The Original Silly Putty

The Original Silly Putty ($8) in the original egg-shaped case. Accept no substitute.... [More]

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Pull String Petal Pinata

The purdy pink Pull String Petal Pinata ($54) (say that five times fast!) from Bella & Teo Boutique takes away the one downside of pinata parties: whiffing. The pull strings are a pleasant way to get guests involved without the potential embarrassment that comes from... [More]

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The Domo Dark Knight

Why is it that Batman dresses like a bat? To instill fear in his enemies? Something tells us that if we ran into the Domo Dark Knight ($14) in a dangerous alley, fear would not be our most immediate response.... [More]

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Prank Pack Crib Dribbler

So close to being a Doubtblush, had it been sincere! This hilarious Prank Pack Crib Dribbler ($8) is a realistically designed product box for a hamster bottle for babies - but it's really just an empty carton for you to put your real gift in!... [More]

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Doubtblush: Lighted Bocce Ball Set DELUXE Glow

Okay, so yes, we love to shop, but don't think for a second that everything out there is worthy of our glorious rave reviews. Doubtblush is here to remind you that although we seem to gush over a lot, there are certain things out there... [More]

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Smile Makers

Ramblin' Brands's set of Smile Makers ($54 each) will certainly give you something to grin about! The cheeky vibrators come in fireman, millionaire, tennis coach, and Frenchman. Each boasts a different area of expertise, but all come with the right shape and speed to stimulate... [More]

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Momiji Message Doll - Vixen

Just when you thought your life couldn't get any cuter, Momiji goes and invents a new way to communicate! The Momiji Message Dolls ($24) - like Vixen here - each have a hidden compartment for messages on the bottom. There are lots of styles to... [More]

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Zombie Bootcamp Experience for Two

Looking for the perfect romantic getaway? The Zombie Bootcamp Experience for Two ($243) combines the fun of war games with zombie fantasy, complete with weapons training and exercise missions. The "camp" is held in Worcestershire, England, so if you're Stateside, be prepared to tack on... [More]

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Insta-Luck Authentic Four Leaf Clover

Does it seem like the whole world is against you? Turn things around with this Insta-Luck Authentic Four Leaf Clover ($13). The botanical charm inside this little bottle has been carefully preserved, so you won't have to worry about your Insta-Luck going brown and shrively.... [More]

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Waring Popcorn Machine and Trolley

Waring Popcorn Machine & Trolley

The warmer weather means lots of parties in our future. We especially love going to carnival-themed parties for little kids, because they usually mean lots of junk food and fun! That being said, we can have our own party with the Waring Popcorn Machine &... [More]

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Suns Out Guns Out Kit

This Suns Out Guns Out kit ($45) might not contain everything we need to feel ready for summer - it would have to come with a personal trainer and a bunch of extra beer money for that - but it comes pretty darned close.... [More]

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Button Checkers Tablecloth

Cover up your card table in the sweetest way possible. The Button Checkers cloth ($24) drapes right over the icky vinyl and metal frame and comes with red and yellow buttons so you'll be well-prepared for a friendly competition. When you're not engaged in a... [More]

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Is it a puzzle? An action figure? A new best friend? Don't be so black-and-white - Cubebot ($20) is all of those things! This toy, inspired by traditional kumiki puzzles, is just a wooden block until you figure out how to unlock it - then... [More]

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USA Rivers & Lakes Map Puzzle

Are you up on your American geography? You'll need to be if you want to complete the gorgeous USA Rivers & Lakes Map Puzzle ($102). (We're pretty good with the outer edges of the country, but our recollection of the inner states gets fuzzy around... [More]

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Remote Control Zombie

It used to be that the only way to control a zombie was to go through years of voodoo medical school, but those days are over! With the Remote Control Zombie ($28), you manipulate the head, arms, and legs of this undead delight using a... [More]

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Personalized Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are great, but sometimes you want something a little more personal than a pond full of ducks or a hundred-year-old painting. With the Personalized Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle ($40), the center of the puzzle is your home address! Based on information from the USGS,... [More]

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Awkward Family Photos Board Game

Everyone's favorite website for making themselves feel better about their family portraits now has a board game! The Awkward Family Photos Board Game ($20) is the excuse you need to get together with friends and look through the site's hilarious family pictures gone bad. Let's... [More]

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EZC Playing Cards

This deck of EZC Playing Cards ($10) was created for easy viewing. The numbers and symbols are large and the colors are bold, and It's precisely these elements which make such it a good-looking deck. They even win out against our Darth-Vader-themed deck when we... [More]

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The Housewives Tarot

Practice the art of divination with the aid of some truly domestic goddesses with these Housewives Tarot cards ($17). The retro-fabulous artwork is weirdly appropriate (giant chocolate cake for The Devil, anyone?) and makes predicting your future that much more fun.... [More]

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ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron 2.0

Want to really drive a coworker insane? Stash this ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron 2.0 ($12) somewhere in their cubicle. This noisemaker is so tiny, it'll most likely take them weeks to find it. In the meantime, you'll be able to torture them with a choice of six... [More]

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