Kahler Mano Storage Jar

This Kahler Mano Storage Jar ($74) is really cute for an inanimate object with no real features that could be interpreted as a face. Why do we find it so adorable? We'll attribute it to its shape - short and blobby - and its soft,... [More]

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Winged Woven Basket

Handwoven in Ghana with dyed elephant grass, this Winged Woven Basket ($20) is a cheerful, no-fuss way to keep things in place - from keys and mittens to mail and other items you'll need for your next trip out of the house. Plus, there's an... [More]

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The ICEbOX Makeup Organizer

So, bear with us here: We saw Kanye's new disasterpiece of a music video for "Bound 2", featuring Kim Kardashian. Girlfriend looked pretty damn good, especially with the more subtle makeup job than her usual gobs o' products. That reminded us of the time we... [More]

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Handmade Ceramic Drawer Wood Chest

Miniature, festive, handmade... This ten-inch-wide handmade wooden chest ($30) features lively painted ceramic drawers to contrast with those wooden* wooden drawers. Perfect for jewelry, and teeny-tiny underwear. *-Quick vocabulary lesson: "wooden" can also mean "passionless, blank, boring."... [More]

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Nest Vertical Shoe Rack

Short on space, big on shoes: sounds familiar, right? Let this Nest Vertical Shoe Rack ($115) help take the edge off the glut. This sleekly designed solution holds six pairs of shoes without giving you something else to trip over when you walk through the... [More]

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WAKU Home Storage System

Remember how much space those entertainment gadgets used to take up? A pair of hi-fi speakers and a cathode ray TV could take about three feet off the length of your living room. If you miss those good old days, get your hands on this... [More]

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Trophy Hooks

If only we had the wall space for a stunning display of (faux) taxidermy animal heads. They'd look so rustic-chic, plus we'd get to name them all...we're just going to have to hang these Trophy Hooks ($16 each). Even though they're small, we're definitely still... [More]

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Magical Thinking Geo Shelf

Your stuff is just going to end up in a random chaotic pile anyway - why not get a shelf that does it on purpose! The Magical Thinking Geo Shelf ($89) both holds your stuff and makes a mess of it so you don't have... [More]

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Swoop Bag

The Swoop Bag ($48) has a great flat-to-full design that makes cleanup a cinch, and if you don't care about organization, you can throw ALL THE THINGS into it, secure the drawstring, and stash it under the bed, in the closet, or in an out-of-the-way... [More]

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The SSB-1

When a shelf is too formal and the floor is too pedestrian, try out the Slotted System Bookcase ($129) (aka the SSB-1). Your books will sit on a handcrafted, meticulously sanded throne a foot above the ground and they will feel much more dignified for... [More]

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Chelsea Jewelry Armoire

My, what an innocent-looking, completely normal chest of drawers... Ha! That's just what the Chelsea Jewelry Armoire ($349) wants you to think! But when its top pops up and its sides unfold like bat wings, you'll know it's really a secret jewelry case!... [More]

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Dotted Suitcases

The accumulation of stuff is inevitable (after all, you are reading a shopping blog). When you find yourself staring at a massive collection of nail polish, or an endless pile of magazines, stash it all in a few Dotted Suitcases ($22) from The Land of... [More]

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Box Latches

Tired of cutting and re-taping those boxes in your basement or attic? These Box Latches ($8 each) are a handy alternative. Just slide them onto the flaps to keep them closed, and save yourself the trouble of scouring the house for a pair of scissors... [More]

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Matrix 12-Bottle Wine Rack

We've got a great wine collection, but keeping it hidden in a cupboard means we often forget about how many wonderful bottles we have. We're liking the modular look of this Matrix 12-Bottle Wine Rack( $60). It's got enough space to display the bottles we... [More]

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Schoolhouse Log Carrier

When the farmers' market is shuttered, and your reusable bags are languishing in a kitchen cabinet, take joy in bringing another kind of bag to the grocery store. This heavy cotton canvas carrier ($48) will help you lug your firewood in fashion. (Also works with... [More]

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Box SM.jpg

Mercer Jewelry Box

We love looking at ourselves in the mirror, and we love being organized. The Mercer Jewelry Box ($20, on sale) can help with both.... [More]

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Pottery Barn Doggie Row of Hooks

Sure, you could use this Doggie Row of Hooks ($44) for keys, purses, jackets, or any of your standard hang-able items, but you'd really be missing an opportunity to clear out that funky plastic bin in your closet and organize Fido's leash, extra collar, and... [More]

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Wood Bike Hanger

Modern sculpture or functional home item? Both, we think. This bike hanger ($380) ain't cheap, but your bike deserves the very best. Made of high quality oak and birch, this is going to seriously class up your entryway.... [More]

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To everyone who ever loved those little pin toys as a're welcome! The PinPres ($3,334) is what you always wanted: a human-sized pin toy that's technically a shelving unit, but, hey, it's not like they say you can't press your funniest poses into it!... [More]

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Calm Cat Un Vide Poche Tray

It's another cat-themed item, yes, but we like this one more for the story it's telling. What's going on between the cat and dog? Why doesn't that cat jump on something higher, like the mantle behind it? Why is the cat in the foreground so... [More]

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