CB2 Washing Machine Hamper

Our only concern with this Washing Machine Hamper ($30) is that our lazy boyfriend might just toss clothes in it when we ask him to do the laundry.... [More]

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Lovell Mountain Peaks Bath Basket

We've been meaning to add a little more sophistication to our organization for a while now. Plastic bins and paper bags just don't cut it. What we need is a Lovell Mountain Peaks Bath Basket ($88) in our bathrooms. Instead of leaving our hair dryer,... [More]

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The Laundress Signature Pacquette Box

You're going on vacation, your clothes should get one, too. Unless you're going to attend a nudist community, we were thinking more on the lines of giving your clothes their own little spa treatment. The Laundress Signature Pacquette Box ($20) comes with 8 individual detergent... [More]

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Stain Solution by The Laundress

We can't stop you from gracefully dipping your breasts into the marinara in front of you (we're not gods... yet), but we can help you with getting that stain out of your favorite wrap tee. The Stain Solution by The Laundress ($20) helps with tough... [More]

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The Laundress Travel Pack

Not that we're thinking 'Hey, we're on vacation, let's do a load!' but sometimes we get a little too wasted careless while hitting up the bar or we pull out our favorite blouse only to have it resemble a Shar Pei. Having the The Laundress... [More]

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Joy Mangano 900-Watt My Little Steamer

Hanging our dresses in a steamy shower or tossing our blouses in the dryer with some wrinkle release is really starting to get old. At some point we realized that these tips and tricks seem passable at 18, but we're grown-ups (more or less) and... [More]

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Nellie's Oxygen Brightener

While we think the idea of oxygen bars are just nonsense (seriously, who would pay money for something that's free? Aside from bottled water, of course...), we totally dig the idea behind Nellie's Oxygen Brightener ($12). Not only does it add a brightening boost to... [More]

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Fels Naptha

The fact that Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar Soap ($4) has been around for 100 years has nothing to do with it being so hard it literally takes 100 years to use. This little yellow bar can be used for eliminating stains (like yellow pit stains your... [More]

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We're urging you to order a bottle of Deo-Go ($12), STAT! We heard about the miracle spray through the grapevine and decided to investigate. The claim is that the solution will get rid of those nasty pit stains on your tees and blouses. Put to... [More]

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Crate & Barrel Bullet 1.3-Gallon Trash Cans

These colorful Crate & Barrel Bullet 1.3-Gallon Trash Cans ($17 each) are petite, which means you'll fill it up before that banana peel at the bottom begins to reek. And the lid means you don't have to stare down your tampon wrappers while you visit... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-07-24 at 2.55.22 PM.png

Cupcake Sachets

Cupcakes as a foodie fad are fading fast (make way for pies!) but the scent of them will forever enchant us, even if we have to enjoy them in secret for fear of seeming super uncool to all our food snob holier-than-thou friends. Throwing one... [More]

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Umbra Bird Pattern Square Crunch Can

Dirty laundry will never be beautiful, but it can always be hidden in beautiful things. Like in that great story of how your favorite shirt ended up inside a Ming vase and you couldn't get it back. Or with this bird pattern Square Crunch Can... [More]

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Pier 1 Flower Dish Brushes

If he's gonna insist that dishes are woman's work*, then we're gonna make it pretty with these Flower Dish Brushes ($6). *He doesn't actually insist this, because if he did, we'd kick his ass to the curb.... [More]

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Meow Meow Tweet Organic Liquid Soap

We like multi-tasking products, especially in the summer when we're always looking to be out in the sunshine--NOT scrubbing the counters or sudsing up in the tub. We're going to stock up on a few bottles of Organic Liquid Soap ($10) by Meow Meow Tweet.... [More]

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Steele Canvas Laundry Cart

We admit it, sometimes we like being lazy, but at least we like being lazy in style. Take that mound of clothes dirtying up your floor, and toss them into the super fab Steele Canvas Laundry Cart ($185). This no frills, industrial wonder is perfect... [More]

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Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty

So uh, we were looking at our dingy keyboards...and then we rummaged around for some q-tips and began the tedious process of trying to clean out all the gook and crumbs stuck to and under our keys. But we're sure you know how this story... [More]

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Vaska Herbatergent Light Lavender

Sick of using harsh, nasty chemicals to get your clothes clean? The Vaska Herbatergent Light Lavender ($12) delivers powerful, but gentle care for your laundry. Using natural herbal antibacterials to fight germs and remove soap residue, your laundry will stay brighter and feel softer. Its... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-05-08 at 4.07.02 PM.png

Ruffled Laundry Bag

At first glance, we thought we saw a cute ruffled dress of some kind, but no! This is a laundry bag! Yes, the price of this Layla Grace Ruffled Laundry Bag ($58, shown in grasshopper but also available in other colors) is a little steep... [More]

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Dust Monster

Scare the dust off the shelves, blinds, and TVs with the Dust Monster ($8). Ok, he's not that scary, but at least he'll make you smile as you attack your household chores. He's great for mirrors, furniture and electronics, or to dry your hands after... [More]

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Anna Maria Floral Kitchen Towels

Flowers are finally blooming outside, so why not let them bloom inside too! The Anna Maria Floral Kitchen Towels ($7 each) add a much craved touch of color and print to our kitchens. It's time to stash away the crock pot, stock up on fresh... [More]

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