Paper Airplane Doorstop

It's not often that we have need for a doorstop, but when we do, we'd much rather it be something cute and clever like this Paper Airplane Doorstop ($12) than one of our shoes or, worse yet, some sort of rock.... [More]

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We're constantly misplacing our flash drives, but we think we've finally found a solution. USBling ($16-45) are USB bracelets available in 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 gigs, so that we can actually keep our important digital files on our person. Admittedly, we're the kind... [More]

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Out of space on your desk and don't want to perch your latte precariously on top of your taxes? Yeah, us too. Thankfully, our man picked up a Drinklip ($7) for us, and now we just keep our coffee within reach but off the desk.... [More]

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Lacie USB 2.0 A to B Flat Cable

When you need to hook up one doohickey to another, do it with some flavor. The Lacie USB 2.0 A to B Flat Cable ($10) is a bright, zesty thingamabob connecter that will stick out in your otherwise neutral office space offering your sense of... [More]

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Sili Gourmet Coffee Break

We like picking up a coffee once in a while, but when we want a pure delicious brew (that won't rob our pockets or take us on a wild-goose chase for the closest Starbucks) we go straight to the Sili Gourmet Coffee Break ($15). This... [More]

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MasterLock Portable Personal Safe

Imagine all the uses for the MasterLock Portable Personal Safe ($19). Seriously, this thing would be perfect in nearly every situation. -Going to the gym but don't want to pay for a locker? MasterLock it up to the StairMaster. -Going on a cruise and don't... [More]

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Swoozies Wine Freezer Bag

Turns out "Booze Bag" isn't just something our dear friends call us! We're jazzed to have found this Wine Freezer Bag ($12) because not only will it dress up our hostess gift, it'll let us bring chilled wine to the party and still spend the... [More]

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Once Upon a Time Bookmark

So maybe you're no longer reading fairy tales, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a little bit of whimsy in your current tome. These Once Upon a Time Bookmarks ($5 each) offer iconic hands (and even a set of recognizable feet) to hold... [More]

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Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 4.54.58 PM.png

Gizmine Heart USB Cup Warmer

On Valentine's Day, or any day, make yourself a cup of something warm and sweet and set it on this Gizmine Heart USB Cup Warmer ($13). It will keep warm for hours. Just don't spill your tasty beverage on your keyboard. That would really ruin... [More]

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iHome iP4

Technology keeps evolving, but who says the old stuff isn't still the coolest? The iHome iP4 ($200) lets you rock your tunes like you did last century - out of a boombox! While the color is a bit more audacious than your average boombox, it's... [More]

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Sticky Note Matchbook

Even though we never seem to have a match when we need one, we're hoping that having these Sticky Note Matchbooks ($2) stashes in our purses, in our cars, and by our computers will mean we'll have somewhere to put down our brilliant (but small)... [More]

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Sauna Boy Humidifier

Maybe it's all the yelling we do at our computers, or the muttering to ourselves as we work, but dang if we aren't dry as Ben Stein after a day of Outblush-related electronic toil. This cute little Sauna Boy Humidifier ($22) plugs into your USB... [More]

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Goal Zero Nomad 7M Foldable Solar Panel

Last time we went camping we spent the majority of our trip with dead batteries, or running our car in an effort to charge our electronics. This year we're going to pack the Goal Zero Nomad 7M Foldable Solar Panel ($80) to keep our cell... [More]

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Lomokino Camera and Viewer

Make your own rad home movies with the Lomokino Camera and Viewer ($99). Ten bucks if you can convince your nieces and nephews you time warped back to the good ol' days. 20 bucks if you can make a film anyone will actually want to... [More]

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The Folding Tripod

Finally, someone was genius enough to create a tripod that can be folded up like tent poles. Lightweight and quick to assemble, The Folding Tripod ($50) stands 44 inches tall and weights only 1/3 the weight of average tripods. Now you can take those cheesy... [More]

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Design Mafia Capacitive Tip

Up until now we were unable to eat Cheetos and use our iPad at the same time. Now, our struggle with cheesy fingers and a touch-sensitive device is over. This Capacitive Tip ($16) fits an ACME Rollerball Pen and replaces your fingertip for playing Angry... [More]

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The Darth Vader CD Player

Trust us, we're weirded out that in this digital age, the idea of playing a CD in a CD player feels really retro. Make it doubly so by playing your favorite disc in this The Darth Vader CD Player ($70), because let's face it, it... [More]

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Garima Dhawan Earth Gold Laptop and iPad Skin

In our dreams, our home decor is almost to Martha levels of put-togetherness, but there's no saving those chunky, dark electronics like our TV and computer. At least the ol' laptop can get a little makeover; we think the Garima Dhawan Earth Gold Laptop and... [More]

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Mophie Juice Pack Air

Having the battery on your phone die is the worst. Adding a battery pack that makes your phone so thick it no longer fits in your pocket or clutch defeats the purpose of having a super slim smartphone. What's a girl to do? Get a... [More]

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While we might have dreams of owning a VW van and touring around the country, the likelihood of that happening is slim. We're living out our fantasy by playing our vinyl using this sweet Soundwagon ($100). It drives around the grooves of our vinyl and... [More]

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