Meal Measure

It never fails to amaze us that the amount of food we're actually supposed to be eating is so darned small. We'll put carefully weighed portions onto our plates - then heap on a few extra spoonfuls because the tiny piles of green beans and... [More]

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BILLY BOY Condom Funpack

What is it about buying condoms that turns us into 7th graders again? We're grown women, and even we get awkward slipping a box of rubbers into the grocery cart (hidden under the bananas and sandwich bags, no less). You too? Discreetly order one of... [More]

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Nordic Naturals ProOmega Soft Gels

So you'd love to eat salmon every day, but you suspect your husband would eventually overthrow your reign in the kitchen (not necessarily a bad thing) and start making man-friendly meals of pizza and steak. Your next option for getting your fish oils in? A... [More]

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Jivamukti China Gel

We hear that Jivamukti China Gel ($17) doubles as a tiny topical A/C. Rub a little of this cooling gel onto the back of your neck, your arms, or the small of your back to keep cool during sweaty gym sessions, trips to the county... [More]

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BAND-AID Active Friction Block Stick

We'll let you in on a little secret. Not only does the BAND-AID Active Friction Block Stick ($6) place a protective barrier between our feet and our prettiest shoes (that, unfortunately, are capable of producing blisters the size of quarters), it also prevents thigh chafing.... [More]

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Sip N' Go Collapsible Water Bottle

We look for every excuse we can to avoid exercising. Our shoes aren't good enough. It's cloudy. We know we need to stay hydrated, but we don't want to drag a water bottle along for our stroll run. With this Sip N' Go Collapsible Water... [More]

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Ouch! Aches and Pains Body Cream

Remember when you were feeling overly ambitious and you took kickboxing and yoga back-to-back at the gym? You'll regret it less if you rub a little Ouch! Aches and Pains Body Cream ($12) into your sore muscles. You'll regret it even less if you get... [More]

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Digital Cordless Jumping Rope

Ladies, we are having a major fitness revelation right now. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this Digital Cordless Jumping Rope ($16). We know that jumping rope torches a ton of calories, and we actually think it's pretty fun, but it seems like... [More]

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zinni by Garnet Hill Yoga Mat

Let's be honest. The real reason we do yoga isn't just for the increased flexibility, or the sense of well-being, or even the toned legs we've been building. We mean, those are nice and all... but the real reason we go is to check out... [More]

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25oz S'well Bottle

We told you about the S'well Bottle quite a while ago, and while it's worth reminding you about this stylish reusable water bottle that will keep your beverages cold for twenty-four hours, it's even more exciting to show you the new and improved version. Girls,... [More]

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lifefactory Flip Top Cap Glass Bottle

We've known that lifefactory makes a damn fine baby bottle for some time now, but it was only recently that we bought ourselves one of their adult flip top cap bottles ($23). The silicone sleeves come in vibrant colors and do a stand-up job of... [More]

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Okay, so it's obviously designed for eleven-year-olds. But we're the ones who need a plate designed for smaller portions, as well as a blaring reminder of just what proportions of grains, proteins, and veggies should compose our meals. That's why we're going to pick up... [More]

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Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Successfully getting our butts out of bed and helping us achieve our toned bicep dreams? Talk about killing two birds with one stone. This Dumbbell Alarm Clock ($20) keeps on blaring until you've repeated enough reps to convince it to shut off. As long as... [More]

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The Original 100 Calorie Wineglass

We're finally letting it sink in that wine is not a zero-calorie beverage. If we want to make sure our drinking habits don't completely throw our dieting efforts out of the window, we should probably start employing The Original 100 Calorie Wineglass ($10), which marks... [More]

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CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand

We can use hand sanitizer until the skin on our palms dissolves and falls off - the world will still be full of nasty germs. But this CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand ($40) uses UV-C light to kill viruses, bacteria, and even some fungi. With it,... [More]

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Help Remedies Packs

Feeling nauseous? Running that last marathon left you with a blister or two? Or maybe you've got a friend with chest congestion and want to lend a hand? These Help Remedies Packs ($4 each) contain the cure for whatever ails you - generally cutely packaged... [More]

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David Kirsch Pre-Party Nosh-Nixing Kit

With summer comes bikinis. With bikinis come pool parties. With pool parties come barbeques. With barbeques come guacamole, salsa, bean dip, wings, pigs in a blanket, egg salad, and worst of all, beer. Annnnnd that brings us back to the bikinis. With all that food... [More]

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Sling Mat Bag

Come on. The real reason we all do yoga isn't for the fitness, or the toned bum, or the willowy figure. It's for the accessories. For the mat, the bag, and the workout clothes. And the chance to talk like a yogi. Sling Mat Bag... [More]

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Grether's Blackcurrant Pastilles

Allergy season is in full swing and cold season is still lingering (to our dismay) which means a double whammy of sore throats, coughs, and postnasal itchiness. Black currants have been used for centuries to alleviate those irritations, so it's only natural they would be... [More]

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Leopard Print Yoga Mat

OMMM, OMMMM, OhMaGosh this Leopard Print Yoga Mat ($21) is our most favoritest yoga thing we've bought in a long time. We love the wild animal print! This is definitely coming to hot yoga.... [More]

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