Elecom PlayBrick Stereo Earphones

As you know, we heart Legos over here, and we think these headphones from Japan are another fun, unique way to bring 'em back for the grown-ups. These Elecom PlayBrick Stereo Earphones ($40) are pretty much the same as regular noise-canceling in-ear headphones but with... [More]

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Dell Adamo XPS

The newest geek eye candy du jour is the Dell Adamo XPS ($1799, pre-order), hailed as the thinnest laptop in this whole wide universe (or something like that) at just 0.4 inches. We're not sure where this obsession with ultra-thin is taking all of us,... [More]

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Kaz Steam Facial

The picture is horribly outdated (har-har), but trust us, the Kaz Steam Facial ($40) is one of the best home use steamers out there. We have friends, with beautiful glowing skin, that all swear by their Kaz. You simply place your face over the steam... [More]

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Yoshi Oshi Owl Charm Clock

We've been overcome by cute again. Perfect for a purse strap, a keyring, or maybe a zipper pull, this little owl clock charm from Yoshi Oshi ($13) seems to be taking the hours awfully seriously. If anyone could talk us into being on time for... [More]

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Flip MinoHD Camcorder

Better get ready for your closeup, 'cause the Flip MinoHD camcorder ($200, 60 min.) will capture your face time with sparkling high-definition clarity. The lightweight, ultra-portable MinoHD is customizable, too, meaning you can tart it up with designs from the Flip gallery or your own... [More]

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LG Chocolate BL40

You can't take a bite into the LG Chocolate BL40 phone, but we still think it's pretty delicious. LG played with the typical "candy bar" mobile phone form factor and came up with an elegant and unique extended shape for the BL40. With its eye-catching... [More]

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD

Call us crazy, but the new Dell Inspiron Zino HD (starting at $229) looks awfully familiar. But even if it were "inspired" by a certain mini computer, the Zino has enough pizazz -- and a rainbow of fruit flavors -- to help it escape the... [More]

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Chumby One Internet Clock Radio

The Chumby One just wants to be loved. And with a name like that, you'll either love this super-powered alarm clock...or hate it. The Chumby One ($100) might look like a toy, but its Web 2.0 razzle-dazzle is purely for the grownups. The Wi-Fi-enabled Chumby... [More]

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Butterfly USB Hub

Sure, you can't be bothered about USB hubs, of all things, but chances are you need one, or you have one already and it's just another plastic piece of nondescript desk clutter. So you ask, why not a USB hub in the shape of a... [More]

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Zadro Nano Wand

Wave the Zadro Nano Wand ($160) over telephones, doorknobs, hotel room surfaces and blast away those e-coli and flu bugs in seconds. UV light works to sanitize the area and help keep you infection free. Of course, your co-worker might not appreciate you waving your... [More]

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Verizon Motorola DROID Smartphone

The most-hyped phone since the iPhone officially launched today, and not surprisingly, it's already positioned itself as the anti-iPhone. While we'd like to see the dust from this heavyweight rumble settle before we jump to any conclusions, the features of the Verizon Motorola DROID ($150,... [More]

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Canon PowerShot S90 Digital Camera

Dressed up in "oh, I'm a serious artist" minimalist black, the Canon PowerShot S90 10MP Digital Camera ($430) may look like a complete bore, but get this powerful point-and-shoot in your hot little hands and you'll be the life of the party. The S90's claim... [More]

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Sony VAIO Signature Collection X Notebook

It's hard keeping track of all the different Sony VAIO notebook series, but there's one we've definitely had our eyes on. The Sony VAIO Signature Collection X Notebook ($1500, available for pre-order) is stunning at first glance. Barely registering on the scales at one-and-a-half pounds... [More]

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Scosche powerFUZE USB Charging Kit

Here's a little device you'd never think twice about but turns out to be handy in a pinch. It's called the Scosche powerFUZE USB Charging Kit ($30), and it's great for us gadget junkies who've always got one foot out the door. The powerFUZE is... [More]

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TwitterPeek Mobile Device

We love Twitter, but you knew that already, right? (If not, go to our Twitter page now!) Anyway, we've found a wee little tweeting toy that's got our Twitterfingers twitching with anticipation. The makers of the successful email-only device Peek are once again bucking the... [More]

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HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje

The HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje ($399) is this fall's follow-up to last year's glammed-up Vivienne Tam HP Digital Clutch netbook. This petite 10.1" netbook (opting for a muted Scandinavian color scheme this time around) is beautifully adorned with Tord Boontje's intricate designs... [More]

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USB Upright Vac Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

We've all been there: you're checking the internet in the a.m., (Of course, Outblush is your homepage!) noshing on some breakfast, and then... You realize you've scattered crumbs all over your desk. Whip out the USB Upright Vac Desktop Vacuum Cleaner ($15) and plug it... [More]

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Roku HD-XR

We've been seeing more and more devices (read: Blu-ray players) coming out that stream video from our beloved Netflix, but we're still fans of the Roku, the original Netflix streamer in the unassuming little black box. Now a new Roku has joined the family (yes,... [More]

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T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ

The aptly named Motorola CLIQ from T-Mobile ($199 pre-order with two-year service agreement) is all about the "clique." That sounds totally middle school. Pause. OK, now that that moment of self-awareness is over, let's check out the phone's totally awesome features. The CLIQ runs Google's... [More]

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GenevaLab Sound Speaker

Packing crystal-clear sound into a tiny package, the GenevaLab Small Sound Speaker offers up multifunctionality along with sleek Swiss design. It's got an iPod dock, FM digital tuner, stereo in-line port, LED alarm clock display, and a PowerDock to limit damage and dust exposure. Perched... [More]

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