Shine Shoe Brush

The dry air and wet snow are killer on your leather boots, so make sure you've got a full shoe-care arsenal to get through the winter. Start with the Shine Shoe Brush ($25) from Izola. Featuring real boar's bristles, it'll safely remove grime and rock... [More]

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5 Line Indoor Clothesline

If Sex and the City accurately depicted Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, she'd have her delicates and hand-washables hanging on one of these 5 Line Indoor Clotheslines ($23). But you didn't see that. So, unless she had some sort of Upper East Side Dobby living under her... [More]

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Caldrea Lavender Pine Laundry Set

If we make doing the laundry an aesthetically pleasing experience, will we actually do it before we're forced to turn our socks inside out and wear them again? We're going to find out, thanks to this Caldrea Lavender Pine Laundry Set ($38). These three classy... [More]

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Juniper Ridge Incense

We tend to use incense like a bug bomb: we light a stick when some sort of foulness has infused our home, then wait until the stuff has dispersed. But all that cinnamon and vanilla is so chokingly sweet, we're sometimes tempted to just live... [More]

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Winter Home Room Spray

Feeling a little glum about the onslaught of the grey months? Maybe a few spritzes of Winter Home Room Spray ($35) from Restoration Hardware will help cheer you up. The spray brings the lush notes of evergreens into your space, along with a lingering scent... [More]

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Computer Brush

While we certainly have no devious plans to abuse computer dusters, we always feel so sketchy when we buy a can! Maybe we should invest in a Computer Brush ($35) instead. The soft, narrow bristles should loosen any crumbs and crud stuck under our keyboards,... [More]

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Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Kit

When it comes to athletic footwear, there's a fine line between that just-broken-in charm and something that looks like it should be disposed of with a biohazard suit. Keep your sneakers in the safe zone with this Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Kit ($15). It... [More]

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Everyday Furniture Spritzer

Yeah, yeah. If we want our furniture to look fresh and clean, we should rent ourselves a steam cleaner and attack our cushions with it. Instead, we'll just nab our bottle of Australian White Grapefruit Everyday Furniture Spritzer ($10) from Murchison-Hume five minutes before company... [More]

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HAVEN Wood & Leather Polish

Give a good gleam to all of your wood and leather with natural citrus and beeswax HAVEN Wood & Leather Polish ($14). Safe to use on just about everything, this polish will add protection and shine to wooden banisters, cutting boards, and tables as well... [More]

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Flag Conversions Tea Towel

It'll be handy to have a Flag Conversions Tea Towel ($9) hanging from the oven door, especially if you've started a bit of calorie counting. You don't want to bulk up too much for the winter, so knowing that two tablespoons of peanut butter is... [More]

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Spear Laundry Basket

Should you buy a laundry basket that costs as much as your favorite pair of jeans? If it's this Spear Laundry Basket ($115), then yes, you should. Especially if you're living in small enough quarters that your laundry hamper is out in the open. (Note:... [More]

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Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Scent Surround Room Spray

Between the rotting jack-o'-lantern and the sticky beer spills, our post-Halloween pad is smelling something less than fresh. Obviously a good cleaning session is duty number one, but once we've finished with the mopping, we'll brighten things up with Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Scent... [More]

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HAVEN All Purpose Cleaner

We're always on the market for safe and natural cleaning supplies. Is it strange that we love testing out new brands by scrubbing down our kitchen counters? A few spritzes of HAVEN All Purpose Cleaner ($14 for 32 oz. bottle), a soft dishcloth, and some... [More]

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Redecker Table Sweeping Set

What's the best way to ruin a classy dinner party? Passing out drunk before you get the food out is probably first, but having crumbs on your table is certainly on the list. This Redecker Table Sweeping Set ($75) helps you tidy things up between... [More]

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Metropolitan Stainless Steel High Performance Hand Vac

We hate hauling out the vacuum. It's heavy and ungainly, and inevitably we end up banging it against our shins. This sad truth led us to avoid using it until it was absolutely, embarrassingly necessary. This Metropolitan Stainless Steel High Performance Hand Vac ($67) has... [More]

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Grout-Aide Marker

Scrub that shower all you want: it's still going to look funktastic if your gleaming tiles are surrounded by lines of filthy, mildew-stained grout. Freshen it up with this Grout-Aide Marker ($7), which applies a coat of clean white over all that nasty.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Casabella Premium Water Stop Gloves

Since discovering Casabella's Premium Water Stop Gloves ($5), we've determined that fully 95% of our former loathing for deep cleaning was based on the indignities of comically oversized rubber gloves. These fit our child-sized hands like - well, like a glove, and that's almost enough... [More]

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Anti-Fly Sphere

Things that are gross: flies. Something that is more gross: flypaper. We were sure there had to be a better way to keep fat, buzzing, winged annoyances away, and now we've found it. This Anti-Fly Sphere ($158) is a refined take on a folk solution... [More]

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Pegzini Family Laundry Pegs

Hanging laundry to dry in your basement may not seem like a daring feat, but to the Pegzini Family Laundry Pegs ($17), it is! They're willing to walk the wire for you, balancing on their toes for hours while your sports bra dries. They're so... [More]

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Archer Air Superiority Collection

Who's your kind of man? The one who comes home with a couple of ducks slung over his shoulders, tracking pine needles into the carpet? How about Mr. Designer-Sunglasses who pulls up to your front door in his Maserati? Or maybe your preferred menu item... [More]

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