This Hope Is Essential Print Helps You Look On The Bright Side

You don't always feel like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and people's insistence that you "chin up" just adds fuel to your bad day rage fire. Fortunately, this unassuming, yet still inspirational, Hope Is Essential Letterpress Print doesn't make you want to hurl... [More]

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Up Your Entertainment Game With The Glee Our Guest Plate Set

This is it. This is the summer you finally perfect your strawberry-rhubarb pie. When that golden-crusted, bubbly sweetness is out of the oven and cooling on the window sill, set the stage for your masterpiece by putting the Glee Our Guest Plate Set on the... [More]

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Medieval Weapon Push Pins

Sometimes you wanna make a statement at work without having to actually say things like "Stop leaning on my cubicle wall or I'll turn you into a kielbasa." If you need to pin a notice to the breakroom cork board asking your coworkers to leave... [More]

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Let Him Eat Mug

Tubbs is love, Tubbs is life. I'm addicted to Neko Atsume, and Tubbs is my hero -- he lives life to the full, and eats absolutely everything, but he leaves you crazy amounts of fish in return, because he's a giver. This Let Him Eat... [More]

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Cheers To The Aqua Retro Drink Cooler!

This badass Aqua Retro Drink Cooler from World Market is going to turn your summer adventures from "ehh" to awesome! The steel and chrome cooler will guarantee you a gathering's worth of ultra-cold brews. It comfortably holds 8-12 bottles (and even more cans!) for shindigs... [More]

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Old Payphone iPhone Case

This throwback iPhone case not only looks amazing - it'll remind you of how great it is to live in 2016, where you don't have to use a payphone any time you want to call a cab or ask a friend in a passo-aggro voice... [More]

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Desert Vibes Are Calling From The Colorful Cactus Flower iPhone Case

With a super sleek "barely there" design, the Colorful Cactus Flower iPhone Case keeps your iPhone protected without adding any unnecessary bulk. Of course, the real reason you want it is because of its cool, summery, cactus pattern, right? It's got a trendsetter vibe to... [More]

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Turn Your House Into A Home with Homey Oh My!

By Rebecca Howard Who among hasn't looked around our house and felt dismayed that its shabbiness is falling short of being chic? I am constantly frustrated by my belongings' uncooperative nature in organizing themselves into displays worthy of a Pottery Barn catalog. Yes, I want... [More]

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Add Ambiance To Your Deck This Spring With These Stamped Glass Teardrop Raya Lantern

Dusting off your cute deck decor? It's about time to get it looking all dolled up for spring celebrations and summer parties. And while the Stamped Glass Teardrop Raya Lantern probably won't provide your space with a lot of extra light, put a tea light... [More]

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Jazz Up Your Drinks With Herbs From The Cocktail Series Eco Seed Starter Kit

You've got a gorgeous bar cart you scored at an estate sale and lovingly upcycled, shelves full of your favorite brands of liquor, beautiful barware, and even a collection of cute little swizzle straws ... so what are you missing? Probably nothing, but if you... [More]

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Take Your Joe On The Go With The Joco Cup

You make a mighty fine carafe of French press on the weekends, so why are you paying to nab a Starbucks out during the workweek? You've got a few extra moments to spare, and when you fill up a good-lookin' Joco Cup, you can take... [More]

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Feed Your Crafting Soul With Sugar & Cloth

By Rebecca Howard I have a confession to make--much like Dr. Jekyll, I have a hidden personality that rears its scary head from time to time. My other self is not a murderous monster; she's much worse-- crafter. Don't get me wrong; crafting is awesome,... [More]

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Sunbathe In The Style With The Sunnylife Luxe Beach Towel

It's that time of year again! Well, almost. Prepare for beach weather by picking out a fantastic new towel. Sunnylife's Tenerife Luxe Beach Towel is made with a thick, soft terry cotton for the ultimate in cush as you relax on the sand. That bold... [More]

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Ink Black Coffee Mug

If you're like me, you've got a cupboard filled with coffee mugs you bought on a whim because "I have too many mugs" is a sentence completely alien to your lips. But the Ink Black Coffee Mug from One Hundred 80 Degrees on Modcloth is... [More]

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Give Your Day A Super-Boost With The Superfood Starter Pack

You grab a LUNA Bar as your dash out the door for work, scarfing down the familiar, no-time-for-a-meal "breakfast" knowing that, once you make it to the office, you'll also end up indulging in some sort of day old, nutritiously void pastry from the breakroom.... [More]

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Lost in the Supermarket: An Indie Rock Cookbook

I'm right there with you -- cooking can be a herculean task when you've just gotten off work and all you want to do is stare into the void of Netflix, so usually it's easier to get some takeout or microwave a burrito. But then... [More]

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Crying Men Magnets

Look at these Crying Men Magnets. I don't even have to make a sales pitch for them, because for God's sake, it's a bunch of magnets with sobbing dudes on them - some fully fetal, others clutching roses and phones. You put these on your... [More]

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Use The Mimosa Diagram Glasses To Add some Fizz To Your Weekend Breakfast

In a perfect world, you'd be waking up slowly each morning to the sun shining, birds singing, and a mimosa fizzing at your bedside. Unfortunately, you're usually swatting at your phone's snooze function and moaning about the poor-looking weather that's peaking through the curtains. You... [More]

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The Fridge is Your Canvas When You've Got These Snug.Studio Magnets

You're too mature for magnetic poetry fridge magnets, and too kid-free for blocky plastic alphabet magnets, but you still need something to brighten up your fridge (and maybe hold onto a stray memo or takeout menu). These gorgeously geometric Snug.Studio Magnets are your answer. They... [More]

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Can't Figure Out the Lyrics? There's a Glass for That

Is there anyone better at garbling a classic song than Sir Elton? It's taken me over 40 years to figure out all the lyrics to Tiny Dancer, and Rocket Man still has me stumped. Now these Mistaken Lyrics Pint Glasses immortalize our (and Phoebe Bouffay's)... [More]

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