Naughty or Nice Christmas Gift Bags

Is it naughty or nice that our first thought on how to use this collection of Naughty or Nice Christmas gift bags ($10 for six) was to fill each one with a lacy or racy pair of undies and let our guys pick a bag... [More]

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3-D Cat Cards

Who cares how good your hand is when you're holding lenticular cat cards? This 3-D deck ($7) will be a big hit as a coffee table accessory, but awfully distracting if you actually want to play cards.... [More]

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Eames Memory Game

There is a design geek in your life. They might know the Pantone number for the color of their carpets, or could be caught moaning about their inability to afford $10,000 chandeliers that look like glowing artichokes. They'll almost certainly have plastic chairs in their... [More]

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Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Wham! Pow! With the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure ($9), you can help Crazy Cat Lady use her (imaginary) superpower of controlling cats to battle her lifelong nemesis - Debilitating Loneliness.... [More]

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LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes

It's hard to play House with Star Wars LEGOs... not impossible, but hard. These LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes ($22) solve the problem by converting homemaking toys into the classic LEGO's all just plastic, anyway, right?... [More]

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Dinner Party Activity Napkins

C'mon, you're dinner party's not that boring. It's just...who doesn't like party games? These activity napkins ($8) showcase easy-to-play games like Battleship, Dot-to-Dot, and Tic-Tac-Toe, plus other activities like handwriting analysis and favorite things lists.... [More]

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WowWee RoboMe

The newest children's toy - the toy industry being the avant-garde of robotics technology - is a robot that connects to your iPhone. Aside from voice command recognition and facial tracking, the WowWee RoboMe ($100) lets you customize it with its own no one... [More]

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Movie Trivia Cards

As much as we hate to admit it, film knowledge is pretty useless outside of the film industry... So movie buffs need every chance they get to show off their "impressive" expertise. The Movie Trivia Cards game ($8) is like Trivial Pursuit without all the... [More]

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New Entertainment Desktop Bowling

We like the idea of desktop bowling - seems like an easy enough pastime for long hours at work, and it's not like the sport is known for its athleticism. But so far, all the other options were just pins and balls - it's like... [More]

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The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Each one of the cards in this special Wild Unknown Tarot Deck ($40) is beautifully illustrated with pen and ink line drawings. We'll always love the classic tarot drawings, but it's hard to resist these little artistic gems. As a gift, it's a great way... [More]

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Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit

Write down a wish, roll it up, light it on fire, and watch as it floats upwards while burning! The Flying Wish Paper Mini Kit ($9) is a truly amazing product because it can simultaneously appeal to both the superstitious and skeptics. The superstitious will... [More]

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Reverse Charades

While the name suggests a game where you speak your clues instead of acting them out... "Okay, the movie's called Forrest Gump..." "Is it Forrest Gump?" "Yes! We win!" ... it's actually reversed in a more fun way. In Reverse Charades ($22) a team of... [More]

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Brass Tic Tac Toe Set

We've got more ways to waste time than ever, from Facebook to Angry Birds and Pawn Stars marathons, but there's still nothing quite like the classics. This Brass Tic Tac Toe Set ($195) raises everybody's favorite cocktail napkin battle of wits to an elegant new... [More]

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Buy Mars Land Package

We've heard it's wise to invest in real estate, but this seems, well, a bit out there. With your purchase of the Buy Mars Land Package ($30) you get the deed to one acre of Martian land, a map, and a data sheet about the... [More]

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Combining bocce ball, bowling, and elements of shop class, ROLLORS ($40) is a new family game that is becoming popular with the highly selective picnic crowd. Basically, you roll the wooden disk and get points for how close it is to the goal - it's... [More]

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Mini Fiesta Piñatas

Party piñatas: awesome in theory, but difficult to execute in cold weather. You can put up a piñata indoors if you're not fearful for your windows, and your lamps, and your mirrors, or you can just let party attendees take home a few of these... [More]

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Duck Hunter Launch & Load Game

We could make an extended commentary on the postmodern implications of this Duck Hunter Launch & Load Game ($60). Just for a sneak preview: it's a physical recreational activity modeled after a digital version of a physical recreational activity. Your brain spinning yet?... [More]

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Cristallino Foosball Table

Never in a million years did we think foosball could be sexy! Sleek, modern, and shiny, the Cristallino Foosball Table ($19,800) turns this fun-but-dorky game into something we could do in dim lighting with a glass of wine. We can't wait for Cristallino to tackle... [More]

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Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

All the fun and freedom of playing with goo, but without the mess! The Ferrofluid Magnetic Display ($30) is a perfect time waster - you control the black ferrofluid by moving the magnet. But the mesmerizing fluidity is just the beginning... Hold the magnet in... [More]

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outside the lines-s.jpg

Outside the Lines

You might consider coloring a child's activity, but it's amazing how calming and inspiring it can be. We picked up Outside the Lines: An Artists' Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations ($14) and have been working our way through the unique pages letting our imaginations run... [More]

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