Create Your Own Monster Kit

You've already created a monster or two. You did it with ten minutes of bliss, nine months of gestation, and years of feeding, soothing, and making sure they didn't stick bobby pins in the outlets. Now your little terrors can be blissfully distracted by inventing... [More]

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LEGO Batman Dress

LEGO Batman Dress

Kids around the country are stoked about The LEGO Movie, which hits theaters in early February. With that being said, we have a feeling that little girls will be wanting this adorable Lego Batman Dress ($36).... [More]

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Sam's Natural Working Man Hands Bundle

We like our men's hands a little rough - but just a little. Think light exfoliation rather than sandpaper. This Sam's Natural Working Man Hands Bundle ($30) contains a trio of manly products to help keep your grizzled, hardworking stud's mitts from making you feel... [More]

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Musgo Real Orange Amber Men's Body Soap

Who says smelly soaps are just for chicks? This Musgo Real Orange Amber Men's Body Soap ($8) is an aromatic explosion in the shower designed specifically for totally manly types. And its rich, spicy scent is a welcome step up from that Irish Spring he... [More]

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Browning Outdoorsman Socks

Your man wants to spend his weekends in the woods. You want your man with all ten toes intact. We doubt you'll be able to keep him home, but you can at least keep his tootsies frostbite-free with these cozy Browning Outdoorsman Socks($11). They might... [More]

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Sorgenfresserchen Polli Plush Doll

This cute little lady is totally ready to be your kiddo's BFF. Polli ($21) is a worry eater. Little one afraid of the dark? The boogieman? Her upcoming trip to the dentist? Let her write down her worries and then zip 'em up tight in... [More]

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We know it's more fun to give moms-to-be perfectly teeny baby clothes and shoes, but once her kiddo enters the world, it'll do more than look cute. It'll poo and spit up, too! The BABYBEARSHOP Baby Wash Box ($48) will help momma bathe her little... [More]

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You Are Loved Mug

Got a gal pal who seems down in the dumps? While you can't literally bottle up the sunshine in an attempt to help her battle the winter blues, you can give her the You Are Loved Mug ($16). Toss in a jar of homemade hot... [More]

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Handmade romantic coupons are more or less a cop-out gift, usually made and given about five minutes after realizing it's your anniversary. But these professionally made LoveCoups ($25) are a different story. The fully customizable book lets you choose which coupons to include, personalize the... [More]

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Bejeweled Pave Ornament

Your party hostess BFF has been gifted so many bottles of wine, she'll be emptying them clear into 2015. We're not saying that's a bad thing, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider taking her a Bejeweled Pave Ornament ($37, on... [More]

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Cheers Bottle Bag

You've got your fancy, sparkly party dress, a pair of great heels, a beau to kiss at midnight, and a New Year's resolution you're definitely going to keep in 2014. What's missing before you head out the door for your New Year's Eve party? How... [More]

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Moulin Roty Explorer Case

Need a new "it toy" for your kids so you can sneak away their Rainbow Loom and hide it in the garbage can forever? (Nevermind that you'll still be finding those blasted bands all over the house for several months to come.) Let 'em enjoy... [More]

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Oyster Books Subscription

You know what make the best gifts? The things that the recipient can to tailor to his/her own preferences. We wouldn't say no to an Oyster Books Subscription ($10/mo), and we suspect your coworkers, siblings, etc. wouldn't be able to, either. You give them a... [More]

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Uncle Goose Stack and Scare

Why should your kid settle for ordinary building blocks when they can be creating their very own army of nightmares? This Uncle Goose Stack and Scare block set ($40) can be arranged into a practically endless array of delightfully monstrous creations complete with glowering eyeballs... [More]

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Belcampo Meat Co. 40/40 Steer

Got a guy who insists on grilling on the deck, even in twenty-degree weather? Make his Christmas a happy one by signing him up for the Belcampo Meat Co. 40/40 Steer ($1,000). Sure, it's expensive, but a purchase will yield over forty pounds of premium... [More]

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Money in the Banana Stand Clip

There's always money in the banana stand, or so says George Sr. So while you try your damnedest to hold together your crazy family, let the Money in the Banana Stand Clip ($15) hold together your credit cards and cash.... [More]

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Merkur Heavy Classic Double-Edged Safety Razor

Novembeard is over, thank god! There are usually a few days in which dudes rock dashing beards, but then they start getting a little too shaggy. Nudge your guy into cleaning it up by gifting him a Heavy Classic Double-Edged Safety Razor ($48) from Merkur.... [More]

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A Man's Gift Guide to Men: The Party Animal Male

Sun Tzu summed up gift-giving best when he said, "Know your enemy." But how are you supposed to know what secrets lurk in the dark alleyways of the male psyche? Read our Man's Gift Guide to Men. Thankfully Outblush found one such male and took... [More]

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Mittens And Hat Wine Bottle Clothes

It's cold outside, so everyone bundle up - that goes for you too, pinot noir! Forget awkwardly wrapping a bottle in paper, the Mittens And Hat Wine Bottle Clothes ($15) are the perfect gift wrap for your liquid present.... [More]

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Makedo Freeplay Kit For One

We hate to sound old and out of touch, but man, kids are so plugged in these days! Having a good handle on technology isn't a bad thing (it's not like it's gonna go away any time soon!), but it's also nice for kids to... [More]

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