Cheap Thrill: Sno-Marker

Things you can do with a Sno-Marker ($6 each): bundle up the kids and banish them out into the great white world to add color for an hour (during which you get to sit and relax do the dishes unencumbered), write messages of love or... [More]

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Monopoly City Edition

Just when you thought industrialism was getting old, a fun game breathes new life into it! Monopoly City Edition ($40) is a variant version of the capitalist classic that replaces property deeds with zoning permits and incorporates new 3-D structures, including schools, industrial complexes, stadiums,... [More]

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Yarn Zombies

Who would have thought that a knitted doll could be so terrifying! Seriously, Garbage Pail Kids of the past have nothing on Yarn Zombies ($11 each). We're creeped out by the undead eyes and deranged back stories, from cheerleader Muffy's aversion for facial acne to... [More]

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Las Sillas Stacking Game

Warning: do not attempt to play this Las Sillas Stacking Game ($75) with actual chairs. And certainly do not attempt to sit on top of your actual-chair mountain if you do manage to construct one. You've been warned.... [More]

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Scrabble Magnets

Need a little help sticking to that New Year's diet plan? Put these Scrabble Magnets ($13) on your fridge. You'll be so distracted trying to think of a word that uses Z, Q, and three E's, you'll forget you were looking for a snack in... [More]

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Turtle in a Turtleneck

We know you're probably not collecting as many stuffed animals as you used to (maybe), but surely there's always room in your heart and on your shelf for one more. We find this Turtle in a Turtleneck ($160) by Cat Rabbit to be irresistible -... [More]

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Giant Googly Eyes

The world's a much friendlier place when inanimate objects look like curious and/or half-baked humans. These Giant Googly Eyes ($7) turn your fridge into a friend, your car into a companion, and your trash can into a trash can with googly eyes on it.... [More]

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Crack Me Open Baby Geode Bag

It's so much more fun to do it yourself. Even if the results look like crap compared to the job an actual, hired professional could do, we get so much more satisfaction from painting our own walls, tiling our own floors, and bedazzling our own... [More]

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Forever Confetti Popper

Make sure you've got a few of these Forever Confetti Poppers ($12) on you when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. The compressed air container makes the big, glittery pieces burst into the air all around you. It may not be completely akin... [More]

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Smart Ass

Have you ever been playing a trivia game, and suddenly realize you know the answer to one of the hardest questions...except it's not your turn? All the glory and recognition of your superior mind gets flushed down the drain. Maybe you should try Smart Ass... [More]

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So it's come to this, you think to yourself as you ask your guests, "So how's the weather there?" Thankfully, these TableTopics ($25) cards always know what to say to ward off that awful, awful silence. Each edition is full of interesting questions to jump-start... [More]

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We have plenty of action figures of our heroes, but we're missing the ones we like most - us! Foldable.Me ($12) lets you design and customize a paper doll in your own likeness and sends you the sheet so you can put yourself together. Just... [More]

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Shocking Autopsy

The board game Operation is kid's stuff... now an autopsy, that sounds a little more mature. Children wouldn't like Shocking Autopsy ($18) much, since it's not the red-nosed hypochondriac that gets the shock if you touch the sides - it's you! On the bright side,... [More]

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4D Cityscape Game of Thrones Westeros Puzzle

Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time... what do they all have in common? No, not captivating characters and engaging plots - it's the maps! They all have cool maps! And what better way to get the lay of the land of... [More]

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Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Daily horoscope not filling your deep need to peer into the mists of the future? Fortune cookies failing to cut the occult mustard? Give these Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards ($6) a try. They come complete with no-brainer instructions, so you can make sure they're... [More]

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Floating Wish Papers

Playing with fire doesn't usually make your wishes come true, unless you've got a hankering for a smoke-damaged wardrobe. But these Floating Wish Papers ($8) are a fun exception. Write down your dream on one of these pretty pink slips, carefully ignite them, and watch... [More]

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Jumbo Sock Monkey

Similar to regular-sized sock monkeys, this almost-four-foot-tall Jumbo Sock Monkey ($100) was found on a mysterious tropical island, where it was king of the other jumbo stuffed animals. But then he fell in love with a little blonde girl, and... well... 'twas Betty that killed... [More]

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Bird Beer Funnel

Hey, Urban Outfitters, it's super cool that you're now selling something that's been a frat house staple since God was a boy. How would coeds ever come up with a way to imbibe excessive quantities of beer without your clever Bird Beer Funnel ($14)? Oh,... [More]

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Frida Kahlo Magnetic Dress-Up Kit

We're sure there's a little girl in your life who would love to play with this Frida Kahlo Magnetic Dress-Up Kit ($14)...but she's probably not going to get a chance. When you get your own hands on magnetic Frida and her funky array of outfits... [More]

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Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark

What's the point of having a pool if you can't scare the crap out of people swimming in it? Use this Remote Controlled Robotic Bull Shark ($70) to make your neighbor's children afraid of the water for years to come.... [More]

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