Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher

The deceptively simple Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher ($12) vastly increases both the range and speed of your water balloons, enabling you to hit your targets before their suspicions are aroused. It even comes with a bag of biodegradable balloons, so that your environmental conscience... [More]

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Popsicles Temporary Tattoos

We lack the commitment capacity for real tattoos, and that's probably a good thing. If we were to get ourselves inked, we'd almost certainly pick something silly, like a tribute to our favorite summer snack. And while that would make us happy for a day... [More]

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Bungee Jumping Squirrel Feeder

It's an undeniable fact: if there is seed, squirrels will eat it. You might as well admit defeat now and turn a pain in the rear into a source of hilarious entertainment by way of this Bungee Jumping Squirrel Feeder ($17). We're already daydreaming about... [More]

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Harry Potter Chopsticks

Accio rice bowl! We're going to be throwing our forks out the window once we get hold of these Harry Potter Chopsticks ($14), which are shaped like the magic wands of each of our favorite members of House Gryffindor. More specifically, we're picking up the... [More]

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Doctor Who License Plate Frame

We can't help but love this admittedly cheesy Doctor Who License Plate Frame ($9). And as it turns out, we're not alone. Since slapping this puppy on the Outblush Camry (which is sadly not bigger on the inside), we've attracted happy honks and waves from... [More]

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Playable Art Cube

After messing around with this Playable Art Cube ($20) for a while, we determined that it's basically a prettier, less irritating Rubik's cube. All of the pieces are interconnected and you can pull them apart and twist them around, but then you have to get... [More]

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Oblo Puzzle Sphere

The colorful 21-piece Oblo Puzzle Sphere ($20) is supposed to help kids develop their fine motor skills and spacial reasoning, which we're sure it does. In fact, maybe kids "get it" more than we do, because it takes us forever to take it apart and... [More]

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Cactus Cooler and Ring Toss

So it turns out there's still a little bit of college coed left in us. Our weekends are tamer, our skirts are longer, and the likelihood of our doing body shots is much lower, but we still think this Inflatable Cactus Cooler and Ring Toss... [More]

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Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler

We're tired of someone stealing the brownies out of our carefully packed lunches, so we're picking up this Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler ($20). We're sure our food-snatching co-worker will peek, of course. But if we put all of our snacks into Ziploc bags and bury... [More]

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Tentacle Doorstop

Want to keep the kids from snooping in your Christmas closet? Keep the door shut with this Tentacle Doorstop ($20), and tell them you managed to capture an alien inside that will de-petrify if anyone should be so foolish as to open the door. They... [More]

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Lipstick Flask

We're always on the lookout for shady ways to drink, and this Lipstick Flask ($13) certainly fits the bill. Pretend you're preparing to touch up your pout, then unscrew the top and sauce up that Sprite. Of course, it's about twice as big as an... [More]

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Famous Objects from Classic Movies for iPad

If you haven't already wasted hours of your day playing Famous Objects from Classic Movies online, we're sorry for just ruining your productivity. And if you're already familiar with the addictive game, you may be pleased to know it's now available for the iPad (FREE)... [More]

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Fredericks & Mae Morning Kite

We've never flown a kite as pretty as the Morning Kite ($64) by Fredericks & Mae. In fact, it's been quite a while since we've done any kite-flying at all! This beauty is certainly a motivator. All we need is a lightly windy day, a... [More]

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Zoo Playing Cards

A new deck of cards isn't something we treat ourselves to very often, but we're too smitten with these adorable Zoo Playing Cards ($12) to pass them up! The back of each card shows a little explorer peering into a cage, while the front shows... [More]

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Planet Robot Windup Toy

We've wanted a robot ever since we were kids. Well - not just any robot. If someone bought us a C-3PO, we'd probably hit it with a sledgehammer within a week. We prefer the buzz, whistle, and actually-get-things-done type. Sadly for us, the great technological... [More]

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Minesweeper Postcards

It's not enough that we've been addicted to Minesweeper for ten-plus years. Now we can fuel our addiction while we're off the grid, too. The Minesweeper Postcard ($2) comes in two difficulty levels, easy (80 bombs) and hard (120 bombs). We suppose we could actually... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Sarcasm Beer Coolie

We could argue that both beer and sarcasm go great with just about everything, but the Sarcasm Beer Coolie ($5) reminds us that they're especially effective when paired with each other. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy!... [More]

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Space Intruders Drink Markers

Nobody wants to end up drinking someone else's beer - or, far worse, have someone else snatching up your own. Custom beer koozies are one solution, but when your party includes more than just the usual suspects, turn to these Space Intruders Drink Markers ($4).... [More]

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Izola Three Sheets Flask

Our two summer obsessions - drinking and anything nautical - come together beautifully in this classy Three Sheets to the Wind Flask ($25). Cheers...er... Ahoy!... [More]

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LED Shoelaces

We're pretty amazed we haven't seen these LED Shoelaces ($7) before, considering the wide market for them. Here's a list of people we thought might be into these: Night joggers Ravers (is that still a thing? maybe this should be ex-ravers) Little kids Cyclists Disney... [More]

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