You Tell Us: Enchanted Chandelier

Yes, this Enchanted Chandelier ($1975) is lovely and ethereal (does it come with dryads and sprites?), but we can't quite decide if we'd wanna fork over 2 grand for faux greenery wrapped around a standard iron chandelier. So. You tell us!... [More]

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Imm Living Flashlight Lamps

Imm Living Flashlight Lamps ($42-45) are a smaller, friendlier version of a spotlight. Hang one anywhere you want a nice, soft glow.... Mood lighting, anyone?... [More]

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Camefeo En Barrocco Lamp

Mixing classic Victorian cameo silhouettes with ironic hipster style, this Camefeo En Barrocco Lamp-in-a-Box ($65) is just plain adorable. Stand is made from brushed nickel, and shade from eco-friendly 100% biodegradable plastic. See more cameo lamps.... [More]

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wood chandelier-s.jpg

Washed Wood Tassel Chandelier

After what seems like an eternity, it's happened: we grow tired of sparkle. Surpass glitz with the handsome Washed Wood Tassel Chandelier ($999). So much can be said about steadfast design simplicity, and the balance of understated decorative drops and strong au naturale wood materials... [More]

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Bloom Flower Lamp

Who couldn't use a little extra light and a little extra cute in their rooms? We know we could! Just clip the Bloom Flower Lamp ($30) to any chair or table and you've got instant pretty with green, white or pink flowers. Great for a... [More]

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honeycomb lamp-s.jpg

Honeycomb Table Lamp

Clean and contemporary, the Honeycomb Table Lamp ($120) looks like a heavenly hive without the threat of a stinging swarm. Translucent white acrylic is the mushroom cap atop a flared chrome base. This harmonious design makes us feel calm, cool, and collected.... [More]

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Star Light

Twinkle, twinkle, little Star Light ($225). Sigh. We know romantic isn't often a descriptor used for items that light a room, but we can't help thinking about how nice this soft light would be for an evening cozied up on the couch. It'll cast pinpoints... [More]

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branch lamp-s.jpg

Autumn Branch Tower Lamp

It doesn't have to be fall for the Autumn Branch Tower Lamp ($40) to light up our bedroom. Light is softened through the square screen decorated with a sparse calligraphy-like landscape. Its painterly theme would fit in with contemporary and bohemian decor.... [More]

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The Roshni Light

It's hard to re-create the wheel, or the light as it were, but every now and then someone manages the task. A multifunctional delight, The Roshni Light ($150) is a three-in-one light that functions as a side lamp, floor lamp or hanging lamp. With a... [More]

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Norm 06 Hanging Light Shade

The Norm 06 Hanging Light Shade ($92) was designed to resemble a water lily, but we prefer to think of it as a voluminous ruffle skirt à la Cinderella being swept across the dance floor. How romantic! We were not surprised to discover that the... [More]

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optical stuart hayworth-s.jpg

Optical Chandelier

We've featured Stuart Haygarth's mastery of reused materials before, and he continues to inspire us... His twinkling Optical Chandelier ($Inquire) gets its sparkle from 4500 prescription spectacle lenses hung on monofilament line. The design takes the disco ball idea and turns it on its head,... [More]

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flower light fixture-s.jpg

Crystal Flower Light Fixture

Ooo the sparkly hand-cut crystal flowers on the Crystal Flower Light Fixture ($180) border on gaudy European hotel status, but we're swooning. Intertwined in winding gold-leaf wrought-iron branches and wonderfully detailed leaves, the dazzling gems look divine. Fit for the Gods, or for little old... [More]

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leaf lights-s.jpg

Natural Flower Lights

Hand-crafted from eight real fallen leaves of the Bodhi Tree, a strand of the Natural Flower Lights ($23) is elegantly earth friendly. Soft light filters through sustainably harvested organic materials that are anything but synthetic. We're lighting up just thinking about the lovely translucent botanical... [More]

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Jeeves & Wooster Pendant Lights

Pip pip, cheerio, darling! Add some sartorially-inspired light to any room with Jake Phipps' nifty Jeeves & Wooster Pendant Lights (from $297). Available as Jeeves, a bowler hat with metallic gold interior, or Wooster, a top hat with silver interior, they'll make our apartments look... [More]

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Doubtblush: Mademoiselle Haute Couture Floor Lamp

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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D-Light Bubbles

These cool D˚Light Bubbles ($139) remind us of the undersea wonderland in one of our favorite anime movies, Ponyo. This 10 foot string of malleable silicone light "bubbles" is designed to encourage light as a tactile, playful experience, allowing you to arrange them in any... [More]

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SteamLight Simple

An all in one artsy light dispersion device and task light sounds to good to be true, but the SteamLight Simple ($78) by up and coming designer Lightexture sits pretty and fulfills our lighting dreams. The patent pending iris shaped lamp head moves and bends... [More]

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Cheese Grater Light

It might be a little cheesy (oh, we went there), but wouldn't this Cheese Grater Light ($75) be a snarky addition to your kitchen? If you're one of those crafty types, you might even be able to make one on your own. Let us know... [More]

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dragon's tail-s.jpg

Dragon Tail Lamp

Thanks to the upscale lighting specialists at Hive, the Dragon Tail Lamp ($Inquire) has been parading around for some time, and the unique design has a life of its own. Designer Luisa De Los Santos draws on childhood kite memories in her ethereal oyster paper... [More]

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Cow Over The Moon Chandelier

Back away from the track lighting. And from the arachnidian thing with all the little bendy stems. And from the tired old translucent glass fishbowl. We have found exactly the new ceiling lamp that you need: behold the Cow Over The Moon Chandelier! ($515) It's... [More]

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