Banana Handset

Hey, is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?'s actually a banana. This is awkward. Banana Handset for iPhone ($22)... [More]

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Memoto Lifelogging Camera

You know that loved one of yours who insists on whipping out the phone to snap shots of everything from turkey sandwiches to the line for the men's room? We've found the perfect thing for them. This Memoto Lifelogging Camera ($279, preorder) records everything you... [More]

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Roku and Roku 2

Need some help managing your Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime streaming accounts? Allow the Roku or Roku 2 ($50-100) to help out. This handy-dandy box is the size of your palm, and once it's hooked up to your television, it'll act as... [More]

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Dannijo Hixson iPhone 4 & 4S Case

Bedazzled iPhone cases are awesome, but in our experience, they tend to scratch any surface they rest on and leave little indentations in our hands if we hold them too long. Fortunately, jewelry designer Dannijo is satisfying our need for bling with this kaleidoscope-print Hixson... [More]

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USB Squirming Tentacle

Some days we think our computers are full of pure evil. Files get deleted, websites freeze, and no matter how many times we try, we can't download Taylor Swift's new single. On days like those, this USB Squirming Tentacle ($25) - which does actually squirm... [More]

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InfoScan TS Elite

Chances are, there's some stubborn Luddite in your life who insists on reading books on (scoff!) paper. We're guessing that they also read the sorts of books that are chock-full of eight-syllable words nobody uses outside of a semantics conference. Encourage them to take a... [More]

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The Weather Channel Professional Forecast Station

In case you hadn't already figured it out, we're nerds. That's why our Christmas wish list is topped off by the Weather Channel Professional Forecast Station ($125). As you'd expect from the world's premiere meteorologists, this little baby is packed with everything from wind speed... [More]

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Jimmy Crystal Ear Buds

You know we're always looking for new and different ways to get blinged out, and these Jimmy Crystal Ear Buds ($50) would definitely dress up our gym clothes. Besides, we find it a bit challenging to run on the treadmill while wearing our chandelier earrings.... [More]

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Glasses Bag Hanger

The simple Glasses Bag Hanger ($20) from Japan is a lot more versatile than it looks. Carry this pair of glasses with you and you'll always have a place to hook your purse and coat (it can hold up to twenty pounds!). It also serves... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Mobile Holder in the Car with Suction Cups

Trying to scramble for your ringing phone while driving is about as dangerous as it gets. So before you start the engine, locate that sucker and stick it right to your dashboard with the Mobile Holder in the Car with Suction Cups ($8). Yes, when... [More]

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Vers 1Q Speaker System

We like our tech products the same way we like our fashion: small in size and easy on the eyes! Enter the Vers 1Q Speaker System ($120, preorder). These small wooden speakers come in either bamboo or walnut and pack quite a powerful punch. The... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Props

These Props ($6) are the hip young counterparts to that decorative chain your mom keeps her readers on, and we're totally okay with that. If wearing this little tether cord around our necks means we can easily rock one earbud without the other flailing around... [More]

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KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool

The number of times we could have used one of the items on the KeyTool ($8) is astonishing. With a wire cutter, a bottle opener, and a pair of precision tweezers, we could have been making our lives easier at work, on vacation, and out... [More]

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Swing Design Harrison Travel Clock

Okay, we know. When you travel, you can just use your phone's alarm to wake up. But that's way less fun than packing the cute Swing Design Harrison Travel Clock ($24). At least, we think so. Does that make us relic collectors? Does anyone else... [More]

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iPhone Pocket Projector

Is your itty-bitty iPhone screen just not cutting it? Share videos and photos via the iPhone Pocket Projector ($230). Just click in your phone, turn this on, and you'll have a fifty-inch image ready to display on the wall. Though we will caution you against... [More]

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Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor

With the tiny Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor ($90, pre-order), you can turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a portable baby monitor. In fact, you can access an audio monitor and the WeMo app on all of your gadgets at the same time. So... [More]

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Kate Spade USB Ring

Kate Spade USB Ring

This is a great gift for the fancy IT (in both senses) girl! The Kate Spade USB Ring ($50) has 4 gigs of memory, and the ring silhouette is fun and feminine.... [More]

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Ali GULEC Skull iPhone & iPod Skin

Creeper McCreeperston has been giving you the sketch eye on the bus home from work for the past couple of weeks While it isn't enough to completely weird you out, it's enough for you to buy this Ali GULEC Skull iPhone Skin ($15). From afar,... [More]

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Bloom Theory Stardust

You can banish thoughts of blending into the background when you wear the sequin and tulle Bloom Theory Stardust ($130) camera strap. Sure, to a photographer, the subject is more important than the outfit behind the lens, but you may as well look good as... [More]

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Kids Pet Cam

National Geographic thinks this Kids Pet Cam ($46) is a fun toy for children. We're calling it our Personal Pet Surveillance System. With it, we can at least find out if Mittens is still jumping on the kitchen counter when we're not looking.... [More]

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