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Kalvin Kauzbots

Sometimes it seems that the dudes in our life are straight up heartless. Lucky for us, Kalvin Kauzbots ($25), the so-called "robots with a heart," have a stability that will reliably lift our spirits. These guys are true friends with only honorable intentions, considering 10%... [More]

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Bicycle Eco-Deck

Be environmentally conscious in a totally unnecessary way with Bicycle Eco-Deck Playing Cards ($4). *Note - we're not saying it's unnecessary to be eco-conscious, we're just saying, seriously, playing cards? We suppose there's a market... green magicians?... [More]

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Street Style Memory Game

Cleanse your fashion palate and start studying new styles with the Street Style Memory Game ($17). The object is to match the tops with the bottoms of super chic street style peeps, and the game itself is stimulating in the best way possible. Start imagining... [More]

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Zipfy Mini Luge

If careening down snow covered hills appeals to you, here's a new way to possibly break an arm have some winter fun: The Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge ($40). Enjoy yourself, we'll be watching you from the lodge with our Peppermint Patties!... [More]

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Cash Cab Trivia

Every time we hail a cab in New York, we wait with baited breath, hoping that the van we hop in will be the Cash Cab. It hasn't happened yet, but we're preparing for when it does with Cash Cab Trivia ($28). You'd better believe... [More]

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Close Up Art Card Games

For those of you that're resisting the whole New Year's resolution deal, we have a goal that's fun and doesn't require logging your hours of cardio: art education. Sit back, relax and sharpen your brain power with Close Up Art Card Games ($13) from the... [More]

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2010 Bubble Calendar

Pop in the new year with the 2010 Bubble Calendar ($20). Measuring 48" tall by 18" wide, this poster-sized calendar promises 365 days of spine-tingling popping enjoyment (that is, if you don't cheat). Now we can't wait for the 2011 365-Days-of-Obsessively-Washing-Our-Hands Liquid Soap Dispenser.... [More]

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Hero One Bottle Bag

There's no doubt about what you're bringing to the party when you tote your goods in this One Bottle Bag ($13).... [More]

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Happy Hour Kit

Take the party with you this weekend with this Dumpling Dynasty Happy Hour Kit ($18). The cute little box stashes parasols, cocktail stirrers, and party decorations that are ready to whip out at a moment's notice. This little package will make even coffee with a... [More]

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Circus Animals Candle Set

Hiring a real circus for our kid's party would be a bit much (not to mention the premature death of our Persian rug). Don't fret, there's plenty of fun to be had with the Circus Animals Candle Set ($30) by Hudson. It's got a full... [More]

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Mutts Figures

We at Outblush happen to think that Patrick McDonnell's Mutts is the best comic strip in a long, long time. We love the pithy comments, the endearing animals, and the offhand references to everything from Hair to Jenny Linsky. If you love it too, we... [More]

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Walk Of Shame Kit

New Years Eve is fast approaching, and as we all know that innocent midnight smooch sometimes turns into an all-night make out session. Don't get caught trying to use a piece of hair as floss, and your finger as a toothbrush in the early dawn... [More]

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birds oof paradise puzzle-s.jpg

Birds of Paradise Perpetual Puzzle

Bring the entire family together with the Birds of Paradise Perpetual Puzzle ($15). Since it's simple and never-ending, there's plenty of entertainment for people of all ages to go around. That's right - no stomach sinking feeling of being stumped by a puzzle. These tessellating... [More]

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Coal Candy

This bag of Coal Candy ($6) is for all of the naughty people on your list. This yummy cinnamon candy looks like real coal, but we'll let you in on a little secret; these little chunks of confection will temporarily turn your victims mouth blue.... [More]

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bowling knights-s.jpg

Bowling Knights Game

Check it: it's pronounced k-nig-its, but don't worry yourself with the intricacies of Monty Pythonisms... Just concern yourself with the loads of fun packed into the Bowling Knights Game ($25). The object of this clever table game is to uphold the knights code of honor... [More]

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marble game-s.jpg

Classic Marble Mat Game

Go old-school with the Classic Marble Mat Game ($15) by Channel Craft. The wrinkle resistant soft touch mat has a marble tournament grid that can be used indoors and out, so we can have fun anywhere. We don't even have to try to remember anything... [More]

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ZenCardz Arcane Playing Cards

If you've ever taken a look at a normal deck of playing cards, you'll notice that they're all more or less similar and rather dull. Zencardz now has released a special Signature line of playing cards for magicians and card sharks that they call "Arcane".... [More]

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Hearts Challenger Megaphone

Make a name for yourself, you modern day Norma Rae, you! Pull this Hearts Challenger Megaphone ($2500) out and let the world know your thoughts, ideas, or pet peeves. Covered in Swarovski crystals, it might not make you popular in rush hour traffic or long... [More]

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nowball launcher-s.jpg

The Snowball Launcher

Our brothers have met their match when we're armed with the The Snowball Launcher ($30). That's right ladies, launching softball-sized snowballs up to 50 feet in long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations is pretty empowering. We don't even have to get our hands cold and... [More]

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Lips: Number One Hits

Two words: office karaoke. Lips: Number One Hits Bundle ($54) for the Xbox 360 is the sequel to the original Lips singing game that came out last fall, and it's really aimed at the budding divas who missed it the first time around. The game... [More]

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