USB Retro Mini Desktop Fan

The chance that your office building's air conditioning will the fritz at least once before the end of the summer is pretty high. (And it always seems to happen during the hottest part of the season!) Plugging in a USB Retro Mini Desktop Fan ($12)... [More]

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Salad Zinger

While we've made peace with the idea that we'll be munching on rabbit food regularly for the rest of our lives (apparently a diet of tacos and ice cream isn't too nutritionally sound), we'll always be looking for new ways to spruce up lettuce. Much... [More]

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Custom Map Wine Bottle Stoppers

Put that bottle down! There's no need to guzzle the whole thing if you can keep it fresh with one of these Custom Map Wine Bottle Stoppers ($32). Just think of how much you'll enjoy seeing that map snippet of your favorite city or town... [More]

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Feather Bottle Opener

No matter how many bottle openers you have, they're all mysteriously absent when you need to crack open a cold one. But this Feather Bottle Opener ($8) is pretty enough to keep out in the open - perhaps attach a magnet and affix it to... [More]

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Impress Coffee Brewer

French press for one...on the go? Sign us up! The clever Impress Coffee Brewer ($40) from Gamila makes it oh-so-easy to indulge in the rich taste of pressed coffee on a daily basis. Add both your coffee and hot water, wait for three minutes, press... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Bird BottleClip

Stash a few BottleClips ($7) in your purse or your office drawer for an easy way to top your water and take it with you. It'll clip right to your backpack or purse as you commute to work during the week or prepare for a... [More]

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Mini Elephant Fan

It doesn't look anything like an elephant, but who cares? We love that this Mini Elephant Fan ($75) makes it possible to direct a refreshing breeze right where you need it, without scattering Post-its and papers all over your cubicle.... [More]

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Ready Bright Power Outage LED Lighting System

Quit stumbling through the dark with the help of this Ready Bright Power Outage LED Lighting System ($80). When those summer storms wipe out your electricity yet again, these battery-operated lights turn on to illuminate your way to important locations around the house like your... [More]

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Hunter 7" York Style Personal Fan

We can't afford to keep our homes as frigidly air-conditioned as a Las Vegas casino or our chilly office building. But we can afford this Hunter 7" York Style Personal Fan ($25), which is available in five colors, has two speeds, and is lightweight enough... [More]

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Giving Tree MacBook Decal

Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree taught us the importance of giving, sharing, and selflessness. We loved that book so much, as soon as we saw the Giving Tree MacBook Decal ($11), we just had to have it all to ourselves!... [More]

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SnūzNLūz Wifi Donation Alarm Clock

Ready to get serious about your wake-up call? (And we mean serious. Those of you merely paying lip service to getting out of bed on time should stop reading and run away now.) This SnūzNLūz Wifi Donation Alarm Clock ($40) isn't screwing around. Connect it... [More]

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8-Bit iPad Sleeve

The icon from the 8-Bit iPad Sleeve ($39) makes us feel old - we remember that "retro" envelope like it was yesterday. Can't younger generations be more respectful of where the vintage cutoff lies?... [More]

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Turtle Shell Boombox

The aptly named Turtle Shell Boombox ($150) can take a beating. Wirelessly stream your tunes through it during all of your outdoor adventures. It's dustproof, water-resistant, and boasts a tough exterior that protects its delicate bits from breaking despite any rough handling and falls that... [More]

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Smart Finder Remote Key Finder

If you're like us, we don't need to explain why the Smart Finder Remote Key Finder ($20) is an invention ten times better than sliced bread ever was!... [More]

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MUJI Splash-Proof Speaker

Need an easy way to play your favorite music while you and your friends lounge by the pool? The MUJI Splash-Proof Speaker ($70) is super duper perfect. Just toss in a few batteries and plug in your phone, and your favorite Spotify playlist will be... [More]

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The Ultimate Geek Pen

We like Swiss Army knives, but they're so violent! We boardroom warriors and cubicle soldiers need that Swiss Army efficiency, but with fewer stabby things. The Ultimate Geek Pen ($12) includes a ballpoint pen, a stylus tip, a flashlight, a laser pointer, and a UV... [More]

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Pink Spider Catcher

You think all life is sacred. You respect a bug's right to live. But as soon as you see that spider in your shoe, all that philosophy leaves your body in a panicked scream! There's good news for both you and your leggy friends: the... [More]

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USBCELL Rechargeable AA Batteries

Old Technology, meet New Technology! If you're sick of electronics that don't have an iPhone jack, check out these USBCELL Rechargeable AA Batteries ($17) - just uncap them and plug them into any computer!... [More]

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Shellphone Loudspeaker

We firmly believe we were mermaids in our past lives, which is probably why the second we laid eyes on this Shellphone Loudspeaker ($75) we were immediately convinced that we HAD TO HAVE IT. We're hoping that when we use it for conference calls, we'll... [More]

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746 Phone

We know land lines are going the way of the dinosaurs in favor of more convenient technologies. But we're pretty sure they'll soon make a comeback. Be prepared with the totally retro-styled 746 Phone ($68). The cool colors and faux roto dial (they're actually push... [More]

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