Coca Wildlife Cuddle Chair

On those overcast days, when all you want to do it throw on a pair of yoga pants, slip on a comfy tee and curl up with a book, the Coca Wildlife Cuddle Chair ($3,800) provides a soft landing spot.... [More]

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Coffee Fellow Beanbag

Coffee is one of life's most delectable pleasures. We've often dreamed of swimming in a giant vat of it. Don't be completely grossed out - we'd bathe prior to, and following said swim. The Coffee Fellow Beanbag ($299) is a much more sanitary, much less... [More]

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Battersea Sofette

The colors. The style. The botanical flavor. We think the Battersea Sofette ($2998) will be perfection in a tiny space that needs some seating, and some extra love. With button tufting, fan-shaped back and built for two seating - all we need is the second... [More]

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Caira Mandaglio Beauborg Desk Chair

We've fallen victim to some serious lust over the Caira Mandaglio Beauborg Desk Chair ($INQUIRE). Created by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano for the Pompidou Centre in Paris, this specimen comes from 1977. The frame is made of galvanized metal and comes with the original... [More]

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Opulent Items Multi Sectional Sofa

Are you looking for the perfect sofa, but can't decide upon a color? It's hard to commit, isn't it? The Multi Sectional Sofa ($7,500) will work perfectly with any number of color schemes. We just love it when our lives are simplified.... [More]

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You Tell Us: Autum Heretic

Autum's website chastises us: Your couch is boring. We don't disagree, but we were thinking about maybe getting a new throw or a floral slipcover, not purchasing a modified coffin to sit in! Despite a little weirdness, the Heretic ($4500) is a pretty slick looking... [More]

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courtship chair-s.jpg

Tete-à-Tete Rocker

We took a rain check on Valentine's Day festivities, but the Tete-à-Tete Rocker ($Inquire) by Laurie Beckerman has us dreaming of cuddle time. Actually, staring deeply into each other's eyes and rocking gently can only give us a wicked case of sexual tension. We'd second... [More]

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Jonathan Adler Claude Walnut Gossip Bench Set

Oh, how delightful to park our seats on the Jonathan Adler Claude Walnut Gossip Bench Set ($1890). This gorgeous retro bench features Walnut with brushed brass accents, and two drawers for random bits. Of course we won't actually use it for gossiping (still trying to... [More]

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Bookworm Cardboard Stool

We would like to be bookworms. We would like to be the type of girls that read everything on the New York Times Best Seller List. Sadly, our lives dictate otherwise. We'll at least furnish our surroundings in such a way so as to pretend... [More]

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Nine-O Swivel Armchair

We admit that one of the major reasons for us crushing on the Nine-O Swivel Armchair ($775) is the ability to spin. Yes, we are juvenile, but sometimes the only thing that breaks the monotony of a work day, is a spin break! Besides the... [More]

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NK Pouf Ottoman

We don't know whether to sit on the NK Pouf Ottoman ($300), stare at them, or use them as a decorate piece in our upcoming Harem themed party. But damn, they're pretty. These indoor and outdoor ottomans feature button detailing and a tucked top cushioning.... [More]

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Herman Miller Marshmallow Sofa

The result of a collaborative and experimental effort between designers George Nelson and Irving Harper, this sofa came about when they took an inventor's plastic disc, arranged them on a steel frame, and created a masterpiece. The Herman Miller Marshmallow Sofa ($3099) is guaranteed to... [More]

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Landon Accent Chair

We can't honestly tell you that we walk into Macy's on a regular basis to look at furniture. Oh sure, we glance as we're strolling toward the departments we normally visit, but we had to stop when we found this Landon Accent Chair ($599/On Sale).... [More]

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Sparrow Glider

It's sleek. It's modern. It's built for comfort. It wants to live in your home. The Sparrow Glider ($999).... [More]

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Vivid Ottoman

Give your living room or office a jolt of color with the Vivid Ottoman ($40). This glam little guy features a white lacquered base and a pop-art, comfy cubic ottoman. Make 2011 vibrant... start with your surroundings!... [More]

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Custom Kenter Slipper Chair

One of us spent the holidays with a friend who is looking for accent seating. She needs two chairs that aren't all "matchy-matchy" with her dining room chairs, but will coordinate when she needs to pull them in, and one chair for a lonely corner... [More]

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The Malibu Handle Diner Chairs

We've told you about our friend Abbie. Abb loves all things retro and can make it work in any style home. She's a big fan of the 50's diner look and rocks it in her home like you would not believe. These are just the... [More]

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Open Wood Stool

Whether you see hallow bone, or ode to the forest, the Open Wood Stool ($329) is sure to have you seeing a sweet new addition to your living room. Hand carved from solid sustainably harvested hardwood, this gorgeous stool allows for stacking on and in.... [More]

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Vange's Desile Folding Chairs

We don't know if we could afford enough of Vange's Desile Folding Chairs ($335) to supply seating for an entire party; but if we could... how cool would they be! The sustainability of its bamboo make-up and its pancake flat closed state makes this chair... [More]

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skitsch chair-s.jpg

Madeira Transparent Back Chair

We didn't think your basic stackable chair could be as elegant as the Madeira Transparent Back Chair ($209) by Marc Sadler. Looking over the plastic-recycled-wood fusion seat and transparent back, we admit defeat.... [More]

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