Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Nothing knows "well chilled" like an inhabitant of Antarctica, which is why we think this Penguin Cocktail Shaker ($25) is an ideal tool for shaking up those martinis. It also looks much nicer on your counter than one shaped like The Thing.... [More]

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Eiffel Tower Tea Set

Want to make that cup of tea an even bigger deal? Serve it up in a porcelain replica of a world-renowned monument. This Eiffel Tower Tea Set ($50) cleverly disguises a mug and pint-sized teapot with a built-in steeping basket.... [More]

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Kangaroo Side and Storage Table

We've always wanted an animal servant, but we haven't committed to any one species yet. The Kangaroo Side and Storage Table ($110) makes a compelling argument for the kangaroo - it's tall enough to hold a tray at a level comfortable to you, and it's... [More]

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Bin 8

Short on space in your kitchen? Wait - why are we asking? Everyone is short on kitchen space, unless you're Martha Stewart with a horde of interns constantly organizing and cleaning out your drawers. When every bit of space counts, consolidating gadgets is a no-brainer.... [More]

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Bamboo iPad Station

Ever find yourself accidentally using your iPad as a coaster? We've come close a few times. The best defense against setting your coffee down on your beloved tablet is to rest it at an incline. This Bamboo iPad Station ($34) will keep you from doing... [More]

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Halloween Blood Snow Dome

Snowglobes are always so... wholesome. But it's not like snow is the only thing that seems to float around in the air - why, just off the tops of our heads, there's also the blood splatter from violently murdering sexually active teenagers! The Halloween Blood... [More]

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Stegosaurus Wine-O-Saur

If anyone ever succeeds in cloning dinosaurs Jurassic Park-style, we'd love to get ourselves a pet superlizard. We'd teach him to fetch the mail, chase off intruders, and cuddle with us when we're sick. Sadly, we're still a long way off from being able to... [More]

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Sega Toys Homestar Spa Edition

Ever visit the planetarium and think, "Gee, I wish I could take a bath in here"? Well, with the Sega Toys Homestar Spa Edition ($141), that dream can now become a reality. This floating projector transforms the dated wallpaper of your bathroom into a stunning... [More]

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Toast Bird Feeder

No birdseed? Raid your pantry and treat your feathered friends to a slice of bread they can peck at from this bird feeder ($10). What else are we going to do with the bread butts? (We do feel compelled to mention that birds' diets shouldn't... [More]

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Karate Chopper

We've always wanted to be martial artists. But we're far more likely to break a finger than a stack of two-by-fours with our fighting skills. We'll have to settle for channeling our badass into using this Karate Chopper ($12). Made with super sturdy plastic, it... [More]

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Scents of Land No. 772 Oak Candle

Anyone else wondering if Land by Land candlemakers Kanoko Mizuo and Tomoyo Kamio really came up with several hundred different fragrances before arriving at the aroma of this Scents of Land No. 772 Oak Candle ($42)? Or did they just pick an impressive-sounding number? If... [More]

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NeverKink Self-Straightening Hose

Is November a funny time to be thinking about hoses? Not if you've just spent the last two hours trying to wrestle that bug-covered, tangled mess in your yard into submission. The NeverKink Self-Straightening Hose ($55) promises to make fall cleanup an easier task next... [More]

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Stargazer Lights

Prepare to get spoiled. Once you've used these Stargazer Lights ($98) to add illumination to your holiday garlands, you'll never settle for those crappy green-wired mini lights again. These strands hold their poses perfectly and turn the wires themselves into part of the stunning effect... [More]

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Walnut Cheese Board with Poppy Flower Design

Is it really a good idea to have a cheese board that's so pretty you don't want to use it? We say yes.Surely at some point we'll wind up doing something more than setting it on our counter, but for now this Walnut Cheese Board... [More]

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Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Sometimes the best pranks are the ones the victim doesn't know about...and that means the best victims are animals. When the squirrel pops its head into the Big Head Squirrel Feeder ($15), it's just trying to eat - it has no idea how silly it... [More]

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Iron Mesh Basket

Whatever will we store in this sturdy Iron Mesh Basket ($189)? Our firewood? Guest bath towels? Or perhaps we'll use it to contain wayward offspring. Whatever we decide, this piece will make for a durable and attractive addition to our home decor.... [More]

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Thanksgiving 101

Oh, crap. Turkey Day is staring us down and we're at a loss for how to start our meal planning. Maybe we can manage to throw together a T-day dinner from the recipes in Thanksgiving 101: Celebrate America's Favorite Holiday with America's Thanksgiving Expert ($7)... [More]

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Chalkboard Wine Charms

Wine charms are great in theory, but after the third glass or so of Cabernet we've usually forgotten whether we were drinking out of the tiny Christmas tree or the purple daisy. These Chalkboard Wine Charms ($10), on the other hand, are totally drunk-proof. Attach... [More]

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True Grace Library Room Spray

Who wouldn't love to have their own library? But if your home or apartment is so small that you have to store your food processor in the bathtub, a whole room devoted to books is a far distant dream. Approximate it with a couple of... [More]

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Roasting Laurel

With a bewildering range of recipes and advice out there for everything from dry brining to deep frying, picking the right path to the perfect bird is nothing short of an epic accomplishment. So why shouldn't you pay tribute to all that effort by setting... [More]

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