Calm Balance Smelling Salts

If you're a fan of classic literature, then we're sure you've heard about smelling salts, their magical fragrance capable of reviving you after even the most dramatic swoon. These Calm Balance Smelling Salts ($22) are, thankfully, something completely different. We say thankfully because real smelling... [More]

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Keep Running Medals Rack

First and foremost, your prize for running is knowing that if a giant T-Rex suddenly invades the land, you'd probably be less likely to be dino-meal than the rest of us doomed, lazy people. It makes all the medals you're going to hang on this... [More]

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ZarBee's Naturals Cough & Throat Relief Daytime Drink

Parents have long sung the praises of ZarBee products for providing safe and natural cold and flu relief for their littles, but what happens when you get sick? Don't slog through your days feeling like a hoarse space cadet who can't talk, breathe, or think... [More]

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Fountain The Happy Molecule

A liquid that magically melts away stress? Sign us up! The pineapple-flavored Happy Molecule supplement ($33) contains solubilized gamma-aminobutyric acid and curcumin to calm your mind and relax your body at the end of a long day. Just mix two teaspoons with your favorite beverage... [More]

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Childhood obesity is on the rise, and we all know the right diet is key to keeping your youngsters happy. But if your offspring are among the 56% of children who refuse to eat anything but pizza, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese sandwiches, there's always... [More]

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eKO Mat

You're the queen of the Bikram studio, showing off your sculpted biceps while you sweat your way through your sequences. It's all perfectly designed to catch the eye of that glistening stud muffin holding a sexy Warrior II across the room - until your mat... [More]

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Decompress Herb Drops

Reconfiguring your life to help manage stress can be a long process. There are a lot of yoga classes between Stressy Bessy you and the new and more relaxed you. To aid your journey, you can try out these all-natural Decompress Herb Drops ($27) from... [More]

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You love falling asleep to soothing New Age soundscapes. Your husband thinks New Age soundscapes are a product of the KGB invented for torturing confessions out of political prisoners. Thankfully, there's a compromise that doesn't involve sailing away into separate bedrooms. The Dreampad ($179) turns... [More]

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Style Rx 7-Day Pill Case

Getting old - it's a bummer! We thought we were awesome because we remembered to take a multi-vitamin a few times a week, but then the doc asked about our our Vitamin D consumption and wondered what we were doing for extra iron and calcium.... [More]

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Does counting calories make you want to hide your head in a bucket? Come back into the light and swap all that painstaking measuring and calculating for a chat with a real human being committed to guiding you toward your goals. The Rise app ($15... [More]

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Squatty Potty Toilet Stool in Tao Bamboo

Today, we're going to talk about poo. Whether you're blessed with a cheerfully functioning digestive process or suffer from some less-than-pleasant bowel-related troubles, a change in position while moving things along could do you a world of good. Turns out Nature never intended for you... [More]

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News flash: just because something comes in a liquid form doesn't mean it's calorie-free. Sadly, wine falls squarely into this category, delivering more than its fair share of sugar per ounce. These Wine-Trax ($25, set of 2) glasses at least make it easy for you... [More]

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Withings Aura

As any insomniac or new parent will tell you, sleep is the best. When you're getting less than a perfect night's rest, it can mean the difference between being your perky, productive usual self or a moody, lethargic beast. The Withings Aura ($300) is a... [More]

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Pink Rose Floral Band Aids

Regular bandages are too... bland, but the ones with Frozen characters on them that have permeated the corner drugstore market? Not really your style. How 'bout a compromise? The Pink Rose Floral Band Aids ($17) will keep your wound covered and safe while also adding... [More]

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Citron Tea (Yujacha)

We were perusing Jin Soon's website looking for fall nail colors when we came across this Korean herbal tea ($12). The jelly-like consistency is what first caught our attention, but the tea's reputation for preventing colds, staving off fatigue, and soothing sore throats is what... [More]

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Winter: The season of chill winds, fashionable layers, and Vitamin D deficiency. Shorter days make getting enough sun all the more important. The SunSprite ($149) tracks your exposure to visible and UV light, syncing with your iPhone to let you know if you need to... [More]

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SKLZ Accuball

Ever been so tied up with back and neck pain, you contemplated stealing a slobbery tennis ball from your dog just to loosen things up? This SKLZ Accuball ($20) is a far less slimy option, specially designed to help release knotted muscles. Two distinct densities... [More]

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High Desert Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

Yoga is all about transcending ordinary consciousness, expanding your perception, and connecting you with the omniscient and all-loving mind of the universe. What better place to practice it than on this trippy High Desert Magic Carpet Yoga Mat ($89)?... [More]

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The Yoga Deck

Mix a little chance into your workout routine. Instead of sticking to that boring old sequence, pull a few cards from The Yoga Deck ($13). Each one details a traditional position, outlining its benefits and detailing how to wriggle yourself into it. You might end... [More]

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Yellow Banana Yoga Bag

It's important that this Yellow Banana Yoga Bag ($45) distinguishes itself as yellow. It probably wouldn't be as appealing if it was a spotted-about-to-turn-brown banana yoga bag. Which should remind you to grab one of those from your fruit bowl before heading out to your... [More]

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