Swing Design Harrison Travel Clock

Okay, we know. When you travel, you can just use your phone's alarm to wake up. But that's way less fun than packing the cute Swing Design Harrison Travel Clock ($24). At least, we think so. Does that make us relic collectors? Does anyone else... [More]

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iPhone Pocket Projector

Is your itty-bitty iPhone screen just not cutting it? Share videos and photos via the iPhone Pocket Projector ($230). Just click in your phone, turn this on, and you'll have a fifty-inch image ready to display on the wall. Though we will caution you against... [More]

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Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor

With the tiny Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor ($90, pre-order), you can turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a portable baby monitor. In fact, you can access an audio monitor and the WeMo app on all of your gadgets at the same time. So... [More]

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Kate Spade USB Ring

Kate Spade USB Ring

This is a great gift for the fancy IT (in both senses) girl! The Kate Spade USB Ring ($50) has 4 gigs of memory, and the ring silhouette is fun and feminine.... [More]

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Ali GULEC Skull iPhone & iPod Skin

Creeper McCreeperston has been giving you the sketch eye on the bus home from work for the past couple of weeks While it isn't enough to completely weird you out, it's enough for you to buy this Ali GULEC Skull iPhone Skin ($15). From afar,... [More]

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Bloom Theory Stardust

You can banish thoughts of blending into the background when you wear the sequin and tulle Bloom Theory Stardust ($130) camera strap. Sure, to a photographer, the subject is more important than the outfit behind the lens, but you may as well look good as... [More]

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Kids Pet Cam

National Geographic thinks this Kids Pet Cam ($46) is a fun toy for children. We're calling it our Personal Pet Surveillance System. With it, we can at least find out if Mittens is still jumping on the kitchen counter when we're not looking.... [More]

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Cubes Perpetual Calendar

You might as well use the Cubes Perpetual Calendar ($15) to count down the days/hours until the start of your vacation/weekend. Because the calendar doesn't have a year cube, you can use this forever. Depressing, but at least you won't have to spend hard-earned cash... [More]

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Electric Fly Swatter

There's a fly torturing us as we type this. He's been buzzing around our heads for the last half an hour. We've tried slapping him and snapping towels at him. We even whacked at him with a rolled-up issue of Cosmo. He continues to evade... [More]

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Seal Touch Glow2 Keyboard

Eww! Apparently our keyboards are among the ten dirtiest items in our homes! (In the office too, we're sure). It's time to invest in a silicone Seal Touch Glow2 Keyboard ($150) from Seal Shield. You best believe we'll be sudsing it up on a regular... [More]

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Lelo Smart Wand

When you've got an itch of a certain kind, might we suggest the Lelo Smart Wand ($189)? It packs more pleasure than any other rechargeable massager available on the market and can do so in the kitchen (what?), under the covers, and even in the... [More]

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Wagan Tech Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter

Road trips require a lot of gizmos and gadgets. (We can't imagine how our parents took car trips without going stark raving mad.) Rely on the Wagan Tech Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter ($15) to keep you sane and on the right path. You can... [More]

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Magnetic Cellphone and Camera Lenses

If you're going to use your iPhone to take such an absurd number of pictures of your food, could you at least switch up the lens? Slide one of these magnetic lenses ($25-$35 each) on and suddenly that gourmet grilled cheese sandwich looks bigger! Or... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Barnacle

Your iPhone has already pretty much obviated the need for human interaction in your life. The Barnacle ($5) completes the process. By making it easy to mount your device on the windshield of your car, on the wall next to your desk, or on the... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Pencil Cap Set

It's the little things that make life better. In this case, the little thing is a Pencil Cap Set ($3). For less than a latte would cost, you'll get eight caps that fit onto pencils to keep the tips from breaking and, possibly more exciting,... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Branch Earphone Splitter

Sitting on the airplane with your two best friends by your side is all fun and games until someone pulls out their iPhone to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love. And while you don't necessarily need to hear what's going on to appreciate shirtless Ryan Gosling, you'd... [More]

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Artisan Leather iPhone Cover

At first sight, you might have thought this would make a great gift for a special man in your life. Screw that. You deserve sumptuous leather that isn't in the shape of a pair of pumps or a handbag for once. Artisan Leather iPhone Cover... [More]

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USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives

Of all of the novelty USB devices floating around out there, this toaster hub ($25-28) is most definitely the cutest. Four precious little slices of toast fit into one adorable appliance, turning your desk into a scene straight out of The Brave Little Toaster. And... [More]

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Mantis Clip-On Task Lamp

Our roommate in college was constantly turning her desk lamp on and off in the middle of the night for this, that and the other. Don't be that scumbag this semester. This Mantis Clip-On Task Lamp ($25) is powerful but discreet and won't bother a... [More]

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Rescue Wasp, Hornet and Yellowjacket Trap

We'd rather not poison the cat. That's why we've picked up this Rescue Wasp, Hornet and Yellowjacket Trap ($24). It uses nontoxic attractants to lure in and do away with buzzing nasties.... [More]

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