A Fall Gift of Home Savings at Rite Aid

*Sponsored Post So it's past Labor Day, so what? We'll still wear white if we want to, have bonfires at the beach, and have parties out by the barbie (grill, for those of you who haven't heard an Outback commercial). But all that fun in... [More]

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glider chair-s.jpg

Glider Chair with Tray

Nothing than sounds nicer than enjoying a cocktail in the garden right now, and with the Glider Chair with Tray ($117) by Jack Post we may just drift into dreamland we'll be so comfortable. The design is classic, and the side tray is large enough... [More]

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Flensted Birdfeeder Mobile

Hand-crafted in Denmark, the Flensted Birdfeeder Mobile ($54) is sure to entrance armchair ornithologists and nature lovers alike. The elements of the birdfeeder are in constant motion, but always carefully, harmoniously balanced. Fill the net sacks with birdseed balls, (get your mind out of the... [More]

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flower fountainhead-s.jpg

Recuperando Great Flower Fountain Fixture

Lovely. The Italian antique restorers and revivalists have made us something special for our monumental fountains. The Recuperando Great Flower Fountain Fixture ($200) has all the right ingredients - gleaming gold contours, a trendy floral motif, and perfect dreamy form and function. Now we just... [More]

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Swing with the Plants

Whether your fantasy has always been to swing around on a vine, a la Tarzan & Jane, or a more prosaic wish to have an ivy-entwined swing on your front porch because, gosh darnit to heck and all, it’s romantical, the Swing with the Plants... [More]

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Pottery Barn Bristol Lantern

Perfect for those summer dinners on the patio, these ">Pottery Barn Bristol Lanterns ($39) are the ultimate in chic outdoor lighting. This classic lantern now has a new preppy twist and comes in a wonderfully refreshing white colorway which seems to magically enhance its nighttime... [More]

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Come In/Go Away Doormat

Depending on your mood, visitors are either a)A blessing. Thank God you’re here- I was desperate for someone to talk to! Or b)Get the hell away from my doorstep: I have a Bible/I don’t need a new vacuum/I already bought and ate ten boxes of... [More]

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Vintage Oil Cloth Tablecloth

With this economy we know that you’re looking for fun romantic things to do with your guy that won’t cost and arm and a leg. Here’s three fun things to do that are practically free and you can do them all with this one super... [More]

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Sardine Can Survival Kit

Being prepared for anything is a must for any parent of multiples, especially a single parent. For Kate Gosselin, wrangling eight kids on her own is going to be a huge challenge, but this Sardine Can Survival Kit ($10) could be a super useful purse... [More]

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Obelisk by Dedon

Whoa. This is just... Amazing. Like something M.C. Escher would create for his own backyard paradise. The Obelisk by Dedon (~$5000) is an all-in-one patio furniture set of four lounge chairs & coffee table that can be stored in a vertical obelisk to save space.... [More]

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Burt's Bees Bug Bite Relief

Ouch, ouch, ouch…those mosquitoes are NOT kidding around right now.(Minnesota, you have our sympathies!) Are you as eaten up as we are? If you are, stock up on Burt's Bees Bug Bite Relief ($6.50). This stuff is heaven in a tube. It smells wonderful, like... [More]

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Perch Mason Jar

These lovely Perch Mason Jars ($52) designed by Amy Adams can hold a lot more than flowers - you could add a straw & fill it with your favorite summer hooch. Now, we’re not suggesting moonshine, it's just that if you have it... you know... [More]

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Masterbuilt Veranda Stainless-Steel Propane Grill

As y’all know, @chelseaharms was our big SlotRadio winner (congrats again!), and her eloquent suggestion was “the best Father's Day gift = a propane grill and the entire James Bond collection on Blue Ray topped off with a 6 pack of beer.” We couldn’t agree... [More]

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Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers

Fire up some serious fun this summer, with these amazing Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers ($14). Set of two stainless steel skewers are designed to bend and twist easily, securing twice as much yummy kabob food, while also allowing you to stuff finished skewers in... [More]

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Retromodern Mini Grill

If you're living in a pint sized apartment and secretly grilling on the fire escape when your landlord is out (not that we've ever done this or anything), then this Retromodern Mini Grill ($98) will definitely hit the spot, so to speak. Described as a... [More]

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Filigree Hummingbird Feeders

Aaaa-nnnd, we're back with Day Two of our must-read Mother's Day Gift guide. To kick it off, the spotlight's on these fabulous Filigree Hummingbird Feeders ($40). Handmade with love in Mexico, the thick-walled feeders feature graceful etchings of sweeping florals and delicate hummingbirds. Each is... [More]

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Butterfly Bistro Set

When was the last time you had a good tea party? You were probably serving water and toadstool caps to your entourage of stuffed animals, weren't you? Yeah, us too, but this dainty Butterfly Bistro Set ($527) brings that outdoor dining urge back. Made of... [More]

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Radius BlitzGrill

Grilling is so not just a "guy thing" anymore, and the Radius BlitzGrill (~$6,000) proves that point without even trying—kinda like you behind the BBQ. Assembled and ready for action in five minutes flat, the stainless steel grill offers effortless gas cooking (see ya, smoky... [More]

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Fairies Stone

Upon discovering this Fairies Stone ($20) we seriously laughed out loud, and your garden guests will, too. After all, every outdoor oasis needs a sense of humor, and it's important to watch out for the evil creatures that just may dwell there. Hence, "Don't Piss... [More]

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Folding Bird House

Treat your feathered friends to a little contemporary cool this spring—a Folding Bird House ($50). Made of white-painted steel, this mod feeder arrives flat packed. Fold it upright, attach the wooden perch and then hang with a durable metal "string."... [More]

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