Z Gallerie Alberino Lanterns

If you're the kind of hostess who goes all out when decorating your soirees, we think you'll like the Z Gallerie Alberino Lanterns ($15 each). One would make a lovely centerpiece to your appetizer spread, or they're equipped to hang. As for us, well we... [More]

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pendanr light-s.jpg

Mini Urchin Pendant

The Mini Urchin Pendant ($275) by the king of spiky art glass, R. Guy Corie of Union Street Glass, is certainly a statement piece. Oh yeah, and it's blown glass handmade by humans. Imagine that, no machines even touched this thing.... [More]

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Keha3 Buoy Lamps

Look at these delightful indoor-outdoor lamps! Keha3 Buoy Lamps ($453) may be a bit pricey for one lamp (this price includes the net; without the net, they are $312), but they looks like they are having more than we ever have at a backyard BBQ.... [More]

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butterfly box light-s.jpg

Alex Randall Artist Lighting

It's all about atmosphere for Alex Randall Artist Lighting ($Inquire). The butterfly shadowbox we have here is almost more whimsical than we can take. Figuring out how to wall mount this dreamy diorama would be worth the new feel in the reading room.... [More]

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porcelain lamp-s.jpg

Carved Porcelain Pendant Lamp

Artisan pieces are pretty awesome (outside of Regretsy, of course). The black and white contrast on the handmade Carved Porcelain Pendant Lamp ($675) makes it super dramatic. We want this lace-inspired luxury for our bedroom.... [More]

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Glowing Out for Pizza String Lights

Aha! These Glowing Out for Pizza String Lights ($30) will be perfect for the Relive Your College Years party we're throwing this weekend! Everyone's coming dressed in their favorite skanky theme: naughty nurses and dirty doctors, golf pros and tennis hos, and so on. We're... [More]

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Cheri Pendant Light

The Cheri Pendant Lightt ($84) is covered in flocked butterflies, flowers, and crystal drops. Dramatic affect with a great pink punch and some light catching glitz - this chandelier is fabulous. And for under $100? Get out!... [More]

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French Black Scroll Lamp-s.JPG

French Black Scroll Lamp

The French Black Scroll Lamp ($313) looks like something out of Kat Von D's boudoir. Basic black is glamorous in the curvaceous scroll lamp base, and the square shade is a nice contrasting shape combo. Dark decadence goes a long way.... [More]

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Crate and Barrel Architect Lamp

We say that the best (and possibly only) way to improve on tried and true design is to do it up right in a bright color! Crate and Barrel agrees - check out the array of bold shades this Architect Lamp ($33) comes in. If... [More]

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flower lights-s.jpg

Galvanized Metal String Party Lights

Update those played out paper lanterns with the shiny Galvanized Metal String Party Lights ($20). A rustic metallic finish reflects light down, for improved visibility on hot nights on the patio. Plus, the shape of the flower shades cast cool patterns all over the place.... [More]

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The Times of New York Candle

If you're not actually paying for a subscription, we imagine that the sorta-newsprint-scented Times of New York Candle ($65) would be a good way to give your salon that thoughtful, informed smell. Actually, no joke, this powdery/spicy/woodsy candle was created as something of a tribute... [More]

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horchow lamp-s.jpg

Horchow Gold-Leaf Table Lamp

Oh goody, gilded delights have graced our presence. Namely, the Horchow Gold-Leaf Table Lamp ($245) has taken our breath away with its svelte glass body, antiqued brass accents, and gorgeous golden silk shade. Very graceful.... [More]

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DIY Coil Lamp Kit

As far as DIY goes, this Coil Lamp Kit ($79) is pretty simple - which is exactly how we like it. Pick an extension cord - we recommend finding a pretty one - and wrap it around the lucite frame for a unique light fixture.... [More]

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Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp

It twists, it turns, it takes industrial and smashes it with pop art color and gives us the Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp ($1295). Designed to turn at the joints without messing the wiring, these indestructible work lamps are a fabulous statement accent for any space.... [More]

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Kuhn Rikon Green Flexible Spatula Knife

First things first, why isn't this thing called a knifula? Someone needs to put us in charge of naming kitchen gadgets. That being said, this Kuhn Rikon Green Flexible Spatula Knife ($18) is a handy contraption if you're chopping herbs. This knifula (yeah, we're callin'... [More]

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Flying Penguin Lampshade

Remember this post, about the super neat iceberg-looking blue glass lamp, and how we liked everything about it except the boring not-matching lampshade, and how we were going to find a better one? WE FOUND IT! Flying Penguin lampshade, $43. Note that this wasn't entirely... [More]

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birdie light-s.jpg

Birdie Light

We aren't interested in being normal. The totally bizarre Birdie Light ($35) is a real conversation starter. It would go a little something like this: "Hey, is your lightbulb wearing some kind of mini feather headdress?" "Been watching those National Geographic DVDs again, huh? No,... [More]

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The More the Merrier Candelabrum

Normally we find candelabras a bit too formal for our everyday life, but The More the Merrier Candelabrum ($129) has us reconsidering. Perhaps the fact that there's no precarious stem makes it seem more approachable. We like the thought that it'll be harder to accidentally... [More]

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floral pendant light-s.jpg

Floral Pendant Light

We're building our own wonderland around the hot red Floral Pendant Light ($121). A classic chandelier frame isn't enough for us, we need floral vines clinging to our light fixtures. Yes, we do know how to put on a show.... [More]

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Craftsman Key Plate Light

Light is the key to - the universe, good pictures, getting ready in the morning, our sanity! The Craftsman Key Plate Light ($399-599) combines keys, light, and fantastic style. Made of antique key plates and door hinges, they were rescued from old buildings and range... [More]

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