Essential 10: Keepin' Cooooooool

In case the image of four baby snow animals wasn't enough to cool your jets - here's a handy lists of tips and tricks meant to help you sister-soldier on in the summer heat.

1. Deep Gel Freeze: If you don't have AC snuggle up with one of these icy cool wonders ($7) at bedtime. They stay cold for a long time and you won't have to sleep-swim in a sea of sweaty mess.

2. Like it Spicy: Cultures located in hot and tropical climates often have considerably spicier food. Intense spice will induce sweating, cooling you off a few degrees in the process - bring on the Vindaloo!

3. Make it Shady: Keep your blinds down during the day when you're at work. It does help keep the general temperature of your home down.

4. Let it Breathe: Natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and linen are lighter and allow more air to pass through than synthetic fabrics. Looser clothing helps a lot too; again it lets more air circulate around your skin.

5. Keep a cool head... and feet: Our bodies radiate heat from the hands, feet, face, and ears so keeping these areas cooler will make you more comfortable over all.

6. Live in the Cross Airs: Place fans in pairs - facing each other across a room, on both sides of a bay window, etc... to create a cross breeze. Twindows ($20) are engineering's gift to the un-AC'd. One fan can be set to blow and one to exhaust, so you're pulling in fresh air and pulling out the breathed-up hot stuff. It makes a BIG difference.

7. Peppermint Me: Peppermint toners and foot creams abound, and with good reason - the herb has been praised for its cooling and comforting attributes by everyone from the ancient Greeks to modern physicians. Try a mint iced tea (which is also great for digestion) or a few dabs of peppermint oil on your temples.

8. Wet T-shirt Living: Again, for those of you sans AC keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge and hose the sleeves, chest, and neck of a cotton tee with cool water. Aim a fan in your direction and you'll be sitting pretty cool while you watch summer faves like So You Think You Can Dance.

9. Water, Water Everywhere: We're all for conserving water, but if you commute on public transit in a city and it's 90+ degrees out one shower just doesn't cut the mustard. Turn the temperature waaaaay down (not to the point where it's uncomfortable... more like lukewarm) - the cooler water will lower the surface temperature of your skin and eventually turn the heat down on your whole system. Even if you have to wash your hair in the morning - stand under a cold stream of water for a few minutes before bed - let the cool water soak into your scalp, it will give you chills in the best possible way. If you're feeling a little overheated during the day go to the bathroom and wash your hands and wrists in cold water for 2-3 minutes. Seriously - it's awesome.

10. Baby Powder: Put it fucking everywhere.

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