Huberd's Shoe Grease

"Grease" has become a dirty word; just think of all the things you'd rather not have greasy, like countertops and your face. But sometimes a little slather of the shiny stuff can be a good thing. Just see what wonders Huberd's Shoe Grease ($8) works... [More]

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Burlap Brrr Christmas Pillow

Agreed, Burlap Brrr Christmas Pillow ($32). It's too damn cold outside. That's why we're staying in, snuggling you and sipping hot toddies. There's no need to shiver our butts off out in the snow!... [More]

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Janie Dry Cleaner Stick

Oh, look. You've splattered sauce from those delectable cocktail meatballs onto your party dress again. Luckily for you, that doesn't have to mean another fat charge from the cleaners on your credit card bill. This Janie Dry Cleaner Stick ($5) removes spots and stains safely... [More]

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Toxic Laundry Basket

At first, we thought this Toxic Laundry Basket ($15) was good for a laugh - "haha, our dirty clothes are so stinky they're radioactive"... then we opened our gym bag... This laundry basket is no longer just a gag, it's a Health & Safety requirement.... [More]

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Method Free + Clear Laundry Detergent

Forget caps and scoops. How'd you like to clean an entire load of laundry with one teeny little pump? Method Free + Clear Laundry Detergent ($15) is an ultra-concentrated formula that will clean a washer full of clothes with less than half an ounce. Think... [More]

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Further Dish Soap

Wash your dishes the natural hand. You might not mind expending the elbow grease if it means you get to use this Further Dish Soap ($16), an eco-friendly blend of olive, bergamot and exotic grass oils.... [More]

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True Grace Library Room Spray

Who wouldn't love to have their own library? But if your home or apartment is so small that you have to store your food processor in the bathtub, a whole room devoted to books is a far distant dream. Approximate it with a couple of... [More]

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Animal Hamper

This Animal Hamper ($89) is supposed to help train your child to put dirty clothes where they belong. Maybe the same will go for us. After all, if our hamper can glare at us with beady, guilt-inducing eyes, we might be less inclined to toss... [More]

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Marge Washing Up Sponge

A natural homemaker, Marge Simpson is sure to help you out around the kitchen. The Marge Washing Up Sponge ($10) not only celebrates our favorite cartoon mom, it also is pretty handy at getting into hard-to-reach crevices.... [More]

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Vapamore Handheld Wet-Dry Steam Vacuum

Whether you've got kids or pets, you'll be amazed at the places they can manage to spill stuff. Getting dirt, melted popsicle, or vomit out of the crevices of your car seats is a tough job, unless you've got this Vapamore Handheld Wet-Dry Steam Vacuum... [More]

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Dransfield & Ross Laundry Totes

Who thought it was possible to make laundry chic? These Dransfield & Ross Laundry Totes ($80 each) are hampers we'd be happy to show off. Each one is labeled with the type of washing your clothing requires, making it that much more likely you'll actually... [More]

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DUO Small Item Laundry Drying Accessory

Getting tired of shrunken pants and battered bras? With DUO ($15), you can line-dry those delicate items in even the smallest spaces. This clever gizmo fits the carrying capacity of a clothesline into just about any place you can hook up a hanger.... [More]

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Cabina Peg Holder

The only thing less fun than doing laundry is making an emergency trip to the 24-hour Walmart to buy yourself more underwear. That's why anything that makes cleaning your clothes instead of replacing them a more enjoyable process gets a thumbs-up from us. This Cabina... [More]

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simplehuman Odorsorb Charcoal Filter Kit

You know the smell: that stinky trash aroma you get when you walk into the kitchen that tells you it's time to pull your boots on over your sweatpants and hike the bag down to the Dumpster. Put off the effort for an extra day... [More]

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Pink Flower Canvas Jumbo Hamper

Stash your stinky clothes in this Pink Flower Canvas Jumbo Hamper ($105). It'll hold at least two weeks' worth of laundry, and when you finally get ready to tackle a few loads, you can toss the hamper in the wash, too. It'll come out clean... [More]

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Bin Bin Wastebasket

If you are what you eat, does that translate to inanimate objects as well? The playful Bin Bin Wastebasket ($55), for example, is designed to look like what you throw away in it: crumpled pieces of paper.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: H&M Birthday Dishcloth

H&M wants you to "Start each day like it's your birthday", according to this sweet dishcloth ($3). This seems like great advice. It's like a genteel version of 50 Cent.... [More]

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Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Now when you get up to go into the kitchen and forget why, it's won't be a waste of time anymore! The Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers ($14) are perfect for slobs who weren't going to sweep anyway, if maddening for meticulous clean freaks who... [More]

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Bubble Scrubber

It's not fair - there are all these bubbles when you do the dishes, but not a single one is fun! The Bubble Scrubber ($6) brings a little excitement to the daunting task of scrubbing plates. Thanks to the bubble wand hole within the scrubber,... [More]

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Cashmends by Stella Neptune

Dang it, you unfolded your favorite cardigan and found a hole! But don't ditch it just yet. Try ironing on a few Cashmends ($14). The cute patches are made from old cashmere sweaters and are designed to cover snags and moth nibbles. You can iron... [More]

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