3M Mobile Projector

3M Mobile Projector

Five years ago we would have looked at you like you were from Mars if you said we'd be able to plug a projector into our right hand iPhone. 3M Mobile Projector ($300)... [More]

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HEX Vision Metal Watchband For iPod Nano

We figured out what to get for that family member who is a fashion snob AND a techie (we know, that's usually contrary) for Christmas! Our husband has been talking non-stop about this HEX Vision Metal Watchband For iPod Nano ($70) since he watched the... [More]

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This American Life Custom USB Drive

"Hi Everybody. I'm Ira Glass. Today on our show..." Listening to the This American Life intro is a little like slipping into a nice warm tub with a glass of pinot. TAL is our favorite NPR production and we wait in anticipation for a new... [More]

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Victorinox Mint Green

The color of this Victorinox Mint Green ($24) says retro, but the sleek modern shape is such a departure from the Swiss Army Knife we're used to. Looking at it, we feel like teenagers all over again - we're a little turned on and a... [More]

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Babushka Ear Buds

Just when you thought matryoshkas fell off the quirky accessory radar, BAM! Babushka Ear Buds ($12) make their mark. If you're still embracing the stacking doll as 2011's thing-that-is-everywhere-and-on-everything, pick up a pair of these pronto before something new takes the crown that mustaches and... [More]

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Animal Speakers

You know those annoying people who play their music really loud as though everyone else wants to listen to techno club music? Now you can be one of them, too! Yahoo! These cute Animal Speakers ($45) look like normal stuffed animals but actually give you... [More]

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Anthropologie Butterfly Lovers Earbuds

Curse you, Anthropologie for coming up with yet another way to drain our wallets. Not with cozy knit sweaters or pretty patterned frocks or ceramic kitchen crocks or sweetly scented candles, but with electronic accessories. $200 for headphones seems out-rage-ous, but these Butterfly Love Earbuds... [More]

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Banana Bunker

Banana Bunker

Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies! The Banana Bunker ($6) is used to prevent your precious banana from bruising while he flops all around in the bottom of your tote on your subway ride.... [More]

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Etch a Sketch Game Pen

Etch a Sketch Game Pen

We remember playing with our Etch a Sketch for hours upon hours.....just doodling and erasing...doodling some more. We would kill so much time in our little cubicle if we had an Etch a Sketch Game Pen ($2) in our pen collection. Of course it would... [More]

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Moshi Moshi Blue Handset

If you were born after 1995 you probably have never seen one of these. They're called a handset. One side you can hear from and one side you speak into. The Moshi Moshi Blue Handset ($30) lets us have that old vintage appeal without the... [More]

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Penguin Corkscrew

Have you met our new bartender, Bertrand? He's full service, opening everything from Chardonnay to Coronas with his mad skills. We thought the flippers would be a hindrance, but he does a great job. Penguin Corkscrew ($11)... [More]

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Personal Shopper: A Cute iPad 2 Case for Sara

Sara G. writes, "Hi Outblush! I'm writting to you because i know you are awesome at finding the perfect stuffs for any occasion. I am getting an iPad 2 for my birthday tomorrow and I cannot find a cute case for it despite spending the... [More]


Bookman's LED Bicycle Lights

We've been so sad to see the sun set earlier and earlier each day. *Sigh* Pretty soon we're going to find ourselves curling up in PJ's right after we leave work at 5pm. But until then, we're going to squeeze every last second out of... [More]

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Mini Auto Mouse

Mini Auto Mouse

Go fast or be passed! The Mini Auto Mouse ($8) will help you navigate your way around the computer and cruise from site to site. Awesome stocking stuffer for any car enthusiast computer guru.... [More]

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Dead Park Quit Smoking Ashtray

Dead Park Quit Smoking Ashtray

Smoking - yuck....bad for you and those around you! If the Dead Park Quit Smoking Ashtray ($14) doesn't motivate you to put out your butts, we're not sure what will. Try to convince a loved one today to put an end to that nonsense they... [More]

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duet vibe-s.jpg

Crave Duet Vibrator

You might want to sit down for this one. The Crave Duet Vibrator ($139) is the most discreet vibrator there is. It's virtually silent and charges via USB outlet (We know. Unbelievable.). And wait, it's not just a tech wonder. Our most erogenous areas get... [More]

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The Magic Numpad

What? You actually do use numbers when you're working on your Mac? Oh you do get sick of jumping up to the top of your keyboard to type in phone numbers and fill in excel sheets? Go figure! The Magic Numpad ($30) lets you turn... [More]

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Romantic Star Projector

When we first stumbled on the Romantic Star Projector ($22) from Infmetry, we thought, "Score! Bedroom fun just got even MORE fun!" But we suppose we could use this projector for more than just two-person ambiance. We could use it during a Halloween party to... [More]

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Bullet Space Pen

Love's a loaded gun and the Bullet Space Pen ($25) is the vehicle to write out sappy love poems. Or speeding tickets. Or the endless rent checks that suck your soul and bank account dry each month. Oh, fodder for excellent writing.... [More]

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Humping Dog USB Key

It seems there's no end to the form a USB key can take these days. Actual keys, Star Wars character, rabbit's food, and now Humping Dog ($8). At least your work day just got a little more giggle-worthy.... [More]

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