Lilly Pulitzer Organizational Bin

You vowed to get organized in 2015 and while you tore through your closet with the abandon of a mad woman, separating clothes into keep, trash, and donate piles, your office desk is still piled high with stacks of... stuff. At this point, you don't... [More]

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Dipped Martini Glasses

It seems people fall into two camps: those who like their stemware to have stems and those who like their stemware to skip the stems (okay, three camps if you include those of us who don't care how our alcohol reaches our mouths). If you're... [More]

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Red Enamel Teapot

Perfect for one or two, this Red Enamel Teapot ($35) holds four cups of water so you can pour plenty of water into your mug and steep your new favorite loose leaf blend. Even if you sip slowly, we bet the remaining water will still... [More]

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Lion Mug by Jane Foster

You can use a coffee mug covered with as many aphorisms and friendly exclamations as can fit, and those will probably help you start your day off on a more positive note than you would have otherwise. But no words are going to give you... [More]

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Night Sky Vase

There's nothing like being out in the wilderness (the mountains for this scenario) and looking up at the stars. They'll illuminate the outlines of the peaks, and you'll be set forever with that amazing moment etched in your mind. But in case you want a... [More]

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Drift Light

What's worse than lying awake, trying to fall asleep and failing desperately at it? That's right - nothing. Insomnia sucks, but before you turn to a prescription, try a more natural way of telling your body it's time to relax. The Drift Light ($29) mimics... [More]

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General Store Wire Bins

There's a fine line between shabby chic (which is totally out) and tastefully rustic (always in). This General Store Wire Bin ($59) walks that line with confidence. Hang the three basket bin in your pantry or on your kitchen wall to store all of your... [More]

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Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jar

We've been working on managing our clutter lately, and while it would seem counterproductive to bring more knickknacks into the home, that's exactly what we did with these Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jars ($2 for 20). It's a totally justifiable move, though, because they hold all of... [More]

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Laundry Symbols Magnet

Stop squinting. This Laundry Symbols Magnet ($4) will help you know whether to reach for the bleach or that coupon for the dry cleaner, providing handy translations for all those funny symbols on your clothing tags. And since it sticks right to your washer, you... [More]

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Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug

Let's face it. If you're wearing lipstick/lip gloss/a hybrid combination of both and drinking coffee each morning, half of your painted pucker is going to end up on your mug. At least if you're sipping from this Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug ($25), it'll be... [More]

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Ritz Flannel Dust Cloth

Praying nobody ever gives your house the white glove treatment? We hear you. But if getting things clean is truly on your game plan, make sure you're kitted out with the right equipment. These Ritz Flannel Dust Cloths ($30) might not be glamorous, but they'll... [More]

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Veggie Candles

Just what we needed: another set of candles too cute to light. Well, actually, it is just what we needed. The coffee table was looking a bit bare, and these Veggie Candles ($13) are a sweet and summery way to spruce things up.... [More]

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SMEG 50s Style Toaster

SMEG sounds like the name of some monosyllabic monster who only says its own name when communicating ("I am SMEG!"), but it's actually the name of a high end Italian appliance manufacturer. And this four slice toaster ($190) isn't dumb and lumbering like that monster... [More]

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Tull Pendant Lamp

With an updated and modernized design, the Tull Pendant Lamp ($395) is reminiscent of a more industrial style used in work spaces, garages, and factories. The wire cage protected the light source in case any spare parts or tools went flying toward the ceiling. Of... [More]

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Ave Six Slick End Table

Not every space (or every person, for that matter), is cut out for vintage-inspired or mid-century modern furniture. Sure, it may be pretty, but if you're the type to rise above trends and go for something more eclectic, pieces like this Ave Six Slick End... [More]

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Artisan Hand Vacuum

We think usually it's okay to have ugly hand appliances - vacuums and dust busters and plungers and all that - because you keep them stored somewhere out of sight. Who cares, right? But if you like to have all your things on display, to... [More]

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Possibilities Pencil Print

Find the artist within by recalling your own artistic childhood. Remember how you used to go to the paper (or walls) with abandon, using whatever pencils, crayons, or pens were nearby? No inhibitions! If you're having a hard time finding that creative spark that you... [More]

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Moodies Rainbow Pack

CFL bulbs protect the environment and save you cash on your electric bill. So what's not to love? Just that it's next to impossible to find the darned things in funky dorm room colors. But with the Moodies Rainbow Pack ($20), you can make your... [More]

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Frye Conditioning Cream

If you're going to invest in luxe leather shoes, you ought to take a few minutes to learn how to care for them properly. And who knows leather better than the makers of those boots you spent half the year saving up for? Frye Conditioning... [More]

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Miyuki Ohashi Dessert Print

We guess you could put up a few kitchen prints featuring asparagus and artichokes, or some sort of clever appliance pun poster, but we happen to think you should decorate with something more decadent. Miyuki Ohashi's Dessert Print ($50) features French pastries that will inspire... [More]

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