Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener

We don't know about you, but when we grab a six-pack of beer that requires a bottle opener, we immediately think it's "fancy" beer. "Fancy" beer requires fancy equipment, so when you spring for the good stuff, use this cast iron Fleur de Lis Bottle... [More]

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StudioPatro Café Apron Set

Got friends taking advantage of today's exciting low interest rates with a foray into the world of home ownership? This StudioPatro Café Apron Set ($88) would make them a mighty fine housewarming present. a self-respecting kitchen owner can never have enough aprons or tea towels,... [More]

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Babell Tiered Serving Tray

Bright turquoise is a welcome addition to any tablescape. Seriously, even slightly flat cookies or overripe pineapple rings will look more appetizing if they're displayed on the Babell Tiered Serving Tray ($39 for the large one) by Koziol. Presenting only a small sampling of perfect... [More]

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Bite Me/I'm Hot! Toaster

You know you're too cool for school if even your toast is sarcastic. The Bite Me/I'm Hot! Toaster ($25) has all the features of a normal toaster, but with a Shakespearean wit.... [More]

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Fishs Eddy Red Daisy Storage Bowl

We're determined to have the contents of our kitchen cabinets grow up a little bit, and we're starting with our means of food storage. It's out with the old yogurt tubs and lidless Pyrex, and in with this Fishs Eddy Red Daisy Storage Bowl ($6).... [More]

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Citrus Zinger

First things first, doesn't a Citrus Zinger ($20) sound like a fabulous summer cocktail? The kind you drink while wearing a straw fedora and an ankle-skimming breezy summer sundress? The type served to you by tanned young cabana boys with overly white teeth? It does.... [More]

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From The Kitchen Of Stamp Set

Are you perfecting the art of baking for friends and family? Make sure you send off your famous blueberry muffins with your signature attached to them! The From The Kitchen Of Stamp Set ($20) by Yellow Owl Workshop will remind baked goods recipients where their... [More]

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Monogram Bag Mug

Hey, did you see Sarah's new mug this morning? Oh gosh, yes! I don't know how she can afford fancy things like a brand new Monogram Bag Mug ($14) given the pittance we all make. She must be dating a total sugar daddy. Girl, you... [More]

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One Stop Chop Cutting Board

It slices! It dices!! It orga-nices!!! Okay, actually, you do the slicing and the dicing (or, if you're like us, you make your husband do it because his knife skills are far superior and you're lazy), but the One Stop Chop Cutting Board ($40) will... [More]

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Ball American Heritage Collection Vintage Jars

Spring is upon us, which means it's time to garden. We're already planning ahead to the harvest, which is why we're investing now in these gorgeous Ball American Heritage Collection Vintage Jars ($10). Their beautiful blue tint is a throwback to the brand's founding days,... [More]

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dry² Towel

We've always just dried our hands and dishes on the first available towel - paper, cloth, or otherwise. But if you're the type to have both a hand towel and a dish towel out and about during your kitchen chores, simplify with the dry² Towel... [More]

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Beeswax Storage Wrap

We're not kidding when we tell you that plastic wrap is our mortal enemy. Does it ever work the way you want it to? We're moving on to greener food storage pastures by tucking our leftovers into a few sheets of Beeswax Storage Wrap ($24... [More]

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Batik Sugar Spoons

We have the perfect job for these blackwood Batik Sugar Spoons ($9 each) and it doesn't involve sugar. Ready? Use 'em to scoop up condiments in your Bloody Mary bar! Don't have a Bloody Mary bar? You should! Get the fixings and set them out... [More]

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Pi Bottle Opener

The mysteries of pi have plagued mathematicians for centuries, but its secrets are finally known: it's the numeric code for opening beer! While alcohol and arithmetic generally don't mix, this Pi Bottle Opener ($30) makes drinking 3.141592653589793 times more fun!... [More]

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Riess Large Colander

This colander ($68) is a total throwback piece. Your grandma probably had one just like it. Don't stash it away in a dark cupboard - make sure you hang it from a shelf or store it where it can be seen by admirers! The enamel-coated... [More]

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Milk Pot

We're already hitting Google for ways to keep enamel pristine and pretty. This Milk Pot ($28) is too gorgeous to scratch up or stain, but it'd also be a crime to relegate it permanently to the kitchen cabinet.... [More]

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Lékué Steamer Case with Cookbook

Trying to kickstart your healthy eating habits? (Ack, swimsuit weather is weeks away!) Steam with Lékué ($30)! It's way healthier than cooking in fat, but it doesn't take the same kind of time and money as juicing, and the silicone tray can be used in... [More]

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Mother's Day Breakfast Gift Set

We almost went ahead and posted the Mother's Day Breakfast Gift Set ($50) from Willams-Sonoma as a Doubtblush. Why? Because nothing says "Happy Mother's Day, mom!" like a set that pointedly suggests she should get out of bed and cook her family breakfast. Please, don't... [More]

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Life lacking a little zest? The Multigrater ($40) ought to set things straight. The three-in-one tool provides three different planes for zesting citrus and finely or superfinely grating everything from cheese to garlic. And it's all contained in one cleverly designed, pocket-knife-style package.... [More]

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Good Together Stacking Vessels

We bet you're already thinking of yummy duos to spoon into these limited-edition Good Together Stacking Vessels ($56). We know we are. Salt and pepper (classic), salsa and sour cream (for our tacos), and honey and Nutella (sooo good on toast) all make our list.... [More]

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