Lapka Personal Environment Monitor

Finally conquered your germophobia? Well, don't think that means your microscopic enemies aren't still out there, plotting to get you! Your only hope is the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor ($249 for set) to let you know what you're up against! It measures the state of... [More]

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LSTN Troubadours

There are a lot of ways you can complain about "the world today" (best read in a crotchety old man voice), but one development we can't get enough of is businesses that are giving back with every purchase. With each pair of headphones purchased, LSTN... [More]

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We're going to sing the praises of the Twyxt app ($Free) by Life Of Two, Inc. to the high heavens and back! The app is designed to act as a secure way to communicate directly with your sweetiepiehoneybunch. You can post your moods, update an... [More]

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Space Bar

We know, your keyboard already has a space bar. This particular Space Bar ($100) is a monitor stand outfitted with extra USB ports and a design that adds extra storage around your computer. Now you can sit and refresh Facebook sixteen times while simultaneously charging... [More]

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We remember our minds being seriously blown when we watched Minority Report and saw Tom Cruise manipulating a screen by simply waving his hands around, and we had that exact same reaction when we watched this video about MYO ($149). This wearable technology lets you... [More]

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booksi Charging Station for iPod and iPhone

We're generally against damaging books, but what designer Rich Neeley does with classic and contemporary tomes is worth some lost paper. His booksi Charging Stations for iPod and iPhone ($50 - $55) transform gorgeous hardcovers into clever accessories for your mobile devices. With a wide... [More]

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auris skye

The teeny-tiny auris skye ($80, preorder) will completely revolutionize the way you rock out. It's easy to sync the wireless device (which is under two inches in height and just over two inches in width) to your phone, laptop, and tablet and stream playlists throughout... [More]

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Photorito Lens Wrap

Tacky? We don't think so. The Photorito Lens Wrap ($20) simply asks the question, "Why not protect your camera and whet your appetite for dinner at the same time?"... [More]

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Motz Tiny Wooden Acorn Speaker

Long gone are the days of lugging around floor-to-ceiling speakers! (And not a moment too soon - the cost of the roadies was killing us.) What sounds like a quirky joke about a cartoon wizard becomes a reality with the Motz Tiny Wooden Acorn Speaker... [More]

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Native Union MONOCLE Speaker

The MONOCLE ($49) is a speakerphone and handset, yes, but it's also a portable speaker you can carry around with you anywhere. Although it's a little small to hoist up on your shoulder like a boombox, you can use that nylon cord to strap it... [More]

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Dungeon Keytag

Various Projects makes a plethora of these great keytags, each one sporting a descriptive word or two, like liquor cabinet, new boyfriend, unknown, and adventure. Our absolute favorite, however, is the dungeon tag ($15). We don't have a dungeon, per se, but that doesn't mean... [More]

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PigChum USB Hub

Feel like your coworkers are getting by on your hard work? The PigChum USB Hub ($33) is a perfect metaphor, then (until they invent a Leech USB Hub). This momma pig micro SD reader comes with 3 baby TF readers - so cute at that... [More]

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USB 3.0 Super Mario Bros. Hard Drive

If you own an external hard drive to begin with, chances are you're already a nerd. (We're sorry to have to break it to you, but it's better you hear it from us than from the kids at school.) So why not go all out... [More]

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Blizzident 6-Second Toothbrush

They say you can't reinvent the wheel, but apparently you can reinvent the toothbrush! The Blizzident ($299) brings all the science and technology of the Information Age straight into your mouth! It's essentially a bristle-filled, custom-molded mouthpiece - but it beats pushing a tired old... [More]

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Phantom Keystroker V2

Our lives rely on our computers, which is why seeing them act strange is downright terrifying - doubly so if you suspect poltergeist activity. While we wouldn't to put ourselves through heart-clenching panic, the new guy in accounting is a different story. This Phantom Keystroker... [More]

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Cardboard FM Radio/iPod Speaker

Wow. Thirty years ago, the only way you could turn a cardboard box into a radio was with your imagination. Cardboard FM Radio/iPod Speaker ($40)... [More]

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USB Airplane Mini Fan

It keeps you cool and entertained! We love toys disguised as tools, like the USB Airplane Mini Fan ($8) - don't be afraid to make engine noises as you adjust it!... [More]

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Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter

Need a way to share Beyoncé's newest with your BFF when it pops up on your Fierce playlist? Plug the Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter ($12) into your headphone jack and you'll both be able to listen to the diva in all of her glory. Lip-synching... [More]

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Black Box Micro Hidden Camera

The nanny checking your stuffed animals? You need to take the lead in the arms race with the Black Box Micro Hidden Camera ($90), the perfect weapon - not in the war between you and the person you're spying on, but in the war between... [More]

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Casamista Portable Humidifier

Not looking forward to spending forty hours a week in your chilly, dry-aired cubicle? Pack an extra sweater in your work bag and throw in the Casamista Portable Humidifier ($25) from Umbra, too. Powered by a USB cord (or four AAA batteries), the humidifier screws... [More]

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