Dungeon Keytag

Various Projects makes a plethora of these great keytags, each one sporting a descriptive word or two, like liquor cabinet, new boyfriend, unknown, and adventure. Our absolute favorite, however, is the dungeon tag ($15). We don't have a dungeon, per se, but that doesn't mean... [More]

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Stem Cabinet Hooks

Kitchen towels too fat to fit through the handle of that oven rack? Does hanging them on your drawer pulls end up being a prelude to a plummet to the floor? Fear not: there's a handy way to hang up whatever gear you need close... [More]

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We know; how often is there actually leftover wine? But on the off chance you have a night when you don't feel like guzzling the whole bottle, the Capabunga ($8 for two) will help keep your grape juice fresh for the next evening's drinking. Best... [More]

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Safe-T Design Fire Extinguishers

Do you settle for wearing a pair of boring black flats when you could slip on something seriously stylish? Of course not. So why would you put out those occasional grease fires with an ordinary fire extinguisher when instead you could snuff the flames with... [More]

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Bluelounge MiniDock

Simplify, simplify, simplify. This is what we're always trying to do. Of course, we simplify by buying more things to make our lives simpler, but that's beside the point. The latest simplification comes in the form of this iPhone MiniDock ($20-40) which eliminates the need... [More]

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Soulfun Party Snails

How did we ever manage to throw a party without the help of Soulfun's Party Snails ($16 for six)? These little dudes slip right onto the rims of your glasses so guests can tell them apart. And when the last partygoer leaves for the evening,... [More]

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Mock us if you will - we freely admit we deserve it - but sometimes we don't use our iPads because it's too dang annoying to have to hold them up. It's not that we have particularly weak or tiny T. rex arms, its just... [More]

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Army Man Bottle Opener

We used to love watching those little toy army men fall from our second-story window as the parachutes helped them slowly float to safety. But we're adults now. Sigh. Thank goodness we can still bring back some memories of the good ol' days with this... [More]

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usb typewriter keyboard small.jpg

USB Typewriter Keyboard

This snazzy piece of equipment is more functional than it looks. Hook the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard ($699) up to your computer (iPads and tablets work too!) and insert paper to print drafts and save your work simultaneously. Yes, having that instantaneous printout will make... [More]

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Whale SM.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Jokari Whale Faucet Fountain

Talk about a cheap thrill - what could be more thrilling than turning your own faucet into a whale-shaped water fountain? The Jokari Whale Faucet Fountain ($4) attaches to your existing faucet. When you lift the whale's mouth, the water shoots out of its blowhole,... [More]

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Bolt Power Strip

Shazam! Now you can harness the power bestowed upon you by, if not a wizard, a complex electrical grid. The Bolt Power Strip ($25) is a clever update to one of the most boring, beige, yet necessary household accessories around.... [More]

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Organizing your office has never been so much fun! We're even thinking of picking up a few extra to put in our kitchen, our bathroom, our garage...okay, you get the idea. Get a few for yourself and place them wherever your heart desires to make... [More]

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Nostalgia Electrics Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Popcorn is a great healthy snack - or would be, if you didn't fry it up in oil or nuke it in a bag full of shady cheese-flavored chemicals. This Nostalgia Electrics Hot Air Popcorn Popper ($20) gets those kernels fluffed with nothing more than... [More]

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Tired of choosing between a sore back from drawn out sessions of plucking LEGO pieces off of the floor and sore feet from walking on tiny sharp plastic objects? Meet the Toydozer ($15). This dustpan-style device makes it simple to scoop up those odds and... [More]

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Deluxe Tealight Candle Carver

Turn the produce aisle into a thrilling source of home decor possibilities with this Deluxe Tealight Candle Carver ($11). This handy gadget makes it a breeze to transform everything from kiwis to tiny pumpkins into glowing table centerpieces. Just make sure to toss them in... [More]

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Newgate Dome Alarm Clock

Every morning when it goes off, you're tempted to throw it out the window. At least if you pick out an alarm clock with some redeeming qualities, it'll be less likely to end up smashed on the pavement. The funky mod design of this Newgate... [More]

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Cast Iron Match Striker

Whether you keep it by the fireplace, with your candle collection, or strategically placed on the bathroom counter, this Cast Iron Match Striker ($65) will make those lucifers as decorative as they are practical.... [More]

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Road Trip Jar Bank

Your saved-up loose change may not get you much more than a tank of gas and a burger in the next town over, but the idea behind the Road Trip Jar Bank ($10) is sound. If you can toss in some fives or tens as... [More]

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Vintage Faucet Style Drawer Pull Knobs

Woo! You scored an old-but-new-to-you dresser at an estate sale! Now comes the fun part: the restoration. Once you've sanded, primed, and painted, attach a few Vintage Faucet Style Drawer Pull Knobs ($15 for two) as a finishing touch.... [More]

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Wireless Video Doorbell

Make sure that knock on the door is someone selling cookies and not handing out pamphlets or asking for cash with this Wireless Video Doorbell ($200). You'll be able to spy on whoever's out there from the comfort of your couch by way of the... [More]

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