Kangaroo Side and Storage Table

We've always wanted an animal servant, but we haven't committed to any one species yet. The Kangaroo Side and Storage Table ($110) makes a compelling argument for the kangaroo - it's tall enough to hold a tray at a level comfortable to you, and it's... [More]

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Divano Tray Table

You never know when you might need a tiny table. Perhaps you find yourself short of a place to set down that afternoon glass of iced tea, or you need to keep that trashy romance novel within easy reach. This Divano Tray Table ($89) is... [More]

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Hobby Table

So he's supportive of your never-ending quest to be the Best Crafter Ever, but he'd appreciate being able to eat at the kitchen table without having to move yarn, glitter, stamps, and sixteen different paper punches. This Hobby Table ($350) is compact, easily movable, has... [More]

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Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

Want to give your home that old-fashioned wooden style, but with a dash of horror-film basement? Try the Woodsman Axe Coffee Table ($1439) - because even lumberjacks can have an eye for decor.... [More]

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Parquetry Nightstand

We certainly hope the chevron trend sticks around even longer than it already has, because at the rate we're going, we're going to have some sort of chevron in every room of the house. Our bedroom gets the understated and stylish Parquetry Nightstand ($349) for... [More]

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Signature Foosball Coffee Table

What should we do while we wait for the coffee to finish? Read a boring book or magazine...or play an adrenaline-pumping, competitive-side-showing game of foosball? The Signature Foosball Coffee Table ($547) eliminates the need for polite living-room conversation once and for all!... [More]

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Slate Coffee Table

Like postmodernism (or "pomo" as it's affectionately known)? What's mo' pomo than an asymmetrical pile of blank white slabs? This Slate Coffee Table ($659) is just the thing if your home has pomo but needs so'mo'!... [More]

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Champagne Cork Wire Cage Side Table

It's easy to outfit your house when you're a doll - everyday items can become state-of-the-art furnishings with a little imagination. But for us humans, if we want something like a champagne cork cage for a table, we have to buy a specially made one.... [More]

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Lily Pad Coffee Table

There's something about the power of three: Three Little Pigs, Three Amigos, Goldilocks and the Three Bears... And when it comes to construction, the triangle is the most structurally sound shape. With its three "lily pads" for balanced knickknack and art book distribution, Blu Dot's... [More]

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Victoria Bar Cart

Bring cocktail hour with you wherever you go with this Victoria Bar Cart ($595). And in addition to its providing you with a handy place to whip up those afternoon martinis, its turn-of-the-century style will make it a lovely addition to whatever room you decide... [More]

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Parallel Cantilever Table

Is your bedroom roughly the size of a shoebox? Use the Parallel Cantilever Table ($210) to keep the space stylish and modern while also saving room. The small table attaches to the bed and gives you a surface for a lamp, a book or two,... [More]

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Floating Tablecloth Table

It's like an optical illusion, but it also supports your coffee! From award-winning Danish designer John Brauer, the Floating Tablecloth Table ($269) is one of those simple-yet-satisfying concepts that's bound to get you a heap of compliments.... [More]

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Soapbox Long Leg Table

While we may never be able to quit IKEA (thanks to their easy prices and easy assembly), it is nice to own furniture that's got a little more in the way of sturdiness and longevity. The Long Leg Table ($190) from Soapbox is a step... [More]

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Checkers Game Table

How can you embrace the true spirit of summer lethargy with some ordinary end table by your side? Swap it out for this Checkers Game Table ($169) and not only will you have a convenient place to rest your drink, playing a round or two... [More]

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Echo Side Table

While the violet-colored cut glass on the Echo Side Table ($2,200) is reminiscent of Granny's quilting squares, it definitely brings a modern edge to your living space. You won't have to stock up on mothballs to keep it in pristine condition, either (but watch out... [More]

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Woodland Square End Table

Bring a little piece of the wilderness into your backyard. No, we're not talking about adopting a bear. This Woodland Square End Table ($499) is far less likely to raid your trash or terrorize the neighbors.... [More]

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Wire Side Table

The Wire Side Table ($495) reminds us of those stackable plastic milk crates that populated our college dorm rooms, except that it's much more sophisticated and grown-up. The idea remains the same: stack them, store your textbooks magazines and favorite books in them, and perch... [More]

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Medallion Cadiz Mosaic Accent Table

When we stumbled across this Medallion Cadiz Mosaic Accent Table ($40), our thought process went something like this: Hey, that's a pretty cute little accent table. Holy crap, it's only $40! Let's order four of them.... [More]

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Zuna Pedestal

Warning: your cat may try to squeeze itself into this Zuna Pedestal ($195). The nest of sturdy twigs and branches looks like a perfectly tempting kitty hiding place. We recommend you avoid putting anything fragile on top of this rustic piece, so that nothing will... [More]

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Orange Tray Table

Little tables like this cheerful one ($425) are must-have furniture. They're compact, so they won't take up too much room, and they're ridiculously versatile. You can stash one in the bathroom and lay out extra hand towels and little just-for-looking-not-for-washing hand soaps. You can use... [More]

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