FREEKey System

Nobody is debating it. Key rings suck. They're also your manicure's worst nightmare. Keep that hard-earned investment intact by switching to the FREEKey System ($7). This simple gizmo keeps your keys secured, but when you do need to remove one, opens at the touch of... [More]

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Lytro Camera

We're just as baffled by the technology behind the Lytro Camera ($399) as we imagine our ancestors were the first time they had their photographs taken with one of those under-the-blanket-blinding-flash-monstrosities. The mysterious voodoo of the Lytro lets you perform all kinds of magic on... [More]

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The Baby Shusher

Ask parents what parenting books and techniques saved their sanity when they had newborn babies, and chances are a lot of them will point you toward Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block. In it, Dr. Karp recommends using rhythmic, loud SHHH-ing sounds... [More]

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Cap Zappa Bottle Opener

This Cap Zappa ($10) is about to ruin you. Once you've used it, you'll never be able to bring yourself to crack into a Coors with an ordinary bottle opener again. Why? Because ordinary bottle openers don't turn into cap-shooting weapons. The Cap Zappa is... [More]

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Brolly Rain Umbrella

The Brolly Rain Umbrella ($20) - because even when it's pouring outside, we've still got to tweet about the mocha frap we just guzzled down. Seriously, the brass knuckle-looking handle is designed to give you both the perfect grip on your umbrella and your phone.... [More]

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We're filing this one under Why Didn't We Think of That? STAYHOLD ($13) is a brilliant little barricade that grips the carpet in the trunk of your car to keep your items from flying around while your boyfriend drives like he's Jeff Gordon. Not that... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Emoticon Keyboard Stickers

We don't know if these Emoticon Keyboard Stickers ($8) would really liven up the stultifying boredom that is a data entry job. But it couldn't hurt to try. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items... [More]

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Dalek Projector Alarm Clock

Space-age projection of the time and authentic Dalek sound effects to make sure you wake up right! The Dalek Projector Alarm Clock ($40) is so realistic, you'll swear you're actually a nerdy Doctor Who fan!... [More]

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Key Finder Card

What's the good of having a fancy gadget to help you locate your constantly misplaced keys if you can't find the damned gadget? This Key Finder Card ($24) is a great solution. It's designed to fit perfectly into your wallet or - our own brilliant... [More]

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Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable

When playing your favorite 1980s one-hit wonders on an iPod ceases to be ironic enough, you could cruise your local thrift shop for some Ratt to blast on this floral AV Room Portable USB Turntable ($160).... [More]

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Pen Zen small.jpg

Pen Zen

Don't make that face. You really do need this Pen Zen organizer ($20). Didn't your mother always tell you that everything has its place? Well, that includes your highlighters and other office supplies. Consider it a sign of maturity. "Hey, Mom, I'm getting my life... [More]

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Milktape USB Cassette Mixtape

If it's one thing children of the '70s and '80s have that younger generations don't, it's the power and glory of the almighty mixtape. We were sad to see them crushed under the heel of more advanced technology, but their legacy lives on with the... [More]

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Coloud Boom Headphones

As silly as we sometimes feel while wearing them, we have to admit that these substantial, colorful Coloud Boom Headphones ($40) represent a definite improvement over earbuds. They're not so huge that we feel like idiots walking around wearing them, but they keep white noise... [More]

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Nikon 1 J3 Digital Camera

Looking for a new camera to capture all of your awesome summer moments? The Nikon 1 J3 Digital Camera ($550, on sale) is a big step up from an iPhone camera, but a lot more compact than a bulky DSLR. It'll easily fit into a... [More]

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Zibra OpenIt!

It's always annoying when you buy something new that you're really excited about and you can't get it out of the box! The Zibra OpenIt! features steel clippers, a miniature screwdriver, and a retractable box cutter in the handle so that you can open any... [More]

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The Snugg iPad 2 Case and Flip Stand

When the iPad first came out, there were some that thought it might have been some sort of phase society was going to go through and get over shortly thereafter. We were wrong. So very wrong. And now we people everywhere are attached to their... [More]

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Flip Alarm Clock

The only thing worse than waking up to an annoying alarm is not being able to shut the darn thing off! This Flip Alarm Clock ($45) simplifies everything without buttons or confusing settings - you just flip it over! Comes in lime, blue, purple, and... [More]

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Oh Pen!

We've seen multipurpose pens before. There are pens that double as highlighters and others that contain nail files and screwdrivers. There's even a pen that works as a self-defense aid. But this Oh Pen! ($10) has a power we'd actually make use of. Use the... [More]

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Chalkboard iPad Case

Maybe you're plagued with indecision about what to use for a tablet case. Or perhaps you'd just find it super handy to be able to jot down the odd note or reminder on that ever-present iPad. Either way, the Chalkboard iPad Case ($49) might be... [More]

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Zamboni Desk Vacuum

It was looking hairy for a while, but to the relief of hockey fans across the world (or at least Canada), the NHL season is in full swing. But why wait until the end of your workday to channel a little of that puck-slapping spirit?... [More]

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