Daisy Roll Holder

No bathroom storage? No problem. Convert your TP rolls into an art installation until it's time to use them with this clever (if not a bit awkward) Daisy Roll Holder ($18).... [More]

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industrial storage-s.jpg

Retro Industrial Storage Units

How the Retro Industrial Storage Units ($98 for short, $198 for tall) manage to make locker doors cute, we're not sure. We do know the wooden tops and shelves add some warmth to all that metal, and the soft white and baby blue color choices... [More]

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perfume bottles-s.jpg

Egyptian Glass Bottles

Store perfume, mouthwash, astringent, liquor, and any other liquid you require a glass-on-glass closure for in Egyptian Glass Bottles ($55). These handmade pretties are sure to add some interest to the countertop.... [More]

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My Stache Jar

Sure, you could use this cute My Stache Money Jar ($15) to keep extra cash in, but we picture keeping our recreational drugs airtight and fresh in this little mustachioed container. Oh and just to clear things up, our recreational drug of choice is chocolate... [More]

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Jenna Rose Handmade Honeycomb Bucket

We're always keeping an eye out for good containers - that's the only way we keep our life even remotely organized. This Honeycomb Bucket ($46) is currently housing a scarf we're knitting, but we've also used it to corral remotes, hold our hats and gloves... [More]

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LEGO Project Storage Case

We seem to be on a storage kick lately, despite our resistance to making any New Year's resolutions whatsoever. Anyway, this LEGO project storage case ($12) is supposedly for, um, LEGO (and it even comes with one of those flat green squares that passes for... [More]

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Como Drop-Front Shoe Box

We're not exactly saying that we're easily amused, but we are saying that when we ran across one of these this past weekend, we had way too much fun pulling the little door open and then letting it snap back shut thanks to the tiny... [More]

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Sobral Collage Small Treasure Box

While we are often pushing sleek, simple designs, we'd be lying if we didn't love a little chaos every now and then in our decor, like this Sobral Collage Small Treasure Box ($140). Covered in various resin shapes, we think it's a fitting vessel for... [More]

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ribbon jewelry stand-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand

Oh my gosh, a new object of our affection in the bauble storage department. We've seen trees, hands, bird topped branches, fleur de lis, and everything else you could imagine to keep our jewels organized. The Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand ($15) is a welcome new... [More]

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hand job  coat rack-s.jpg

Hand Job Coat Hook

Calm down, squares, the name of the Hand Job Coat Hook ($160) is supposed to be provocative, but the design is clever. All the gestures of the rainbow (thumbs up, wave, shake, ok, up yours, and rock) are represented in this hilarious hook display. The... [More]

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jewelry cabinet-S.jpg

Wellspring Vanity Cabinet

All those jewelry gifts strewn across your desk are good for walk-by admiration, but c'mon, they need an equally cute storage container. We're liking the wood and ceramic Wellspring Vanity Cabinet ($100). The painted pulls and drawers give this a folksy feel that makes us... [More]

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Crystal Package Pillbox

The Crystal Package Pillbox ($225) holds our favorite gift to ourselves - pills! This sweet box does more than join the ranks of our tiny container collection, it gives us license to start up that drug habit that we've always wanted (so glamorous .. kidding).... [More]

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butterfly lovers chesst-s.jpg

Culture Club: Wisteria Butterfly Lovers Handpainted Chest

If over the top is the direction you're headed in your decor, consider the curvaceous Wisteria Butterfly Lovers Handpainted Chest ($909). The distressed finish would lend itself nicely to shabby chic spaces, but it could add something unique in an all black and white room... [More]

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OXO Modular Wine Rack

Our one qualm with the OXO Modular Wine Rack ($20) - we wish it weren't clear. The cool honeycomb shape would be more apparent in a solid color. Everything else about it is peachy though. Love that we can rearrange the composition of these six-sided... [More]

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These Creatures Whale Shelf

We constantly buy organizational tools in the hope that they'll keep us from losing all the little odds and ends we use (and lose) daily. However, we're not just buying this Whale Beauty/Accessories Shelf ($48) to keep track of our contact lenses and mascara. We're... [More]

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ATM Piggy Bank

Hello Kitty ATM Piggy Bank

Isn't it ironic? The ATM Piggy Bank ($27) allows you to store and hold on to your coin instead of withdrawing (and possibly depleting) all your hard earned savings. Anyway we're digging it because it's kind of like a grown-up piggy bank for those of... [More]

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tacsche chair tote-s.jpg

Ann Lorenz Home Traveller

Our pile situation would seem significantly more spruced up if we could get our hands on the Ann Lorenz Home Traveller ($Inquire). This handbag-furniture combo can easily be carried from one place to another for instant variety in a space. AND it's more neutral than... [More]

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Mirage Augmentable Wine Rack

Sometimes you have a lot of wine. Sometimes you have a little wine. (Those times usually correspond with proximity to payday.) Since it bums us out to look at empty slots that should be filled with bottles, the Mirage Augmentable Wine Rack ($50) is clearly... [More]

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Script Coat Rack

It's dramatic, but easygoing. Organized, but not too organized. The Script Coat Rack ($128) is like one of those very valuable friends who's really interesting and attractive and fun but doesn't make us feel inferior.... [More]

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Luxembourg Side Table Bar with Wheels

What's better than a fully stocked mini bar? One that follows you around your apartment. Gin and tonic? Don't mind if we do. Luxembourg Side Table Bar with Wheels ($844).... [More]

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