

Short of being sung a lullaby, the Apothecary Sleep Sniff Box ($10) is probably the gentlest way to fall asleep. Skip those sketchy sleeping pills and use your nose to help you drift off. Filled with lavender, chamomile, and neroli essential oils, the aromatherapy package... [More]

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