Wooden Desk Lamps

The pastel colors and simple design of these wooden desk lamps ($77) by Ellen's Alley brighten a room so much that we're not even sure you'll need to flip the switch. Of course, if you do decide to use yours to literally illuminate your space,... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Ridiculously Good Ideas Calligraphy Notepad

You always have the best ideas when you least expect them. Before they slip your mind, jot them down on a page of the Ridiculously Good Ideas Calligraphy Notepad ($7). The notepad can hold up to fifty of your bestest ideas, if you're anal-retentive enough... [More]

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Pen Zen small.jpg

Pen Zen

Don't make that face. You really do need this Pen Zen organizer ($20). Didn't your mother always tell you that everything has its place? Well, that includes your highlighters and other office supplies. Consider it a sign of maturity. "Hey, Mom, I'm getting my life... [More]

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Deskstructure Desk Organizers

While we love the aesthetics of the Deskstructure Desk Organizers ($58) by HĂ©ctor Serrano & Seletti, we're a teensy bit worried that if we were to arrange them on our desks, we'd get next to no work done. We'd be too busy playing with the... [More]

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Patchwork Dresser

This Patchwork Dresser ($350) can be customized to suit your taste in colors and prints - and, if you're careful, should fit into your life no matter how your decor changes.... [More]

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Midnight Oil Mug

It's gonna be one of those days, huh? We offer our condolences for your seemingly insurmountable workload and suggest you nab a Midnight Oil Mug ($15) from Random Objects. Put on a pot of coffee, gulp it down, and TCB!... [More]

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Swarovski Crystalline USB Pen

Honestly, without the USB drive, the Swarovski Crystalline USB Pen ($80) would be a totally frivolous purchase. That drive is the only way we can justify spending top dollar on a pink crystal-covered pen (even if signing our names with it makes us feel just... [More]

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Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener

Are dull pencils driving you nuts like a steering wheel on your groin? The Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener ($6) is a adorable office toy that'll help you stay sharp!... [More]

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Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder

Rubber band balls are for children and Pee-wee Herman. As a mature adult with the responsibilities of a desk job, you need something more sophisticated to play with instead of doing work. That's where the Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder ($7) can help!... [More]

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Custom Address Stamp

Are you finally setting down some roots after seeing the world? It's time to invest in a Custom Address Stamp ($75) by Lina Carta. Give the designer your name and address, buy a few colored ink pads, and wait eagerly by the door for your... [More]

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Zen Garden Desktop Organizer

Where in your life you could use a little more peace and tranquility? We're guessing work, and this Zen Garden Desktop Organizer ($119) might help. The array of carved wooden blocks include both cleverly functional gear holders as well as more contemplative elements such as... [More]

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Picasso Note Pad

More often than not, we find ourselves typing our reminders and notes into apps like Evernote. But we'll gladly return to scratching appointment reschedules and lunch dates on the paper that makes up the Picasso Note Pad ($15). It's easy to manipulate, turning a perfectly... [More]

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Botanical Dandelion Paperweight

While you're probably not keen on having a garden full of dandelions, the perfectly preserved dandelion in this paperweight ($52) is pretty spectacular. We're amused by the irony in the fact that it'll help hold your things down so they don't blow away with the... [More]

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Doily Magnet Set

Are you in need of a few super-strong magnets to hold your takeout menus on your refrigerator door? Oh, good. Glad it's not just us. The Doily Magnet Set ($10 for a set of four) by Hello Plum Studio is almost too cute to affix... [More]

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Poppin Orange Tool Kit

Why buy ordinary office supplies when you can stock your desk with gear the color of a popular Fanta flavor? (We like lime better but almost nobody has it. Boo.) This Poppin Orange Tool Kit ($49) includes a full array of office essentials all in... [More]

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Darwin's Dinosaur Egg Puzzle

It's Friday and you know exactly how many minutes are left until you're outta the office for the whole weekend. How do you keep yourself occupied until then? Your productivity is at zero percent and you can only refresh Facebook so many times. Turn to... [More]

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Tape Strip Hooks

These cute little Tape Strip Hooks ($10) are genius. Peel off the backs to adhere them to your walls, bulletin board, or monitor and proceed to hang up your important stuff. Well, your somewhat lightweight important stuff. They are made of paper, after all. Keep... [More]

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Woods Keyboard Reminders

Is your office lacking in greenery? Spruce up your dull space by scribbling your notes onto Woods Keyboard Reminders ($8). As you use these trees, plant them on your keyboard to build a personalized forest. Just remember to toss them into the recycling bin after... [More]

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Lawson-Fenning Rectangular Corkboard

Is your home office wall still sporting the same ol' corkboard you bought for your first college apartment? Toss it! The Lawson-Fenning Rectangular Corkboard ($56) is worth the upgrade. It still displays your photos and documents with ease, but it adds a classy, grown-up aesthetic... [More]

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Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard

Moonstruck-era shag or Matchstick Men thinning on the top? Be prepared to argue your preference with your coworkers or roommates when you hang the Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard ($20) on your door. We're pretty big fans of Raising Arizona's sideburns and matching mustache. Also, please... [More]

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