Asus Seashell Netbook

It’s been a while since a computer made us do that embarrassing high-pitched squeal (don’t deny it, you do it too), but the Asus EeePC Seashell ($409) brought it out of us. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s compact, it’s easy to use, and ooh-la-la it’s... [More]

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Leica M8.2 Rangefinder Digital Camera

We come across a lot of digital cameras here, but few match the performance and elegance (and price tag) of cameras made by the German company Leica. The retro-cool Leica M8.2 Rangefinder Digital Camera ($5,995, lens sold separately) is a hand-crafted, all-metal, minimalist gem that... [More]

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Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Camera

The Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Camera is the ultimate vacation camera . . . we are envisioning a sexy snorkling or scuba diving photo shoot with this compact and completely waterproof gadget. The features don't end there, friends . . . it's got an impressive... [More]

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Flip Video Camcorder

We used to think that video cameras were only something our dads used, but these new-fangled Flip Video Ultra Series II Camcorders ($150) have caught our eye! They’re pocket (or purse) sized, come in an array of colors and are incredibly user-friendly. After you’ve shot... [More]

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Dozi Paperclip Holder

This little Dozi Paperclip Holder ($24) looks adorable on our desk next to our pics of family and friends, favorite coffee mugs, and even our not-so-secret girly magic eight ball (for down time of course, never major decisions!). This little orange hedgehog brings a smile... [More]

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Sansa SlotRadio Giveaway!

It's that time of the month again, folks... (No, no, not that!) Time for another Sansa SlotRadio giveaway! We told you about the awesomeness that is the SlotRadio before, during our first giveaway before Father's Day. It's an Mp3 player-slash-FM radio that makes summer playlists... [More]

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Earth Angel

We can think of a ton of reasons you should own the Earth Angel ($97) - the first hand-crank (go green!) vibrator. Here’s our list: No electricity = better for the environment. It’s less conspicuous when going through airport security. Take it camping (because really,... [More]

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Porcelain Igloo Night Light

This gorgeous handcrafted Porcelain Igloo Night Light ($175) from J. Schatz makes us want to be afraid of the dark every night. During the day it looks like a pretty little sculpture, but in the evening it throws a beautiful warm glow throughout your room.... [More]

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Davey Nutcracker

This little Davey Nut Cracker ($13) will make an adorable addition to your nest. Cast in stainless steel, he will match any décor and he’s tough enough to crack even the hardest nut. Movable tail and tiny paws just make us want to play…er…crack nuts... [More]

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Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

As America celebrates its birth, we think of the hardships suffered by the signers of the Declaration of Independence. And fireworks and hot dogs. Maybe not in that order. Imagine how much easier it would've been if they'd ditched the quill and ink and used... [More]

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SimpleTech [re]drive External Hard Drive

See, one of those little things about living in the information age, our lives are really tied up with computers. So if something happens to said computers...poof, we have no life. But that's why we make backups! (Wait, you are backing up, aren't you?) Well,... [More]

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Sony Rolly MP3 Player

OK, so technically it's an MP3 player, but we're not really sure we'd carry this one around in our pocket. Yeah, 'cause it, like, dances to music. The palm-sized, egg-shaped Sony Rolly ($230, black or white) is part disco ball, part colorful light show, part... [More]

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JBL/Roxy In-Ear Headphones

While they may not make the Rick Astley we're listening to any less cheesy, the DayGlo-colored JBL/Roxy Reference 250 In-Ear Headphones ($40) do bring a touch of the '80s to some very up-to-date technology. A tiny book-style microphone on the cord lets you take phone... [More]

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The Hourglass Coffee Maker

Call us crazy, but we often wonder how we can make a smooth cup of joe while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. Okay, so we made that up, but we got you thinking, right? Feast your earth-conscious eyes on The Hourglass Coffee... [More]

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Scandyna The Drop Speakers

When we saw Scandyna’s The Drop loudspeakers ($849, available for pre-order), we couldn’t help but break into goofy smiles. They look something like intergalactic space gnomes, and who doesn’t like seeing those ubiquitous little garden gnomes? The cabinets of these slick hi-fi units are made... [More]

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Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset

Can you hear me now? Well, uh, no. Navigating today's urban jungle can make chatting on the phone seem like one of those hearing exercises we used to do back in grade school. Was that a tone? Which hand do I raise? With its military-grade... [More]

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We love singing to ourselves in the mirror with a hairbrush, don’t you? So we flipped when we saw the iKaraoke ($50) from Urban Outfitters. Omg, it’s a microphone, processor, and FM transmitter that plugs into your iPod's docking port. When you press play it... [More]

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B&W Zeppelin iPod Speakers

Oh, the ingenuity! When it comes to iPod docks, we've seen 'em all, but the B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker system ($600) definitely caught our jaded eye. It’s not bad on the ears, too, as it easily fills a room with the rich, warm sound that... [More]

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Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray Player

It’s 2009 and we’re still not living the space-age future envisioned in 2001: A Space Odyssey (just say you saw it - nod, nod, wink, wink), but the new Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray player ($499) literally looks like it came from outer space. Or at least... [More]

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Ambient Orb

@Ojodeazul kindly tipped us off to the Ambient Orb ($150) as a seriously cool Father’s Day gadget gift. This glowing crystal ball gives you the latest stock information at a glance using quick, easy to grasp color patterns: yellow for calm markets, red or green... [More]

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