VW Campervan Toaster

Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time something got toasted in a VW van... VW Campervan Toaster ($57)... [More]

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Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer

Ever since levers, pulleys, and screws were invented, machines have been helping mankind out with its more tedious chores. And aside from Skynet inventing killer Terminator robots, we're thankful for them. That's why we were happy to find the Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer ($69); just... [More]

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Emson Pressure Smoker

You can barely fit a hibachi on that fire escape outside your window, never mind a smoker. Does that mean that truly delicious barbecue is beyond your reach? Hell, no. This Emson Pressure Smoker ($250) will do the job in the comfort of your apartment,... [More]

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Aero Sphere Fan

Normal fans - with their lateral movement - are a lot like Pong... This Aero Sphere Fan ($104) is Grand Theft Auto V, with all the DLC.... [More]

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Mickey Mouse 85th Anniversary Electric Tabletop Fan

Film, TV, amusement parks... and now the home climate control industry! For someone missing a pinkie, Mickey Mouse sure has his fingers in a lot of pies! This Mickey Mouse Fan ($150) is as cute as it is nostalgic!... [More]

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babycakes heart shaped waffle maker small.jpg

Babycakes Heart Waffle Maker

Looking at the Babycakes Heart Waffle Maker ($18) wafts us down Memory Lane and back to the days when we dotted our 'i's with hearts and the concept of food on a stick still seemed original. But if you've got a little one that age,... [More]

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Danby Tabletop Portable Dishwasher

You've found your dream apartment, but there's a problem: no dishwasher. Don't feel bad: it'd be a dealbreaker for us, too. But the Danby Tabletop Portable Dishwasher ($230) opens up a whole new world of residential possibilities. This compact unit fits on a table or... [More]

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Photo Frame Clock

Who needs boring old numbers to tell time? With this Photo Frame Clock ($30), you choose what twelve images the hands point to. Maybe have a family member for every hour, maybe put twelve funny faces of your pet. Or you can just photograph the... [More]

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Whirlpool Countertop Microwave Oven

Whoa. Game changer! The compact size and rounded shape of theWhirlpool Countertop Microwave Oven ($165) helps it fit snugly into the corner of a minuscule kitchen counter, saving both valuable meal-cooking time and even more valuable counter space. It fits most dinner plates, so you... [More]

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Popcorn Maker

Air-popped popcorn is way fresher, healthier, and tastier than the preservative-laden microwave stuff. So if you're going to make some, why not do it in this cheerful air Popcorn Maker ($29) designed to look like an old-fashioned red-and-white-striped popcorn bag? Once you've got a bowl... [More]

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Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace

Are you lacking a mantel to hang your stockings from? The Gel Fuel Wall Mount Fireplace ($75) can remedy that! For a surprisingly affordable price, you can bust out a portable fireplace, add some gel fuel, and have a roaring, odor-and-smokeless fire in minutes.... [More]

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Smeg Refrigerator

So the gorgeous mint-colored Smeg Refrigerator ($1,999) is a teensy bit smaller than a normal fridge. We've been wavering on whether or not that's a con, and if it is, whether it's enough to deter us from falling madly in love with the vintage-inspired appliance.... [More]

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You guys, we got HBO (hello Girls, witty Aaron Sorkin monologues, and all the Adrian Grenier eye candy we can handle), and because technology is a beautiful thing, we decided to watch it all on our iPads. Except that we couldn't hear a damn thing... [More]

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Dualit NewGen 2 Slice Toaster

Isn't the Dualit NewGen 2 Slice Toaster ($239) darn good lookin'? We think so. The retro style and bold colors are pretty showstopping, but for the price tag, we'd expect some mighty fine toasting, too - and we're in luck. The NewGen gives us perfectly... [More]

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Round Crystal and Gold Perfume Bottle

We can't see this vintage-inspired Round Crystal and Gold Perfume Bottle ($30) without thinking of our totally classy grandmas. We didn't learn much from them about dressing (we're casual jeans-and-tee girls) but we did inherit a love of accessorizing, which includes good perfume. And we're... [More]

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Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

Did you know you can cook hot dogs in a toaster? Neither did we! But this Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster ($20) is specially designed to accommodate your favorite franks while perfectly charring the buns to go with them. Giving in to your processed meat... [More]

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Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Ice Shaver

We have three words for you regarding the Icy Treats Ice Shaver: Slurpees at home! And slushies and snow cones, of course. Take the healthy route and spike yours with fruit juices, or do what you know you really want to do: load it up... [More]

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BISTRO Blender

We just looked at the calendar and realized there are only three months until summer! Holy crap! That means we have a little work to do, considering we've been sitting around in our pajamas eating Oreos since the weather turned cold in October. We're going... [More]

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Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker

If life is going to be a circus, at least can there be cotton candy? Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker ($50).... [More]

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Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps

We hardly have to be given a reason to bust out homemade cookies, but the upcoming holidays are a good excuse to go a little extra Holly Homemaker. These Occasions Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps ($19) come with interchangeable silicon stamps in cute flower, bunny, and... [More]

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