Enamel Wall Sconces

We would be hard-pressed to choose just one or two of these Enamel Wall Sconces ($60) from onefortythree. After seeing them affixed to the wall all together, we're convinced we need to collect all six colors and create a rainbow with them. Who needs art... [More]

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Rejuvenation Sunset Pendant Light

For some, Halloween decor means throwing up a few cobwebs and calling it a day. For others, it involves dropping a a mortgage payment or two on a full-time fixture like the Rejuvenation Sunset pendant light ($2,215). Hang this in your entryway and even if... [More]

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Maison Martin Margiela Luminous Night-Light

We already knew about designer shoes, coats, bath towels and ottomans. But we never thought label-hunger could extend to seeing our way to those midnight fridge raids. This Maison Martin Margiela Luminous Night-Light ($65), however, boasts a seriously couture name and a stylish vintage-inspired look.... [More]

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Porcelain Woodland Nightlight

What creatures of night lurk in the darkness of your room? If that question brings to mind a host of creepies likely to keep you from sleeping soundly, you might want to pick up one of these Woodland Nightlights ($10). It's a lot harder to... [More]

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Constellation Pendant Lamp

Nothing says romance like a night under the stars - unless it's accompanied by either cold-numbed toes or warm-weather-loving mosquitos. With one of these Constellation Pendant Lamps ($119), however, you can create the atmosphere of a make-out-worthy night sky in the comfort of your living... [More]

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Kozo Man Desk Lamp

Thank God he's on our side! Kozo Man ($500) has a Wall-E-esque charm, plus he's a great source of light. We're a little confused about that spigot between his legs, though...... [More]

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Babylon Light

You can now channel one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World at home. The Babylon Light ($434) is a plantable powder-coated aluminum fixture ready to hold your very own hanging garden. Granted, it's going to take some effort on your part to get... [More]

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Brooklyn Gin Lamp with Copper Shade

Are you a gin-loving girl? Then why not incorporate the basis for your favorite cocktails into your home decor? This Brooklyn Gin Lamp with Copper Shade ($130) transforms a vintage-style bottle of small batch booze into a stylish accessory.... [More]

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Moravian Star Ceiling Mount Light

Want a ceiling lamp with some serious decorative oomph, but lack the space for a fancy chandelier? This fixture ($189) adds distinction to even lower-ceilinged spaces without giving you something you'll knock your head into.... [More]

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FlapFlap°10 Floor Lamp

When your life gets turned upside down, it's nice to have something anchored to the ground. And even if your life isn't turned upside down, the FlapFlap°10 Floor Lamp ($221) is still nice to have - like, just look at it!... [More]

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Mini Kitchen Colander Pendant Light

Who would've thought the same thing you use to drain your penne would make such a cheerful addition to your kitchen lighting scheme? This Mini Kitchen Colander Pendant Light ($82) is both playful and colorful, and with a Bakelite plug and cloth-covered cord, boasts just... [More]

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Chord Pendant Lamp

As cellulite, termites, and poison ivy remind us, sometimes less is more. The saying certainly holds true for this simple, sophisticated Chord Pendant Lamp ($80). .... [More]

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Looseleaf Pendant Shade

Once you add this world map lampshade ($29) to your house along with your world map shower curtain, you're going to be absolutely killing it on Trivia Night.... [More]

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Dowood Table Lamps

We have a feeling that these trendy Dowood Table Lamps ($195-235) from Colonel won't necessarily stand the test of time. In twenty years, the brightly-colored, geometric-patterned lamps will probably look dated and silly. But you know what? Twenty years is forever away, and by then,... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Exposition Quad-Loop Filament Bulb

It's beautiful, right? For most of us, a lightbulb is just a lightbulb. We buy them because if we didn't, we'd run into things at night. But this filament bulb (from $8) is so much more, a throwback to a design patented by Thomas Edison... [More]

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Alien Abduction Lamp

Remember in the '90s when aliens existed? Funny how UFO sightings declined as smartphones arose. Relive the good old days when the truth was out there with the Alien Abduction Lamp ($104).... [More]

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White Rabbit Lamp

Follow this sweet white rabbit into your dreams. Leave the lamp ($85) on as a comforting night-light or just use it when your day needs a little brightening. We know this item is suggested for kids' rooms, but we're guessing people of all ages would... [More]

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Cardigan Pendant Lampshade

For the yarn enthusiast who is already wearing a knit hat, scarf, sweater, and slippers: extend your love of all things knit to your home! As the website notes, the Cardigan Pendant Lampshade ($50) "comes in three different colors to match whatever sweater you're wearing... [More]

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Wooden Bulb Lamp

Here's an idea: let's surround the light bulb with a lamp in the shape of a light bulb! The Wooden Bulb lamp ($200) may be aggressively tongue-in-cheek, but that soft gridded shadow does give the room a nice glow.... [More]

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Smartphone Lightbulb

It's only a few steps away, but when you're snuggled up on the couch that walk to the switch seems like an Antarctic expedition. Good thing we live in the future! Screw in the Smartphone Lightbulb ($40) and you can turn it off and on,... [More]

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