Ridley's House of Novelties Classic Compendium of Games

Do your children plague you with complaints of boredom every time you tell them to turn off the iPad for ten minutes? Maybe it's time for Ridley's House of Novelties Classic Compendium of Games ($18). This retro box is jammed with six different varieties of... [More]

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Fred 3-Piece ABC Gingerbread Cookie Cutters

Here's a recipe for fun. Use these Fred 3-Piece ABC Gingerbread Cookie Cutters ($10) to whip up a batch of sugary treats. Then give them to your kids, apologizing for the fact that someone else already started eating them, and take bets on what wins:... [More]

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A Tiny Celebration

Hurrah! You managed to find yourself an excellent parking spot at work three days in a row. The victory doesn't merit a party, per se, but it certainly could use a handful of glitter confetti ($8) and possibly a slice of cake from the bakery... [More]

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No evening in with friends would be complete without a hefty dose of humiliation. Accentuate ($32) is an ultra-simple game that serves it up in spades, forcing you to attempt to imitate a pile of foreign inflections. The included phrases would be silly enough when... [More]

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Finger Monster Tattoos

Fingers haven't been this creepy since somebody gave you a wet willie. These Monster Tattoos ($7) transform your digits into a horde of fanged horrors, just waiting to get themselves into your leftover Halloween candy stash.... [More]

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Various Projects Albino Pigeon

If you've always loved the underdog team, or if you've always adopted the smallest and scruffiest kitten of the litter, or if you've always felt like people just didn't ever quite understand you, well, we think you'll find a wonderful friend in this Albino Pigeon... [More]

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Pocket IQ Test

Forget thumb wrestling. Now there's an even better way to settle those tough debates: by figuring out who's got the bigger brain. This Pocket IQ Test ($10) is a portable, convenient way for you to try to prove your mental superiority over your friends and... [More]

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Mixology Dice

There's a big world of mixed drinks outside of mojitos and screwdrivers, and this set of Mixology Dice ($24) will help you discover it. (Just be sure to pace yourself.) The dice are engraved with a variety of spirits, sugars, liqueurs, fruits, herbs, spices and... [More]

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Aluminum Zombie Shelter Sign

Been stockpiling supplies for months (years?) in case zombies start invading the land? Kudos - when the apocalypse happens, we'll be knocking on your door (if we even make it that far). Think you could put up a sign so we know exactly where you're... [More]

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X-Ray Playing Cards

If you get schooled at your next poker night, don't blame the cards, even if you're playing with this X-Ray Deck ($13). Its spooky skull motif might be transparent, but your aces are thoroughly opaque when viewed from behind - which means it's just your... [More]

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Sigmund Freud Toothpaste

The perennial tricksters over at Archie McPhee present Sigmund Freud Toothpaste ($6). Tastes like bananas. Yes. They went there.... [More]

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Gazillion Bubble Hurricane

The Gazillion Bubble Hurricane ($17) isn't just a bubble machine. It's a soapy, blow-your-face-off party experience. Use this epic bubble generator to add a magical storm to your wedding or distract invading armies of small children.... [More]

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Ah, family game night - where Mom, Pop, and the little ones gather around the table to share some good, old-fashioned quality time. Unless the little ones are over 18, and have an unusually frank relationship with Mom and Pop, we do not recommend playing... [More]

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Pley Subscription

The thing about a LEGO set is, once you've completed it, there isn't much else you can do with it. Your creation will either sit on a shelf forever collecting dust or it will mysteriously begin to separate, piece by painful piece, slowly becoming the... [More]

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Hinge App

So our friends are always saying, "I have the perfect person for you." However we never seem to actually meet our match. Stop wasting time and download the Hinge app (Free) so you can take matters into your own hands. Hinge is available in many... [More]

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Jinx Removing Spray

Your car broke down, your cat ran away, and worst of all, you broke a heel on your favorite pair of pumps. It could just be bad luck - or maybe that witch you cut off in the grocery store parking lot the other day... [More]

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Nintendo Monopoly

If you're a child from the late '80s or early '90s, we have found the perfect board game for you. You'll enjoy endless hours of rolling the dice while you play Nintendo Monopoly ($40). This version features your favorite Nintendo characters like Mario, Donkey Kong,... [More]

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Secret Message Pills

The colorful capsules of these Secret Message Pills ($4) each contain a tiny scroll with just enough space for you to scratch out a few words of love or gratitude. Their tiny size also makes it easy for you to sneakily pass them along. Just... [More]

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Little Undertaker's Modest Pet Urn

Warning: Unless you are also the owner of a mini-crematorium, do not let your offspring entomb your beloved goldfish or gerbil in this Little Undertaker's Modest Pet Urn ($10) and then leave it sitting around the house. In fact, we recommend flushing Goldie and surreptitiously... [More]

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Andy Warhol Soup Can Puzzle

Make your own modern art masterpiece! This Andy Warhol Soup Can Puzzle ($18) lets you assemble a pop culture tribute on your coffee table. Best of all, when not in use, this cleverly packaged game makes for a fine decorative addition to your living room.... [More]

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