Ora-Ïto's Gold Hard Drive

Let's see if we can get this straight. Ora-Ïto is the design label of Ito Morabito, French designer, who, at only 21 years old, made a ruckus in the marketing and design worlds by creating fake products and advertisements for Mac and Louis Vuitton and... [More]

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Speakal iPanda 2.1 Stereo iPod Docking Station

You've passed any number of great traits along to your kids, and then some not so great ones... the occasional curse word slip, forgetting to turn the lights off, it happens. They've also picked up your need to have music or a TV on to... [More]

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If you're one of the early adopters toting around an iPad right now, there's no doubt that you're keeping an eye out for the coolest accessories for your new gadget. Allow us to help you out on that. Get yourself an iCade ($150), stat. Slide... [More]

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pets eye view-s.jpg

Pets Eye View Camera

Maybe we'll convince our nieces and nephews we're tracking the trail of the Easter Bunny with the Pets Eye View Camera ($60) this holiday. Well, we suppose we could just watch our furry friends at home like Angela on The Office with this thing too,... [More]

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iLuv iMM190 App Station Dock

A gadget as cool and functional as your iPhone itself... yes please! The iLuv iMM190 App Station Dock ($90) has it all. Download the free app and use the dock to play music, check the weather all while it displays a large flip clock. The... [More]

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Garmin Portable Friction Mount

It never fails, you're driving along, running late, pleading with your GPS to show you the way and bam, the darn thing falls off the dashboard. Now you're frantically trying to find it as stress levels increase. Well no more dear friends. The Garmin Portable... [More]

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Roll n' Go Keyboard

When we're lacking inspiration, we mosey over to our favorite cafe to get some posts in and, simultaneously, satiate our cute boy behind the counter caffeine craving. We imagine you like to escape your routine workspace, too, so that's why we're featuring the Roll n'... [More]

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Designer Duct Tape

Props to you if you actually have the skills/tools to fix everything around your house. But, if you're like the rest of us and go for the quick-fix options until you can a) afford a new one or b) figure out how to fix it... [More]

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Surge Hybrid Solar Charger

You adore your new appendage, I mean iPhone, however, its less than stellar battery life always seems to present itself at the most inopportune times. Never again will you be trying to send a text, picture, or checking what's new on Outblush, only to discover... [More]

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Quirky Beamer

We use our iPhone camera all the time...unless we're in a low-light situation. Thankfully, we've got a solution! Beamer ($38) has saved the day, er, night, as an iPhone case with a built in LED flash! We promise not to be too annoying with our... [More]

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YUBZ Retro Handset

We're of two minds about this YUBZ contraption ($50). On one hand we like old school things - the hip hop musings of RUN D.M.C., Converse All-Stars, our grannies. But on the other hand it seems slightly ridiculous to hook our cell phones up to... [More]

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Cute, clever, and a bit ironic, these Speak-ers ($100) would be a fun addition to any home office, or even connected to an mp3 player in a kid's room. We think they'd be ideal for listening to language lessons, since then your mini speech bubbles... [More]

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miShare for iPods

The miShare ($100) allows instant file and playlist sharing between two iPods. If you fall in love with a new album your friend is playing in the car, plug both your iPods into the miShare and at the touch of a button you'll have downloaded... [More]

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Origaudio Speakers

The days of the gigantic boombox on the shoulder are behind us, and now we have plenty of choices for playing our tunes wherever we are, but we don't know if any are as eye-catching or as eco-friendly as these Origaudio Flowers Speakers ($16). These... [More]

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Tiger Mouse

Is your computer cute enough? We think not! Unplug the boring black mouse that's full of lint anyway (or the white mouse with the red laser on the bottom that blinds you when it falls off the desk) and plug in this cheerful tiger mouse... [More]

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Vivienne Tam Mouse

Ooo la la, the thought of clicking around with the Vivienne Tam Mouse ($60) makes us click our heels with glee. This HP Wireless Optical device is compatible with our Mac and our PC, and it's darling all the way down to the cranberry red... [More]

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Siamese Slanket

Congratulations, your purchase of the Siamese Slanket ($41) confirms that you are now the grossest couple ever. But at least you're warm.... [More]

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Ritmo Prenatal Musical System

We've all seen those cute pictures of parents trying to hold headphones playing Mozart onto a woman's pregnant belly, but the Ritmo Prenatal Music System ($100) just takes the cake. This adjustable-strap speaker set hooks up to any MP3 player so that you and dast... [More]

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Balloon Speakers

Whee! How fun are these Balloon Speakers ($45)? Charge this bright mini speaker via a USB hub, and then plug it into any mp3 player for tunes on the go! The possibilities are endless: irritable baby? Play a soothing lullaby. Boring Monday? Start an office... [More]

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usb robot owl-s.jpg

USB Robot Owl

Since we can't bring our pets to the office, the USB Robot Owl ($20) can stand in and keep us happily entertained during our long hours of staring at spreadsheets. Just plug him in and perch him on top of the monitor or on his... [More]

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