Fonera 2.0n Wi-Fi Router

The Wi-Fi router is probably the last thing any of us want to think about, but the Fonera 2.0n router ($99) offers something all of us like: free Wi-Fi. That's right, buy a Fonera 2.0n Wi-Fi router and gain free lifetime access to 700,000 (and... [More]

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Cedar Docking Station

Sometimes we wish we were handier when it comes to wiring stuff and actually making it work, but until we take that community course, we'll have to rely on others to create the electronics of our dreams. Take this Cedar iPhone/iPod Docking Station ($78)... [More]

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Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

We're frequently on the move, working on notebook/netbook computers, but using those small keyboards can be a hand-cramping, hair-pulling exercise in frustration. The new Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 ($90) is a strikingly thin ergonomic keyboard that offers comfort and portability for laptop road warriors.... [More]

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Cashmere Travel Set

Cashmere Travel Set

Ahhh....relax in luxurious comfort the next time you travel! Before you book your next vacation, you need to check out this Cashmere Travel Set ($300). This truly is the ultimate in comfort when it comes to any travel set we've come across thus far. This... [More]

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Barnes & Noble nook eBook Reader

Kindle, meet nook. Hey, Kindle, nook's got a color touchscreen. End of story. Okay, not really. We know Kindle's got a huge head start with this whole e-reader thing, but ye olde venerable bookseller Barnes & Noble has suddenly taken an outsized leap into the... [More]

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Fall 2009 Mac Updates

Today we watched with bated breath as Apple announced a slew of updates to their product line. So, on the eve of the holiday shopping season (yes, really), did Uncle Steve leave a lump of coal in our stocking or did he bequeath us with... [More]

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Magno Wooden Radio

In the era of iWhatevers and instant gratification media, it's nice to take a moment to appreciate real radio. We're loving the Magno Wooden Radio by Singgih Kartono, ($200) handmade in an Indonesian farming village. For each tree that the village uses in production of... [More]

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2B Radio

The 2B Radio ($350) broadcasts with a vintage sound that you can only get from, well, tubes. Get it? 2B Radio - Tube Radio. Yeah, pretty clever. With this baby you'll get the warm sound of bygones past with the updated mechanics that allow you... [More]

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Rubik's TouchCube

The Rubik's Cube is one of those relics from a bygone age of big hair and parachute pants, yet it's somehow managed to retain a kind of geek cachet. The plastic prism of pent-up youthful frustration really must possess some serious juju 'cause it's come... [More]

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Logitech Squeezebox Radio

Dedicated internet radio devices have been around for awhile now, but we think the new Logitech Squeezebox Radio ($200, available for pre-order) really strikes the right balance of price and features. It's a kick to listen to our Pandora radio stations or stream from some... [More]

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Logitech Notebook Kit

If you're one of those people who occasionally takes work home with you, or perhaps you work out of your home, chances are, you spend a bit of time on a laptop. Logitech's Notebook Kit ($100) may be of interest to you, as it not... [More]

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Microsoft Windows 7

We're one week away from the dawn of Windows 7 ($120, Home Premium upgrade). Cue the obligatory "Also Sprach Zarathustra." Are you gonna update? Or do you plan on white-knuckling it into the next decade with what you got? If this new release lives up... [More]

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AT&T Garmin nüvifone G60

Proof that eventually everything we do will be done with a cell phone -- let's not think about the possibilities -- the Garmin nüvifone G60 ($300 with a 2-year AT&T contract) is a touchscreen smartphone that doubles as a full-blown Garmin GPS navigator. Yep, just... [More]

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Vintage Telephone

Let's face it, it's just not comfortable lying on the couch with your smart phone tucked under your chin, and a blue tooth earpiece gives you nothing to play with while your discussing important issues. Twirl the cord of this Vintage Telephone ($210) around and... [More]

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Verizon Wireless Samsung Rogue Smartphone

Say what you will about the catchphrase "going rogue" (where have we heard that?), but the new Samsung Rogue from Verizon Wireless ($100 with 2-year contract) is aptly named. It's swimming against the tide. A tide of phones starting with a lower case "I," if... [More]

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VMWare Fusion 3

We've really dug those "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads the last couple years, but seriously, Mac and PC, can't we all just patch things up and get along already? Well, now that you mention it... Today's announcement of VMWare Fusion 3 ($80, available for... [More]

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Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers

These wireless times we're living in are fantastic, but now it seems we find ourselves living from battery charge to battery charge. Solar-powered gadgets are the next step toward a truly wireless world, and the Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers ($80) are a fun and... [More]

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Le Whif

We deeply considered bringing this to you as a Doubtblush item, but decided against it. Perhaps our inner crash-diet pageant diva came out, but we just thought "Chocolate? Without the calories? Bring it on!" Le Whif ($9) is - wait for it - inhalable chocolate.... [More]

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HP DreamScreen Multimedia Screen

Populate your home with one or more of the new HP DreamScreen Multimedia Screens ($230, 10" version) and you'll feel a little bit like the Jetsons. Without the robot maid. So, okay, we know the DreamScreen looks like one of those ubiquitous digital picture frames... [More]

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Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm

Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm

Charmed...we're sure! The Swarovski Studded Padlock USB Charm ($180) is a fabulous gift for the woman that truly has it all. She would, of course, love a Swarovski-studded padlock, which disguises a 1GB USB key to store essential photos, songs and other information. Believe it... [More]

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